Mar De Grises

First River Regards tracks



My vertical scream becomes
A horizontal pain
As I pass the sun
I go sober and drunk
While I sit and play
Or I love and burn
Don't matter
It's all the same

(Why) Can't I hear the storm?
If I can hear my soul... fall
Will I taste your air?
I hope
I can still play

The harvest is waiting...
Fast I run,
But faster it comes...

Sombra abundante
(se viene ya la noche)
Castigo perturbante
(se viene ya la noche)
¿Por qué finges, que no sientes nada?
¿y por qué escribes?
Solo quiero tu mirada

Alma muerta,
Destrozas mi ilusión
Como perro vago la mantengo...
Mi humilde cara inmóvil
(mi horizonte desaparece contigo)
Como si yo mismo no existiese
(y fuera, en realidad, parte de la calle)
Un haz de luz
Doblegado por el temprano crepúsculo

De rodillas te confieso
Yo solo vivo en tu mirada


Let's pretend my face burning
...Oh infinite
Just your hand could touch
...My meaningless life,
Would you save me?

Are you there?
In that grey horizon...
Where the sun sets (so) peacefully
Where light drips down by my eyes...

I'm drowning in my thoughts
Yet no one seem to care
Can you see me?
I'm taking my black soul
Away... from this white world
Can you hear me?

Timeless sins
Will break me apart
Oh, but no one knows
Would you care?

This is the torment
More that you can see
Infinite has taken me

I'm on my knees
And it gets to me
Even if I fly far
Even if I run fast
Even if I swim deep
It still gets me
Even if my heart stops
Even if my tears remain
It still haunts me

Nothing that I'll ever do
Nothing that I'll ever say
Will ever matter...
Just tell me, why?


Mar de Grises
How can I believe in utopia?
If I... Can't see you
How can I believe in hope?
It has been forgotten
It's nothing but a dream
Do not say that I can

How can I believe in life?
If it's dying
How can I believe in truth?
If I'm lying
How can I believe in death?
If it is only silence
... Do not say that I can

I'm sad
... still

Placed here
By your one and only god
Did it have to be so cold??
Do I make a sound so dull??
Have I stepped Upon a mine?
Am I just just a waste of time?
... Do not say that I can!!!

You told me the sun isn't shining
The sea is a lie
The moon's a stone
There is no dawn
You made my life senseless

The absent breeze
Will rip
( they'll live) true face
My soul
Should I mourn

Who made your heaven so cold???
Was that your god???

My faceless enemy ...laughs
In sight of my utopic victory
I didn't wanted it to end this way
You can go... I stay


For Just an Eternity
I'll seem to cry
For I'll be down and grey
I 'll die
I'll leave once again
And my mesmerised thoughts
Come and feed the burden of my soul
I hope I'll breathe
Until all I can see... its you

Ruido continuo...
Del constante vaivén de mi vida
Del imperturbable silencio de mi pecho...
Como podría empezar a entender...
Ayúdame... ayúdame...

For all I care to you...

I have much love... it fits nowhere
Waiting in despair
It goes through my soul
... I have seen it fade... so many times
And for just one moment... I'm there again

I long for those times
The ones that brought tears and laughs
The ones that brought love and hate
The ones that would never end

I long for a friendful hand
I long for a place to rest

But still I'm afraid
The sun will shine
Her tears will dry

I'm living no longer
A stone with no name
For my dead its been late
... for many years now
I'm no longer afraid
It will just be a moment
A sinless taste...

... Of an eternity