Brutal Truth

For Drug Crazed Grindfreaks Only! - Live at Noctum Studios + 1 tracks


1. K.A.P.

About your policies
Well i wonder
Its crisis overload
And no wonder
Falling, we're falling, falling
Down this fucking hole
Begin the slaughter and
Welcome pigs
Slop the bullshit, welcome in
Insert the blade,
I'll stick and plunge
Twist the fucking blade,
Bloodlust... Kill all politicians


You cut me down
Behind my back
Turn back the facts
Reaching your conclusions
Your theories lack the facts
And that's a fact
You think you have the answers
With not a shit to say
Rip apart my every thought
Before it's ever said
Fuck off - fucking little trendy
Brats bored of spending
Mommy's cash
Blinding lies,
Making blieve it's real
Thinking you're something...
Yeah, you're dead smart
You think you have the answers
With not a shit to say
Before you start to answer, i've
Got one thing to say
Fuck off - fucking little trendy
Brats bored of spending
Mommy's cash
Turn back facts
Delusions, what you say
Conclusions, what you said


Pollutants arriving, the kids are all fighting
Why turn your cheek, block reality
For in blind faith, you look the other way
You sittin' pretty, wait until another day
Be true in yourself, have faith in what you're made
Act on instinct, in all the rules you break
Social disease, rotting time away
Too late for preaching, hold your breath apocalypse
The time has come, the breaking point in our social decline
Humankind oblivious, every life runs its line
Toy soldiers march on, watch the blind lead the blind
Much obliged


Bang! Bang! Bang!
Sure fire aim
Pokes and prods the
Pistol-whipping john wayne
Tell me why?
Assert to justify?
Follow humanities guide crucify?

I say, why follow their ego?
Let's go to war

For media frenzies
On felonious decisions
Of hierarchy treason
Forced upon to justify

Let's go to war!!!


Reformation at hand
Our time to stand
Misconceptions are a thing of the past
Enslaved minds give birth to a new generation
Your generation
The myth, a fiction of what you will believe
Lies, corruption, fininaial catastrophe
Legality, the only way
Progressive hemp-minded, call for legality
Ignorant and fearful, rejecting on 13
Their foolish lies will break our backs beyond humanity
Legality the only way


Accepting your role
Robbed of your and stripped of your soul
Fall into the same routine
Of drab existence, what does it mean?
Are you satisfied with the way that you exist
Every single day, like the one before
Don't you feel the need to express the way you feel
Wake your sleeping head, there's so much... More !
Just a walking corpse !
Repeat first verse
Repeat second verse


Money fills all who mind it
Fisting all find it
Circle one for the show
You're bound to take its blow
Bloodlust, greed in progress
Blows over
Multiply, lost society


I know, i know
The social programs program lies
Fail to see just compromise
Casualties yet unforseen
Logic dictates sinking shit
I'm not homesick...
Told to see just what to see
Blind to ways that life can be
Life awakening
I'm still beating


Motivation, greed and pride, you don't care how many die.
Mother earth raped once more, mutilated to the core
- never caring - =
- never sharing - =
- fill your pockets - =
- with the stench of profit -
Don't you see what you have done?, blocking out the fucking sun,
Savage progress, twist the fate, you won't see until it's too late.
- never caring - =
- never sharing - =
- fill your pockets - =
- with the stench of profit -


Cricket's home,
Right high where he outta' be
Sailing high (through his)
Crystal clear cash flow rainbows
Our sweet drug man,
Please don't try to understand
Shot alone, we're alone,
So alone
Getting kicks on taking risks
Fucking with the numbers
Turning tricks
The art of the deal,
The numbers feed, life surreal
Cricket's home all alone
Thinking kicks without the trip
Kicking back and turning on
Punching out reality
While sifting through
The hand that feeds
The art of the deal, life goes on
Life is true, can't you see, your
Backing out on family
Everything to live for,
Pure euphoric dream
Life is pure, can't you see,
Your backing out on family
The art of the deal, life goes on
Cricket's high sky high


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