Firefight tracks





Oh how is it we are cursed so,
And reduced to this Pandemonium?
Screams of the beings through the ash that I see
Now do I beg the question, question the aggression,
Of the suffering to be
Why the single spark, that made the flame,
That set this blaze

A blaze to quell our light and ignite the sky

The flames that hold us
Are the same that hold the night
This was meant to choke the light
'Cause this is a fire, this is a fire fight!

Nor remorse or regret
Ravenous contempt for the lives now spent
Now kiss the blaze and cry
This is fire, this is a fire fight!

The plume of black ash so gently caresses the sky
To the world I knew I say goodbye, there are no more questions now
The lashes of flickering pain, incandescent luminescent as the brightest day
I feel my spirit slipping away!

No mercy shown or debt was owed, for what I cannot dream
The reason for this wrath bestowed b flame beyond the sea
Tonight I've heard the cry and swear by all I've seen
That vengeance will one day be mine, satisfaction will I breathe

Have you ever seen your whole world build from ash,
To ashes return!


Time truly slips away from a minute to a thousand days
We'll never say if we only knew.
Every moment was something new

This is farewell and not goodbye, we'll meet again in time
Until then whatever your heart desires is what I hope you'll find
And when you're done, giving the world Hell
The round's on us for all the stories you'll tell
Until then, our hearts go with you

This is farewell and not goodbye!

Though we're parting and you go alone, what the future holds but no one knows
May the memories keep you warm, our hearts go out with you

Although I may not understand now
What prompting you to leave
One day I'm sure I'll see this is your life, this is your path!
This is your journey and this is your fight!

And I know you'll give it all you got
This fight is nothing to the wars we've fought
Now raise a glass to the journey and the path you tread
To the peace you seek and the journey's end


Was this always meant to fall apart or stand the testing of time?
How much were we meant to bend before the break and die?
Days would pass on like a dream and months would follow suite
Years that rot and fade away so worn like the passing of youth

We are the lost, we are the lone
These waste lands we call home
The endless night to endless days
The silent cry a heart betrays!

Many will take up the fight, the strong and the weak alike
For some the journey kills the will, and others don't last the night
This pain we self inflict for what would be the greater god
Si my vanity all this serves, and end, perhaps it should

Vanity's all this serves for me
Bend and break but never broken clean
For this love is it worth it to suffer
For what is it worth in the end?

For love there is always suffering
And not my place to say when it all ends
I never imagine the tolls this would take on me
Has it made me stronger or brought me closer to the edge

Take it day by day, live it up for now or throw it all away
Don't look back or see what's left in the wake
All this seems like passing dreams
The brightest day, the silent scream that never fade at the break of the day


If cruel by cruel be cruel and twist the knife
If cruel by cruel be cruel and spread the suffering

By cruel be proud for what your cruel hands made
With loving eyes embrace the cruelty that was done today

Do you feel do, you feel anything at all?
Or is this all a numbness brought on by the world

If cruel by cruel be cruel and spill the blood again
If cruel by cruel be cruel and take me to the end

Outcasted, pushed away
From prying eyes a world away
In body, mind and soul you're torn for evermore

The blade sings a softer song
And the screams a gentle lullaby engulfed
In the swoon of sorrow, and ecstasy
Until tomorrow when I cease to breathe

I look into your eyes and I see that there's pain
I could never truly understand
The sorrow's sown deep within you
Out of reach from a healing

If cruel by cruel be cruel and end what in joy you began
Fulfill what you set out to do lest I'm freed and my vengeance begin

A bitter cold touch, exhibition of sin
And a heart that is too far gone
The tools that betray, the darkness from the day
The shadows is where you remain




This is the fear of all flesh
Decay of the body and souls
This is the fear of all flesh
Rotting in the depths of the unknown

The paralyzing horrors of the world
That comes to weed us out one by one
There is no stopping, it's coming
Suffering the only way

It is an affliction
It is the loss of all control
What use is decision?
Just wait until the future unfolds

Take hold your heart, and steady your soul, stay true to what you know
For what we think is to come, is never written in stone
The day may come when at last you will see and find the answers that you seek
That the fear of all flesh might be what drives us to be

The thought of the loss or the sting of the pain
The cold of the sweat, the caress of the rain
Cries of the past that still echo in me
Blind to the path, that I just cannot see

We all lack the vision
To look beyond what we can see
Both clouded and twisted
Your perception of what really set you free


I cannot see
Even though it's there in front of me
Like a beggar cold, and crawling on my knees
Searching for something so close yet still out of my reach
Is this all I'm destined to be

I've been living in the shadow now for far too long
The senses burn at the caress, like it doesn't belong
It's one thing to dwell in silence, or to feel nothing at all
Then you cannot hear the rush,
Or feel the pain at the end of the fall

I fought to lift the veil and move beyond the door
Just when I thought there was maybe something more
A hope that I could at last restore my sight
The cloak is gone, my freedom won, but I found a blinding light

I can feel the light burn as the night was cold
And I struggle the same, as the life I lived before
Though the light guided me I still lost the way
And I struggle the same just to find the path back to the day

With every fall I lose the will
Another chain that binds
I can't go on like this
Another road that winds

I should have known that the struggle never really ends
The road is long don't try to see what's beyond the bend
Our wars are won, at the cost of another defeat
You'll have to crawl to get back on your feet

I thought I was stronger than this, that I had more to give
That the light of the day would show me the way to go
Never wanted to turn my back to it all
This is my struggle that I'll have to bear
Before I am too far gone


The path that lies before us and the steps we take to move on
Our limbs to move the body and the will to make it so
What weight will slow the journey?
What test that we might fail?
Will the spirit be overcome or rise and we prevail?

So we question what's right but we never know
And we sit back and watch, is the ebb and flow
Accepting what's wrong, and let it go
For all we have done, what is there to show?

So endlessly we travel the path we tread
For what more can we do?
Few signs here to follow on the path we tread
One day we'll make it to the end

How cruel!
That the choices we make
Have such resounding effect paralyzed by our fear of mistake
Another chain to break and move on
How cruel!
It's as though the leaves on the trees
Could destroy all that we have become
Or the wind set astray the direction we made to be strong

So winding a road but graced we are to be part of the path
A gift it is and everyday we should think it to finally be our last
The way not clear and never will it ever be
So pick yourself up and come follow me
Or travel the path alone till it leads you finally home
If we could only now


Take a deep breath and stand firm where you are
Feel the courage flow and fear no more
For glory now stand, take life with your very own hands
And fulfill what one you swore

Can you feel the battle field breathe
It's as alive now as you or me, watch how it moves
Feel the pulse, to the ebb and flow of war
Its beauty like the gold one adorns

When I beheld its majesty, it has never ceased to be
Any less to me than a perfect tragedy

On the edge of tears I'm held by the moment
With the knowledge that all will change
No longer the caring man, now only the cruelest hand
To ensure my victory

So cold is the kiss of the steel
So old, it's the fear we all feel!

Now is the time, get to the line, and give our last stand
These are moments that define the man
My dynamics is what drives me
The will to carry on
Give it all till the end and then we fall

I can remember the sight all the Sarissas aligned
Like the trees under gaze of star light
When the wind would pass them through
They'd sing their mournful tune
Their call would echo through the night

The men would ask why is the Sarissa's song so sad

The Sarissa's song is a sad one, its pipes sing soft and low
I would choose another profession, he says,
But war is all I know
It pierces through the cries, drew the tears from our eyes
A cold wartime lullaby!