Katharsis (GER-2)

Fourth Reich tracks



This is the nyght of nyghts
We steale the starrs from heaven

Adorne a crown of the bryde
Who giveth a chylde to the dragon...
This is the nyghte of nyghts
We open all yer hearts so wyde
With hooks and blaydes and sharpen'd steele
With nayles and thornes and burning sealls
Children shrieks cutte the ayre
Ascend from crustie stones,
A dagger blayde flasheth so near
Pandemonick trumpett bones

Nayked bodies, curlling hard
Convulsions twist the shell
Flesh is bleeding, ghoulish guard
Deep thunder roaring bell
Thou shalt not see - a singlestone
Revealing that his truth is nyghe,
But be crushed under the rock
Revealing his terrible lie!

Eat his body
Drink his blood
Embrace his spirit
Feast on his heart,
Grab deep the teeth in skin so thin

Tayke his great word, fullfill our sin!

He turneth sense to madness
He nayleth the hearts

Redemption is nothing
...And nothing will be redeem'd
Enlyghten'd torches like the vault
Challice consecrated in blyght
On moons zenith releese for the lord
Their blood for his most inner lyght

Stench of fouleness, dying pulse
Diabolick choirs, lyfeless voyce
Agonick creeping, living dolls
No way bakk, there is no choyce...
Our throat becometh an open grayve
We'll use our sperm to deceive
The venom of asps is to be under our lips
We'll be arm'd with lyon teethe
Our mouth will spit out curses
Lethal spells we'll weave
Our feet will swift to shed blood
On our paths of ruin and greed
Can't ye see - his majestie - openeth his hearte so wyde
Where we will goe - we neede no more
Our ovvn heartbeats insyde
We feast on him on liquid sin
For there appeareth golden soyl
One eye, one heart, one soul, one word
For slayves we are
For this triumph we boyl...
This is the nyght of nyghts, we open all our arms so wyde

With dugger, sword and rustie scythe
With acid, flayme and brimstone knyfe
This is the nyghte of nyghtes
And all shall bear witnesse
The sun will drown in the rayging sea
And the moon will follow the finallie...

This is the nyght of nyghts
On brethren ye all shall follow
The path of the last redeeming rytes
A path through the infernal hollow
This is the nyght of lyghts
We strangle the glayre of the future

We aflayme yer deepest nigthmares wyld
And sacrifyce them for his creature
(What remayneth will be thrown to the vultures)


Dominatrix overlorde, in the twylyght reawayke

Nonconformant principle
Invicktedness and wickedness and hayte
Aeonick nyghtmares everhaunting
Pyroclyptick scornful ones
A storm of funereal souls
Redgather'd in his wayke...

On harness'd vvings
With sword and flame
Eternal war
Eternal fayme
Sacrament of carnal sins
Clean our hearts from deep within!

Pantokrator, mightie king of wrathe
Anticipayting cosmogenious spinning sparks of lyghte
The blood-red gate is clos'd on thee
The everdweling font of divyne miracles

Down in heaven, jesus christ
Shall be reborn
In sorrow and contrition
Destitute of mercy but not destitute of sin
Receiwe the love of satan
Our new eucharistick king!
Conqueror.... rayging visions that destroy the eyes
Disbeliever, following in yer ways
All cycle of lyfe and the end of mankynd
Mystickall quest through the portals of tyme!

Hysterick saints suffocating
Conjure mighty apostacie
Hellish hosts eruption
Spastik, backwards, coronate...
And with all the bryght glorie from heaven they sent
With all the things passing it must come to an end
By the body of our lord, by the mercy unfold

Tayle of anguish and faith, holy fayte once foretold...
In grim phantasmagoria, twisted vision of dread
Myriad of voyces echo every thing henceforth said
An assembly of shadows, rotten pearls, virtuos swyne
Forces in spiritual unto they bring fo(u)rth grayce divyne
As the stars dwindle and the birds mute their song
Prepayre yer hearts to be baptysed in the blood of flagellation
Saturnalick deliverance, floating funereal doom
In the one crucifyed, now resurreckt'd from the tomb...


Storming the heavenly ivory tower
Fuck down the angels in their final hour
Soldiers of death crush the god of white hosts
We are the lords of the black holocaust
We cast the torch of darkness unto these hollie halls
We kill the priests and all the followers of the feeble one
Raiding the spheres of the sephiroth tree
Tipharet sinks, netzach replayc'd by pure agonie
Forces of god vanish conquer'd by plague
Hail ghorab tzerekk, mightie raven's attack
We raise the flagg of satan on corpses pyled up hygh
The pentagram is shyning - unholy evil eye
Prophet beheadded, pigblood covereth his fayce
Endless mayhem in mecca, rotting flesh filleth the playce
Gardens invayded by the devyls and djinns
Iblis returning, age of chaos beginneth

Yer sycophant cravvl
To foul idols of faythe
Yer poor limitations
It sickeneth me...
To kill all yer hopes
And to smashe yer senseless dreams
And to tayke ye away
We have started our warr of purification
Iconocklasm, total extermination
The fraygrenss of holy fyres
A worlde consum'd by our flayme
And nought shall remayn
To remynd of their nayme
For all eternity...

Asgarde in panick, hlidskjalf falling in flaymes
Yggdrasil chopp'd, only cinder remaineth
No golden dawn, it's the absolute end
Nidhogge awayketh, fenris openeth his fangs
We turn the Walls of valhall into a formless mass
Celestial guardians writhe and scream
In terror and distress