A Life Divided

Far tracks



Live everyone should live
Everyone should be the same
As simple as it is

Give and everyone should give
Everyone should give a part
'Cause it does matter

What's your excuse?

Anyone lives by the ocean
While anyone drowns in the sea
And anyone is breathing the ashes
Of conspiracy

Miss everyone should miss
The reason for his calm
The reason for his bliss

This this couldn't end up like this
Just like a servant's bound to fall
We're about to lose it all

What's your excuse?

Didn't believe that
We're about to lose it all
Didn't believe that
We're about to lose control
Didn't believe that we were wrong
Didn't believe it, we didn't believe it


Did I lie?
I paint the sea in purple black
And the sky
Darkens my head as it reflects

Did I try?
To liberate you out the cage
Did I mind
Honestly as I went back?

So wrong I came to find you
So wrong I came to try

Was I blind?
Well times been running through my hands
I didn't find
The obvious so I began
To realize
That you're off and gone just like the wind
But in your eyes
I should have read the opposite

Didn't you notice
I'm a little reserved
But I'm with you

The dirty stains inside my head
It's still unright
That I'm feeling happy in this state
So I hide
Into misery again
But nevermind
'Cause it all will end how it began

So wrong I came to find you
So wrong I came to try

Let me fly
No matter where but far away
Passing by
All the things that I pretend
After a while
You won't miss me I know you know
That's when I'll
Be free again and can't let go

Engines run forward to the edge
But can't break through towards
Time's spinning round your neck


How could we quit falling
Starving, the sky's underneath
How could we end up calling
Becoming introverted enemies

Don't you know where?
Don't you know, did you forget?
Don't you know where?
Celebrate the past instead

I know, I know they don't care
'Cause they like the way, the way
This world works
Still I can't sooth my soul, still I can't take
All these lies we're in, it's all
Some kind of grey

How could you say you're sorry
When no one worries, when no one sees
And how could you think I am precious
Or special, when I'm not pleased

There's something in this world
Out of our reach it turns
And the wheel of fortune is lead by words

How could we quit falling
Starving, the sky's underneath


Why does it take so long?
Tell me why something's always wrong?
Time's starting to run
And my mind is so bored and stunned

And I can't find a way
If it's not my own way
There is no other way

Where is the hand of healing?
Where is the loving feeling?
Where is god?
Where is god?

Light - there's an end in sight
Soon I'll know that I was right
I tried so hard to find
And I'd lie if I denied

And I can't find a way
If it's not my own way
And there's no other way


It gets me down just a little back too deep
I got two in the middle but I ain't free
Don't count on me, doubt for me
And I'll give you a little piece of my own peace

I'm not around when you think you would need me
On the run when you please me to be
Come stay with me, I gotta leave
The race is on I better get up on my feet

I let you down once again my head is weak
I got no spine so my back breaks every week
I cannot be the one to be
Can't fight the devil in my mind it's my defeat

Am I allowed to say whatever it means to me?
Am I alright when everything is so obscene?
Don't count on me, doubt for me
With a blink of an eye I'm off the scene

What you see in me
Is nothing but a wishful dream
I'm less than what you thought of me
I'm the ordinary
What's inside of me
Is average variety
There's nothing to descry in me
I am the ordinary

Once again I left you incomplete
So afraid to stay here endlessly
Don't dare to see inside of me
You might get scared if you take a look too deep

I'm on my way to final misery
Still can't help myself I'm far too weak
I'm not what I'm supposed to be
At least not the way you wanted me


I don't need to say
Just read the time in my face
Nothing stays the same
Every single way has changed ruthlessly

I've been lead astray
I'm under construction
There's nothing in my veins,
My eyes are abstractions, I cannot be
The one I used to be

Is it me? hiding deep, inside of me
Is it you? passed by youth, make me believe

Carrying a lie
I'm locked up inside this box
Hangin' on a line, pretend everything is quite alright
It's oh so fine

The truth blinds my eyes
For as long as I can hide
I will occupy
In my selfmade exile, just for a while
For a while inside

Is it me…

I'm solid - no need to
I'm solid - no use to
I'm solid - no reason for you to change

