Era of the Storytellers tracks



Marsh owl is knocking on your doors
Just let it in
Let it shine up to you
Whisper in your ears
He gonna wake you up
And never leave your homes
Until he tells you ‘bout a chorus he heard

A new power is rising
Rising from the ashes
From the ashes of morocco
They call it
Moroccan power metal

Marsh owl is leaving now to look for new ones
To tell a chorus from the heart
The chorus he heard
He gonna wake them up
And never leave their homes
Until he tells them ‘bout the chorus he heard


A call for Coexistence
A call for peace
A call for greetings and observing kinship ties.

A Call for Coexistence
A call for peace
A call for greetings and feeding the hungry.

Even though we are different, we can still coexist.
Differences are part of the law of nature

HE created you from sounding clay of altered smooth black mud.
HE wants me to prostrate to you as a sign of honour and respect.
I am better than you, because I’m created from fire while you’re created from clay.

Even though we might differ, let us coexist
Differences are part of the law of the nature

There are some who are trying diligently to drive us all back into wars and strife.
Can we start thinking of how we can live in harmony with the others for the sake of peace?

A Call for Coexistence
A call for spreading peace
A call for greetings and observing kinship ties.


Sadly there seems to be violence everywhere
Strangely many wars are fought in the name of justice and religion
Many Lebanese are wondering when the crisis will end
But the others are unable to make peace everywhere

Sadly we can not end this chaos everywhere
Thousands of innocent lives are taken everyday
Many Palestinians are waiting when the war will end
The violence has left more than thousands people dead

Thousands fled their homes
Thousands lost their lives

It’s hard to say it
I live under my little rock


I wish I had seen the rain
Falling down in his heart
Erasing the loneliness of the pain
Haunting the child or driving him insane

I will find him,
I will bless him,
I will save him,
Soon it will be
The start of his dream
Soon he'll be free
Promise, I will save him
I will

I hope I made his memory from mine
The angels are forgiving his time
Of the lust, one more night
His spirit and mine are now so fine

What he sees is not illusion
All his feelings are holy devotion
The foolish poet’s writing his destiny
With his own pen, this is his reality


When I'm standing here
Wondering about the world
The oceans and the trees
In here I find
The shadow of the moon
That gives warmth to the sea

When you play this merry melody
You bring the welfare
That takes my soul away from me
To the place where we find love and care

Take my breath
Take my heart
Take me to your spark
With your song of beauty
Take me tonight
Carry me to a wonderful dream

When hearing your song of beauty
That embraces the tear I shade
Wanting to share this sound of safety
For finding the hope that it made

With your song of beauty


When we look our way
The way that we had taken
We see some brightness
In the shadows of ourselves
When we search the road
The road to the beauty
We ride right on the boat
Saying near is the liberty

The day of liberty will return
And the ere of darkness will burn and burn

Now we know the way
The way to the victory
Now we have the pencil
To write our history
We have to take the boat
To the side of tranquillity
Of the peace and the eternity
The world of liberty