Fizala tracks


1. Book 1: Orucsolledvres Azaraq's Fizal Tales

2.Book 2: Lanrutcon Nyarlathotep

Hail to you blind creature of the Abyss
Hail to you human Minister
Hail to you unknown creeping mayhem
You that have furrowed millennium time
To arrived undaunted to me
�and death comes through sky mind
like dark raven in the night.
Con il sangue accogliero� la tua grande Gloria
Our essences are bound from immortal death madness
Hail to you eternal Emperor of the light unlight
�and dead will rise from rotten earth to You
offering obscure woman�s Hail
and wardrumms will play over
hymning thy unpronounceable name.

3.Book 3: The Eye Yog-Sothoth

The Beings hearth has no limits
No devils no demons in the night contemplated
By drowned sages in hate whirls terror
Knowledge of the High Race crossing the Threshold
Called from a distance of immemorial eons.
No life no dead no time no theories
I had follow your way towards us
Before you know I felt you to arrive to our own existence
Upon the unbounded cave threshold
Show Tomb Yog-Sothoth inconceivable only monstrous
Carnal trouble obscene and absurd geometry
With new blasphemous laws
Flautes too much acute, too much graves played by lunatic. Insane
Inside deep cave.
Obsessive, chaotic, oppressive
Qui la porta convessa di diamante nero
It opens wide on the abyssal endless
Space from the eternal blasphemous spaces
Leng blasphemous tangle held in life and existence by a Will
Thinking and holding it
The Guide a throne in our Eternity border line
A day spheres will be in propitious.

4.Book 4: From Thy Beyond Shub-Niggurath

Here from so high pick where the raven dare
When the sky obscure itself
Wewait the night icy cloak cover the earth
A pungent death scent in the air is hold on roving breeze
In a grave silence of a dying nature
Hear out corpse tore by wolves
Spectral lament in a dense fog suffocated
From eons the Blind Sleeper
In obscure ends of the earth lies
Open His white eyes whispering words to wind
The Abyss from so far echo
Of time of a time
By iced side the Silence aeonic
From thy beyond
The cosmic silence abyssal
Ritorna a sedere sul Suo Oscuro Trono
Al Suo eterno Regno.

5.Book 5: Aren Anul Al Ottos Ailgattab Hastur
Nocturnal rustling
Demonic whispering
I see shape Shapeless wander foolish through me
Master of insanity knowing true
Of a Beast jaw in the useless human beings
Trumble, die superficial worms
You belive in thy useless, weak sense
No you won�t live the Shapeless Insanity of Depth Being
It comes from the abyss
Shapeless noise I listen to time eternity balance
Now if shapeless my gaze mind leaving this world
To receive the right knowledge
Endless I am.

6.Book 6: Nominato Essere Deve Non Colui Htohtaza

La Sua forma non forma tormentante inevocabile...
In eternal blasphemous destruction of uncreation
Rotten essence waves frustrating set tortures� Preparing furious imminent fearly apart
Of what you belive He is
Endless vortexes waving to dispel themselves
Unhealthy into the Essence
Melt unequivocal living death
To live the Death
�continuous to ignore of being of this vibration
�Screaming oceanic spaces
Inside shapeless wall of infinity
Over obscure eternal time crypt
Enclosed is in the darkness the black throne
Blasphemous Pride�s Glory throne
The bellow Sphere of darkness malicious
Here sit Him with the true name that no one had ever heard
In this terrible living darkness wander
Supreme confusion the Amorphous Mass� Evoke!

7. Book 7: The Evocation Cthulhu -Instrumental