Maniac Butcher

Epitaph - The Final Onslaught of Maniac Butcher tracks


1. What's Good For Me, That Good is....

Some are pleasant, some are not
The things our fate has brought
Fights and battles of all kinds
Man has to go through

One and every decision
Is forever my own vision
When to make generous retreat
When to uncover the sword's heat

Now as it's been for many times

One must make up his mind
Better to put army together
To annihilate the pest forever

2. Crucial Battle of Blood Successfully Over Is, ...

Our swords, pikes, and axes
As if they had sharper edges
Victory is close - at hand
Hymns are sung in the land

Ends this horrid dream of enemies
And begins their eternal sleep
Perhaps when circle reachers its end
Where something is born, other's dead

Rival's plunder'll be no more
From blood our bliss is born
That all without hesitating
Must be duly celebrated

3. In the Shades of Storming Mountains....

For it corrupts all my pleasure
And tears my veins up, either
When the bunch of useless parasites
Is wolfing at my feast tonight

Roast is tasty
Whores are lusty
Being as the loot
For my bravest troops

Parasiting vermin
Which we will be hunting
So now my true servants
Find and kill the filthy rats

4. So Many Murders Have Been Happening...

For cripples and lamers
And sluts that can be bought
Let's prepare execution
And their lives will be not

Their bodies as the bells
Let's hang along the borderline
When the rope is not enough
On the laundry-string they'll chime

Let them be a visible
Warning and sign
That this is kind of carrions
In my kingdom I deny

5. Experience and Final Wisdom...

Little wood-eating worm
Inside the massive oak
Is more dangerous then
Sharp woodcutter's axe

Out this rule
One must carefully keep
The weed in his own garden
He must always reap

One and every man
Must be given justice
Trustiness by favour to repay
Betrayal and lie by death and pain