Felony tracks



Top drawer
I grab the glock
I grab the ammo
Locked and Loaded

Blow your brains right out your skull
I'm addicted to your suffering
I came to bring the fucking pain

And now you're looking down the barrel of a gun
Sun of a Gun
Looks like you're not having any fun

Yeah, now you know that this is serious

Slow down, I can't keep up
You beg for mercy like I give a fuck

Scream Louder
Your screams are music to my ears

Listen to me
Put your face down on the ground

Oh shit, what the fuck did I just do?


I'm probably the worst fuck you ever had
I apologize the best I can
How could you not understand?
That you shut me out when you let him in

(I want you cumming inside me)

Oh god
Oh my god this can't be happening

Why me?
Oh why me?

Tell me was he worth it?

I just want you to know
That you're the reason I got tested
And because of you I'm at the clinic hoping, praying

Please God
Let me be negative
7 years bad luck
A never ending gift
From the filth you fucked

(I want you cumming inside me)

Why? Why me?

3. I 3 EC2

It should've been 2 against the world
It should've been you and me removing disease
And once I'm dead you'll be leading the lost to a better land

And I'm so glad the world is coming to an end
Maybe now we'll grasp each others unloving hands
I wonder were we meant for more, was I meant to have you at all?

Time is running out, the shit is everywhere, the spread won't stop
Maybe they're the fortunate ones
The walking dead still walking towards the sun

It should've been the 2 of us
You and me removing disease
And once I'm dead you'll be leading the lost to a better land

We're all sick and dying
(Please don't go, I need you now more than ever)

Gypsies told me, we were soul mates
In a past life but not in this life

(I am cursed and so are you)

Always reaching
never there
but always reaching


This might be your 2 years ago
But this pain is mine forever
Living well just wasn't good enough, I wanted my revenge

Blue Moon bottle
Right across your head
I broke your face
And all you did was snitch
You little bitch

I thought you were hard son
I thought that you were Mr. "I don't give a fuck"
Turns out you're the soft one

You've got 12 months so I suggest you get a gun
You should have just accepted that you got your ass kicked
Now you and all your friends are on my shit list

You're gonna die

And I'll be there in court to tell your mother why
She found her son with a knife in his chest
She found her son with a bullet in his head

My bad, I didn't mean to ruin your reputation
I swear the next time you see me
Well let's just say
You won't be so lucky

Say goodbye to all you cared about
See my face and know your death is now


Looks like I'm digging my grave
Slowly but surely
This loneliness is what's killing me
And no I'm not afraid
And yes I'm not afraid
I'm not afraid to die

Grim Reaper
Of course I'll let you in
You bring truth, you bring destiny
So let the ending begin
No, there's no stopping the inevitable

Open the skies
Take me away

So let the ending begin

Looks like I'm digging my grave
Slowly but surely
This loneliness is what's killing me

No more oceans,
just the static of our television


I awaken to another day
(She's nameless, she's faceless)
The beating of my heart serves as a clock
(Watching our loved ones decay as we slowly die unloved)
Ticking closer towards my death
These words I've shared
These things I've felt
They are meaningless
Life is meaningless
Everything in this world dies alone
I've turned into a monster
Creation through destruction
Beauty is no longer a picture of heaven
It's just an illusion

Nothing completes me.


You're right, I'm the asshole
And this bitter, jaded attitude is getting me nowhere
But I love this feeling
God help me
What did you think?
What did you expect?
You thought you'd really get to know me?

Better hold your breath
Hold your breath for as long as you can

Why do you look so surprised?
This once was yours and now I made it mine
Don't look disappointed when I say

This is what I wanted
This is what I needed
This is what I'm looking for
And now you're gonna give it to me

Hold your fucking breath


I can see right through you
Now tell me does that sound familiar?

Now that I got your attention
I just wanted to say
I am so flattered that you mention my name
You've been paying my bills for way too long
And I'm so happy that you just can't stop talking shit

Keep running your mouth

I keep cashing checks
Snapping necks
So keep running your mouth

I keep them shook crews running
Like they supposed to
You come around but you never come close to

I can see it inside your face
You're in the wrong place

I implore you to comprehend
I'm more machine now than man

You're so vain
I bet you think this song is about you
Don't you

So much for plagiarism
So much for you to waste your breath running your mouth
A rat race to the top
Sore losers never satisfied with what they've got

Your career is flipping
So do me a favor
The next time you see her
Ask your girl what my dick tastes like



So here it is.
I'm in the Bronx.
I'm on the 1
I'm on the run
I'm going back to Queens.

I walk through the door, and look who it is.
I didn't think I'd see you but I'm glad I did.

I can't believe you didn't see this coming.
You should have read my lyrics a little closer.

Ask me how much I paid my lawyer.
You should have read my lyrics a little closer.

You've got that crazy look in your eyes again.

So here's the deal.
I'm at the precint, not released yet
And they're calling you a punk
I thought you hated cops?
911 Speed Dial
Keeping the phone unlocked

Don't forget I know where you sleep at night.

Somebody help me please.
Somebody help me please.
I swear to god I'll pull this trigger.
Swear to god I'll pull this trigger.

And watch your soul flow out.


I carve a path in me that's dark and narrow
So you can't follow

Trace your hands
Around my misguided heart
And watch the world fall apart

There's nothing sacred being loved by saints
All my beliefs just fade away

No, nothing matters to me now

I carve a path in me that's dark and narrow
So you can't follow
I dare you to follow

We're all victims to an empty sky
There's nothing sacred being loved by saints

No, nothing matters to me now


These dark days
I spent them all alone
And I lie here awake
Wishing you'd just answer the phone

1-718-No-You-Won't answer anyway
Why do I even bother?

Would it matter to you if I died tonight?
Would it matter to you, that you never got to say goodbye?

Just know that I loved you more than life
Follow your heart and do what's right

We never got to say goodbye

Here I go walking alone into the light

Pick up, pick up, pick up, before I enter the light


Mother Mary, won't you tell me
Who is this great creator?

Can I ask him?
"Where did you meet her?"
"Was she your everything?"
Maybe somewhere down the line
you two will be together

Now and forever

Let these times collide

Forgive me for this blood line