Realm (USA)

Endless War tracks



In this world no one's free
Blood spills still we do not see
The horrors of one thousand wars
Those who died without a cause

The battle rages on and on
Without victor without end

As we live in luxury
Countless starve upon the streets
Children crying out in pain
Children dying who is to blame

Does no one listen to their calls
Victims of the endless war

Pools of blood, flood city streets
Another victim, lies lifeless at my feet
He was stabbed to death
When he did not confess
He swore he was innocent
Now he's a bloody mess

Caught in the crossfire, bullet to the head
Rushed her to the hospital, D.O.A. dead

In the name of God almighty, they sent their child to die
Martyr with no fear of death, a promised paradise
Countless bloody victims
Scream in misery
Slaughtered without reason
Bound in agony

The battle rages on and on
Without victor without end

Does no one listen to their calls
Victims of the endless war


The battle is over we've won the war
By evil no longer abide
Remember The Lamb, The Life Covenant
As you're strapping a sword to your side

Slay The Oppressor
We must stand against the Legions of Hell
Slay The Oppressor
We must not be victims to his...

...Evil plots against man
Scouring with hate
Knows the Lord
That they'll soon be destroyed!

"Satan will be set free
To deceive the nations of the world
He will bring them together for battle
And surround the City of God
Fire came down from Heaven
And destroyed them
Satan was cast into the Lake of Fire
Tormented forever"


My heart pounds with fury
Nightmare cease to exist
Oh Lord give me strength
I must face the beast within

All my life something's been calling
Who has filled me with this longing
Why is the world so cold
The sun shines but I cannot smile
Something deep inside me has died

I don't know how long I can carry on this lie

Awoken by the pounding in the distance
Relentlessly it shook my soul
Where does it come from, why do I only hear
I ran to witness what I knew I would see
Blood red skies engulfed the hill
I could not hold back my tears
There he was on the cross
He was dying
Nobody cared


In my dreams I fly
The meanings are unclear
I've been here before
Victim of fear

Fate's wind, carry me home
Help me forget

Life is so empty without you
Time is a cell without a key
I can't face this world of confusion
Land of dreams, set me free

Falling star burst into flames
Slice through the walls of yesterday
I stand before the oracle
Unveil, my destiny

Overland I reach and tear the sky
Truth pours through the hole and drowns my heart
I cannot breathe the tears and understand
Strolling through the refuge of the end

Life is so empty without you
Time is a cell without a key


The wise old sailor:
" Don't go! No one's ever returned
Heed my words - greed exploits your fate
I've seen her walk the shore by night
Imprisoned in her eternal lust
Heed my words - it's suicide
Her fortune's not worth your life
You'll die..."

The greedy young treasure hunter:
" Drunken senile fool, don't force your fears on me
I don't believe in legends, I do believe in greed
I will return to laugh in your face
You'll feel the disgrace
Prove your words untrue"

Trembling skies and threatening seas
Welcome our journey's end
Somewhere on this forgotten shore
Wealth or death transcends
I hear the old man's words
They echo in my head
Transformed into reality
Spirit of the dead

The greedy young treasure hunter:
"I've seen her walk the shore by night
Imprisoned in her eternal lust
Heed my words - it's suicide
Her fortune's not worth your life
You'll die, you'll die, you'll die..."


Ah, look at all the lonely people
Ah, look at all the lonely people

Eleanor Rigby picks up the rice in the church
Where a wedding has been
Lives in a dream
Waits at the window, wearing the face that she keeps
In a jar by the door
Who is it for?

All the lonely people
Where do they all come from?
All the lonely people
Where do they all belong?

Father McKenzie
Writing the words of a sermon
That no one will hear
No one comes near
Look at him working
Darning his socks in the night
when there's nobody there
What does he care?

Eleanor Rigby died in the church
And was buried along with her name
Nobody came

Father McKenzie
Wiping the dirt from his hands
As he walks from the grave
No one was saved


Sparked by imagination
Fueled by discontent
Visions of the future
Arson to prevent

What did she see
Why can't she tell
What force doth possess
This fiery threat

This house is burning
Down to the ground

The flames must be real
She's alive engulfed in the fire

I know what what she sees
The secret I hold
The torch I inherit
The serpent's breath

Heat-seeking Hell Child
Cremating the souls
Everything up in a blaze
First degree burns
Throwing it all in the flames
The fire is spreading
Breathing in smoke
Endless inferno disaster
Smoldering ruins
This house is burning
Everywhere all around ashes


Through the sands of time
Mysteries of life I did find
Though I walk on hallowed land
He's come to take my hand

He said, "your moment has come
For I am the chosen one
Many people give praise to me
For this is my second coming"

Through the blinding light
Which has blurred my sight
Things that I have seen
Mere mortals would not believe


A chill that rus cold to the bone
Ripping of flesh starts to unfold
Screams echo out in the night
The ritual begins, raise the torch high

The thrill of it seeps to your spine
Your mind rages fullforce runs wild
Searing winds rip at your flesh
To fight for your life your last quest

Royal chase or untimely death
Knowing this could be your last breath
The thrill of it to see who wins
Or will it start all over again

All heads will turn to the hunt

I am the chosen one, I am their prey
Ripping my flesh, my nightmare unfolds
Screams echo, the forest darkness sets
I must run from those who find pleasure in death

10. MANG

It's your attitude
Don't you understand
You're talking in circles
To the Wrong Man
Don't try and put
The blame on me
'cause you are the one
Who fucked up
No sense of reason
No will to be
Just go ahead and screw up
The few things that really matter
In your life


Time has left its scars
Renditions forged in fear
Torment ridden eyes
Reveal your deepest lies

You're poisoned from within
Convinced to never win

Bound and gagged
Freedom screams again
The truth you know but still avoid
Crucified by pride

You're poisoned from within
Convinced to never win

Alone in crowded rooms
Possessed by solitude
Any time you feel the need
Any time you take for greed

You're poisoned from within
Convinced to never win

Brainwashed to act their way
Free me from this man-made hell


Sinister entanglements of Singaporan nights
Black stiletto warriors lead me from the light
They pass to me the way of old
"Living life to die"
Opium brings me to relive
My ancestral sacrifice

Through doors of time Athens i did find
Visions of my past are brought to life
Life at last

Walking down the ancient streets
I am captured by the Army of the King
Picked to die in the cryptic maze
Beneath the Palace of the Creten reign

To stand before the Minotaur
Half man, half beast
To know none have survived
Prepare to be his feast

Lurking in the shadows
Could be anywhere
Piled bone, rotting flesh
Smell of death in the air
Heart is beating faster
I hear his evil laughter
Still one chance
For my salvation
If i can reach my destination
The hall of the double ax

Sails of black they are no more
For i have killed, killed the Minotaur
Dreams are reality and reality are dreams
Senses come alive, time unexisting

No one can live my life
No one is completely right
Only you can feel yourself
Once you know that you will