Living on the edge
A thousand knives in my back
Innocently crashed
A million times that I've been crucified
And redefined

If I just could fly
To the place in my mind
Where the sea hits the sky
And the tree of all lies acquits me for life
For all times


You can't run
This is for what you live
You gotta cope with things
That used to smell like shit dislike it
Integrate, do not communicate
Compromise yourself

One more day to pray
One more night to stay
There's another life
To celebrate your given pain
Strings round your neck
Spine breaks your back
Paint your days black in black

I know you're hurt inside
But you can't step back
To the point your life was alright
I know that truth's a lie
And you've never seen the face
Of this world alive

Flee or lie
The race is on tonight
There's never gonna be a place in your life
So don't you analyze
What could have been
What you might have seen
Within a divided life
That you cut in pieces
Blew from the distance
So apologize for everything you've fisted
Another day away
Another price to pay
Another regret

I know it burns inside
But you can't step back to the point
Where it was alright
God knows your life's a lie
And you'll never see the face
Of this world alive

We're here to thank jesus
Oh we're just tools of a freakness
We are just such lost fools
Oh we're just tools of a freakness

It won't get by until the day to die
Until the man in the moon
Shut the lights and kiss your life goodbye
For what you've been
For everything that you have been
Live in seasons
Don't care 'bout the system
So far away from the ground of wisdom
So blind to see
So bound to breathe
Too weak to set you free

I know your life's a lie
And you'll never get back
To where it was alright
I know you're weak inside
And you'll always be controlled
Until the end of time


I got a reason for this
Everlasting crying so listen
Once you get a headache
Interrupt me and whistle
But don't stop the beat
The beat is the street
The only way my words
Dare to come out of me

Once upon a time there
Was just you and me
Heading to the south
To join the "embassy"
We rocked the beach
We got lost in dreams
The most important thing was
How to get us some weed

Time's been on a highway since then
Before we even blinked
We were divided again
Without a chance to stop the change
A million miles away from the point
We were friends

Ever and ever we were friends
Never forever we were friends

Did you every really thought
That it could happen to be
That we could fall apart
Just like it happened indeed
I never wanted you to be
Like fucking me

Can you remember
How it was like to see
The fading of the sun
When it drowned in the sea
With a pack of six filled
With sense of gliss
I'd be lying if I said
That I don't miss this

Time's been on a highway since then…

hold the memory tight


Don't you know there is a reason
For your missing integrity
For your lack of sensibility
One for each and every season
Let it in and you will see
Nothing's like you planned it to be

You say to me you cannot be
A part of what's so wrong
The truth is fact
And can't be wretched
This is just where you belong

As I can see you'll ever be
In this state of ritual misery
A failed attraction down on your knees
You're losing sympathy

You're bound to be a part of me
No one will set you free
There's no release
You're into this
Just try to be like me

Why can't you see you'll never reach
The point you feel agravically free
Something got lost down on your way
You don't know what
Just how you failed

Down where the water falls
Somewhere between the holes
It's darker than I can show
And it's so far to go

You're under me trying to flee
But there's no way out yours sincerely
A night in sorrow what it's about to be
You can't resist
You'll break on my knees

Downwards, downwards, down anyway
I hit you twice in the back
So come on out and play
Better think don't hesitate
If there is something you got left to say

Down where the water falls…

Upwards the river flows
Unable to follow
It's brighter than I can show
And it's so very far to go

Don't you know there is a reason…

When all lies are locked in treason
Would you think of me at all
No, just take it slow
Nothing's like it used to be here
Take a listen to my fall
Don't hesitate oh no
Don't hesitate oh no


I cannot stand this feeling
I'm bored of life
Is someone there to lead me
To where I'd like
I don't dare to fly
The same old damned air tonight
Seeking the door to another side
Day in sight
Clouds collide

Being the average son of anyone
I'm fleeing
All the time I'm on the run
Keep the light
Only for a while
I'm freezing
I count the days as they pass by
Feeding my narrow mind with lullabies
Nothing's right
I'm too scared to fly

Days shine brighter
Still not wiser
Keep on breaking
Hell's awaiting
Home's on fire
Shut your lighter
Please don't walk away

