Fear of Tomorrow tracks



I am the bringer of evil
I am the bringer of fright
I am the one with the power
Try me I'll show you I'm right
How can you say you're almighty
Just take a look at yourself
Where is your lovin' and kindness
It's hidden away on a shelf

I will make you burn
From Hell there's no return
I will make you burn
So you will have to learn
You say you created the oceans
You say you created all land
Ans as an end to your workin'
You say you created the Man
How can you say you're almighty
Your creatures are livin' in shame
You did not create love and kindness
And you threw the blame on my name

["1 & 2" + CHORUS out.]


Feel the radiation burn
Hope there's none left for you
You're searchin' for a place to hide
Why there's no where to run

Out of the sky you're the first one to die
Out of the sky you never know why
Out of the sky you're the first one to die
Out of the sky

It killed your friends and enemies
No leaves no one alive
It killed anything no one survive
My god in a dessert of storm

The clear blue sky has turned to red
There's no more life on planet earth
Now radiation is mighty king
There's no more life not anything


Intro: In a time which now is forgotten
Was a land of horror and death
It was known as a place without mercy
Evil ruled... evil ruled that land

In this land behind of nowhere
Lived this man who killed for glory
It was no place for weakness
Evil ruled that land

King of evil, his word was law
Tortured and slaughtered they wanted his head
It was no place for justice
Evil ruled that land

Tyrant from hell
Thy name is written with their blood
King of the past
So cruel and mean you better die
Tyrant from hell
They gonna get you in the end
King of the past
You know you're gonna die at last

Then came the day he lost his head
Slaughtered in hate and blood
It was no place of mercy
Evil ruled that land


Iron arms are knockin' you down
Metal machines destroy your town
Eyes of steel ignore your prayers
Metal machines control your ways

Computer brains they steal your life
Metal machines provoke a fight
Eyes of steel accept no lies
Metal machines allow no crimes

We are too blind to see
What tomorrow would be
We were too blind to know
What tomorrow would show

Iron arms create your world
Metal machines decide your girl
Eyes of steel ignore your prayers
Metal machines control your ways


Blood and destruction is all that I can see in this hell
The power of evil destroying my life in a spell
My soul in on fire it feels like I'm burnin' in hell
Bells are ringin' they toolin' my final farewell

Come with me
come with me
Come with me
Into the universe

Vultures are waiting to rip of the flesh of my face
Escaping the devil escaping the whole human race
My body is polluted I gotta get out of this place
I'm leaving tonight cos I gotta get into the space

A world of illusion with no one there to fight
A world without people could that be right
Got to get my soul away from there
Before life on earth it will disappear

We're ready to leave by the darkness
Setting our sails to the sun
Ready to leave by the darkness
Making our self-chosen ones
Nothing con stop us tonight
Get ready to move out of sight
We're leaving your all alive


Intro speak: Afraid of light and day
I've got to live this way
Forced by an unknown power
I've completed my deeds of darkness

I believe in evil, darkness makes me wild
I believe in death, dead bodies give me life

Out in the night I dig up dead bodies

Waiting all day for the dark to get satisfied
Hungry for dead meat tonight
I believe in evil, blood thirsty like a shark
I believe in death, I'm dreamin' in the dark

Eatin' in the shadows of the church
I feel the wind blow to my brain
The flesh is dead but it's full of life
The smell of blood makes me feel alright

I'm totally insane, I feel no pain

From down below I heard a voice
Drawn by desire I had no choice
Beneath the shade of death I'm facing their heads
Ill try to fight against but they give a damn

They buried me alive
Now I can reach the sky
Prepare for reincarnation
Purgatory awaits my invasion
My breath is getting weaker
My body is shrunken
Gelatins my eyes and lungs
Now my body is full of life


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