Entering the Diabolic Trinity tracks


1.Intro(Carpe Noctum)

2.Entering The Diabolic Trinity

Appearing are the Black, Hordes of Damnation
Fallen Angel's Become DIABOLIC
Descending from the Light, of Heavens Creation
Renouncing God to Become, DIABOLIC
Through path's that I've chose
I will follow the herald's of sin
In this wake Unchaste
I have entered this Wicked Land!
Into the dark
Reborn through hate
Defile the weak
Nightfall supreme


We are league with darkness and the tyrant's of the damned
Raise your swords in vengeance, blazing with fire across the land
We will take our hatred upon the crucifix
Demons of the dark, bring your power's through me
Under the Eyes of god, bring forth the dark ones

4.Descent Of The Holy

By the wind's of tribulation, delivering the sign's of evil
They possess the mark of the beast, these disciples that have fallen from Grace
Descent of the holy
I will see thy master upon the thrones of death
Perish into nocturnal flames
Angels of the fire
Descent of the holy
Falling into the abyss
Awake the angels of death
Judgement has been passed
Divine suffering

5.Unleash The Wolves

from the darkness
We are the children of the night, under moonlight
Desecrate all of your holy thoughts, for our legions are many
Smell of blood fills the air, wolves stalk before the dawn
Red eyes black shadows, they are here the dogs of war
They lurk in the darkness, the wolves among us!
I will not betray the fallen, I will not betray evil
Desecrate all your holy thoughts
For our legions are here!
They lurk in the darkness
The wolves among us
No mercy for the weak
Unleash the Wolves!!!

6.Under A Black Spell

Chants of bewitchment
Under the moonlight
Her dark eyes gaze into the fire
She foresees the land of the dead
Under a blackened spell
Gather of witches for the ritual
Conjure of spirits
From beyond
Throw a curse from the ancient text
A chosen fate for I await
Dark forces surround me
They take me away!!
Throw a curse from the ancient text
A chosen fate for I await
She sends my soul there
I am cast!!

7.Realm Of Carnage

From the ancient rites, the blood flows eternal
A human sacrifice will be the offering
Demons ride upon the final revelation
Through the dark passage, they enter thy...kingdom come
Dark angels rise - Hail Satanas
Hear the calling - Realm of Carnage!

8.Triumph Of Darkness

Rise up from the dark, bring forth the ones
To indulge in sin and curse the light
Triumph of darkness
Black immortals of hate, drinking the blood
Tasting the flesh of your saints
Triumph of darkness
I rule the world and I rule the dark
Invoking lust upon the whore
A world of death and a world of pain
I am the one they call evil

9.In The Circle Of Hell

Underworld sentencing the damned, for their past sin's and blasphemies
Visions of a burning netherworld
Souls are falling to their final stage of death
In the circle - Gods of the dead take my side
In the circle - Before the throne I shall stand
In the circle - I am the one with wing's of fire
In the circle of HELL!!
Prophecies of the burning skies, set ablaze hordes of the dark
Visions of a burning netherworld
Souls are falling to their final stage of death

10.Into The Massacre

Battles storm upon the land
The kingdom now flows with Blood
Warrior's fight until their end
Engage into the onslaught
Mercenary's ride upon
A crusade of blood and hate
War has now been unleashed
Arrive the legion's of death
We will destroy the pure
Under the oath of hell
We are a force of the dark spawn of abomination
Into the massacre
Our legions ride
Into the Massacre
On demon's wind
Into the massacre
A world turning black
Into the massacre
Battles storm upon the land
The kingdom now stained with blood
Warriors fight until their end
Their remains turned to dust