All these trials seem to waste my time
Dreaming the story will end up quite right
So lost in lies
I'm feeling
That I couldn't go on otherwise
Fading in this city of weary minds
Nothing's right
I don't care to fly

11. FREE

I think my day back up in my flat
I don't want a second to reveal
Full of regret, full of average
I stunned my mind so I don't feel

A plane jet, hijacked, forcing it to fly back
Oil check, damage, widescreen breaking news
Engine roaring, passenger unboarding
A million feet high pilots without use

And now I am…

Whatever happens
Whatever may be
I'm free
Under the statue
For you to see

Phone attack, leave a message
You wouldn't hear me anyway
I feel homeless and all my luggage
Is already on the way

Plane crash, test track
No matter if we come back
Mistake, breathtake, relatives in hope
Oxygen gas masks
Don't forget your seatbelts
Prayers, players, all their souls are sold


Welcome home
Welcome son
I will let you down, I will let you down
Can you hear this sound?
Do you hear them cry?

You've been left outside tonight
There's no one here to hold you
You're on your own
On your own
Since you've opened up your eyes
They ignored your cries
You're on your own
On your own

You don't have a place to run
You're in strangeland
It goes on and on
You're on your own
Living day by day inside
It doesn't seem to end
It's long by long
You're on your own

Ten percent of my lunch helps
To prevent this young boy from death
But I'm sorry for you
I'm sorry for you
I hope you'll make it to the west

Welcome home…

Been forgotten all your life
All is left in strife
You're on your own
All alone
Hide inside your hate tonight
Betray your dying bride
They were wrong
It's not your fault


Get along
With the time in your bag
Don't sit back, don't sit back
Get along
Too many people on the way
To forget where it's at
Get along
Too many seasons that you've
Searched for the perfect track
Get along
It's always too late to step back, to forget

It's a never dying
It's a nullifying world you live in
Dirt conceiving
It's a never dying
It's a virtualizing world that's cheating
You believe in

Get along
The days make you cry
Let 'em pass by
Get along
Don't you try to combine
The signs for tonight
Get along
You disguise blinding eyes
Let it shine it is bright
Get along
Ignorance is the key to survive, it's your life

I've been waiting for so long
I've been waiting for that day to come
All the crosses I have burned
All the secrets I have learned


Please help me my shoes worn out
In the middle of the walk
Everywhere I look around
I can hear you talk
Not to scratch the surface off
Not to walk this road

Tell me what it's all about
Could it be that dark?
Whispering without a sound
Did we fall apart?
From everything we did insist?
From anything at all?

So let me go
Let me show
Let me know
That I do know wrong from right
Well it's just a matter of sight

I'm constantly afraid to be
A shadow without wall
So I step inside your factory
Try to please you all
But in the end I have to see
It didn't stop my fall

Don't you hear it calls my name
I'm better off to leave
I pack my jacket full of stains
Please forgive me
For everything I used to be
If you, if you noticed me at all

Please help me my words ran out
In the middle of the song
And everyone who is around
Help to sing along


How can we smile
When everything's unright
Another child dies
On the other side
How can we smile, how can we smile
How can we smile

How can we deny
The pain and the strife
We cause all the time
To stay in the line
How can we feel fine, a part of us dies
They won't survive

How can we shut our eyes
Pretending to be blind
Every once in a while
Blame the world for it's inside
How can we hide, how can we smile
How can we smile

And how can we lie
In the face of a child that
Is begging for life
Can't get no sleep at nights
How can we pass by, a part of us dies
How can we lie

This is no fake
This is no threat
This is for people we forget
This is no hate
This is no beg
It's just a cry for help

It's been a long while
Since we've been parted in our lives
With narrow minds
We try to save our own child
How can we hide, how can we smile
How can we smile

It's not that we were unlike
We're all of the same kind
Glad to be alive, we all try to live right
Sometimes we hide, sometimes we smile
Sometimes we cry

Well it is about time
To scrutinize our sights
To realize
We're together on one side
Together we smile, together we cry
Together we die

For as long as we try
To not open our insides
We won't stop the fight
Against our own tribe
How can we lie, how can we smile
How can we lie