Abhorrence (BRA)

Evoking the Abomination tracks


01 - Abattoir

Pure infestations of blasphemies
Rising darkness through hallowed ground
Lambs weep in deception
Desecration upon the worms of church
Messengers of the unholy war
We shall kill who hides behind the cross
In eternal quest for vengeance
Wrath of the thorns of the savior's crown

Raging steel's disciples
We march over corpses etangled
Abattoirs of infamous revenge
From the rebel lands to rise again
Ascending curses of chaotic prophecies
Making all holy blood spill
God of light
My sword bring thy kingdom's fall

Kill, kill my enemies kill
Lords of infinite plague I summon thee
Spread thy wings through the blast winds
Seal revenge, hail victory

Pure infestations of blasphemies
Rising darkness through hallowed ground
Lambs weep in deception
Desecration upon the worms of church
Messengers of the unholy war
We shall kill all followers of cross
In eternal quest for vengeance
Death in the name of the evil one

02 - Evoking the abomination

Darkest spells surround us
With blood that spills from the circles
Screaming with unsees tongues
Invocations with unspoken words
From the ruins of the ancient one tombs
From the depth of the abyss arise
Abominations confronting lies
Inflicting plague on the thorns of Christ

Rise the serpent
Revocation of the serpent god
Indulging infernal possession
Desecrating the followers of cross
Warriors from hordes of Belial
We marched through the furoius storms
Destroying the hopes of salvation
Legions of rebellion return

Vengeance storming striking the creation
From depths below to beyond the skies
Behold the triumph of infamous domain
Crushing the throne of scorn

Raise the horns, praise the beast
Blow forth the hymns of wrath
Abject lambs of weakness crawl
Agonizing repent

Casting the plague to world of god
Spawning holocaust in holy flesh and blood
Feel the scourge of apocalyptic revenge
Feel the wrath of our swords on command
Consecrations devouring churches
The abyss roars above the bastards
Doomed cremation blast the fallacy
Sons of fire, we stand in flames

03 - Sacrificial offerings

Mighty seal, hatred signs
Bloody rite through wings of night
Blade descends evil wrath
Reaping flesh on the sacrilege
Releasing spells in ancient tongues
Behold as I kill and desecrate
Blasphemies evoking Lucifer
To proclaims christian's havoc

Spilling blood in offerings
Upon the symbol of the serpent sphere
Bringing slaughter to the weaks
Revelations of the occult prophecies
Abominations upon the church
Praise the lord, invert the cross
The lava erupts below
Rise Satan! Master of evil enthroned

Chant in just I evoke
Abominations of the evil gods
Sarcificial offerings
Behold as I share my own blood

04 - Hellish annihilation

Tormented lord on the cross
Holy messiah to the worms
Leading the centuries of decay
Scorn rules in this earth
Behold the inside pentagram circle
Pestilence of blasphemy
Hellish covenant taste of blood
Satanic sworn I have become

Spawn the annihilation
From beneath the hellish chasm
Lords of chaos comes to resurrect
Rise through almight rite

Satan seedd curropting secred laws
The order is kill by sacrifice
Make bleed all christians on demise
Strike the light of bastard Jesus Christ

Satan seedd curropting secred laws
The order is kill by sacrifice
Make bleed all christians on demise
Lambs of god turn meet for the beasts

05 - Storming warfare

Armies of hatred stand
Faithfully to serve the sword
Hunger dogs of war
Full of anger, desire and lust
Desecrations upon the bastards of church
Blasting a massive genocide
Everlasting disgrace upon the temples of
Unholiness Arise

Surpine the throne of god
Raise the flasg of wrath
Ascension of hellish domain
Haunting and killing all man
Drowned of the seas of pain
Pestilence crossing the plane
Feasting the beast celebrate
The arrival of storming warfare

Mayhemic storms soar onto heaven
Desolation through hallowed ground comes
Raging infectious abhorrent intense

Warriors of hostile hordes
No bondaries to kill, we rise
Embraced by fire, covered with hate
We bring the deathless one revenge

06 - Abhorrer existence

From the darkest deep of the abyss I come
Marching for intense destruction
Bringing in the hands the unholy vengeance

Infernal fire burn in me
Forging the sanity
Of my cursed existence
I'm the dawn of the apocalypse

Hate and pain live in my soul
Repulsing mercy and compassion
Strengthened by the fury
To smash the followers of decay

Darkness from blood's ritual
Destroys the false savior
Testimony of devil's rebirth
Occult by blessed rites
Untruth of bbenevolence
Desecrated by unholy gods
Satan show me the source of wrath
I can strike Jesus Christ

07 - Reborn in vengeance

Rise from the womb of immortality
The reincarnation of evil one
Obsessed for vengeance
Burning with the eternal fire of hell

In your hands
The bounds of fire and death
Bathing of blood wasted entired lives
In a promised hope of divinity

Attracted and rejected
Your enemies will feel
The purest violence
In every vein
Deluge of blood and hate
Reborn to vengeance

Rise from the womb of immortality
The creation of evil one
Sworm of vengeance my enemies!!!

08 - Triumph in blasphemy

Behind the sinister symbol of abhorrence
The gates of blasphemy are open
Cursed cult from depth
To rise the lord of evil
Revocation of wrath
No boundaries to sacrifies
Servants of death, legions from hell
Emerge to take command!

Kill the priests, crush the church
Fuck the laws of christians
Rise the sword, desecrate
Turning the cross inverted
Spreading slaughter in holy altar
Christ pieces devourment
Rapture saints, consecration
Blasphemation to heaven's decay

Burn the ways of bastards worms
Infamy act of immolation
Blessed be the non-divine
Triumph in blasphemy shall rise

Revenge begins
All christian all destroyed
Darkest one sentence
End of god forever