Disarmonia Mundi

Fragments of D-Generation tracks


1. Common State Of Inner Violence

Deserving wonderful baby
In despite of that defect
Of listening to that wild music
And than playing war videogames

But you are lucky man
Because I've got some plans for you
Refined violin lessons
And the most celebrated school

Poor baby, he uses his violin
Poor baby, almost well as a machine gun
Poor baby, insanity from adolescence
Grows through me a killer from hell

The rising sons throw away
All their father's dreams
Don't let me be born
If you didn't live

The only right was the grandfather
He said: "finally he's gone"
While parents threaten suddenly
"We'll grow another one"

Just you must know
Your guy is not so wise
To grow behind your violin
Take your eyes to this massacre
Was it your dream?

This story tells to me
Don't let me be born
If you did not live

Your guy is not so wise
To grow behind your violin
Take your eyes through this fire

2. Morgue Of Centuries

Towards a dead end
Primeval substance
Morphing blake angelic state

Collecting' inside
So near ravenous shine
Damn clear foul mankind's
Rushing' faster to an end

Slash pale wings the core is torn
Skin red beings the soul is gone
Bliss the seeds of confusion
While silent they observe

This life
Fallen' sins from my veins
An army stands to free
Swift mire
Swollen sick from my hands
Domain of history

The western sky red
Over the wasteland
Feathers falling' blake

Digging' inside
Your lunatic feeble mind
A hysterical genocide
Face the end of days

Slash pale wings the core is torn
Skin red beings the soul is gone
Smash the white of these goddamn walls

Force the end of the rivalry
Sanctified for a common fear
Bliss the seeds of confusion
While silent they observe

Release my
Wounded soul at the end
Worst of you
My desire in your eyes

Free fall
Resemble the unknown
Oh well we're all fucked
But silent still you watch

Impassable eyes
Null screams calling' for a dreaming'
Sky may cry
Bleeding' forevermore

3. Red Clouds

If the shelter comes from
Your home sweet home
Check the switch and if the light is on
The new prophet sings
The death of modern era
A presenter proud of its mind level-zero
You can think it's a joke or the search
For new audience

Macabre thoughts for a night
Without star fence
Flows out the power
Mind sets you are dead
Through vapours you hear
The right vision comes back

Paralyze your future secret plan
And your idea of wondering of everything
Finalize, close your hands
And try to hold inside
At least a little bit of sand

The final lie
The worst you could believe in
Reset the living
And wait what has to be

Come with me into the highest sky
You're the demon
Who can believe in everything
Call inside you last forces
And live your time, once a life
By your choices

Red clouds covering the sea
Last horizon
It's why I had to live

The discovery of a new dimension
Once disclosed my old wings

4. Quicksand Symmetry

I find out life is sometimes
Cauterized by the words
It seems the end of our times
Of reacting to the wounds

Turn off the led
The light that gets you
Normalized to the mass

A gala performance
Everyone with its mask
Automata glad to ignore
There's a mind behind the glass

I am sad in my soul
As I paint a cold smile on my mouth
My thoughts are for the hollow hearts
I'm creeping

It's nine o' clock, I'm drunk
The best way to keep on
Disgusted by the price
I'll leave this world at all

As soon as I'll be out
I will take a breath
And walk in search of someone
The face I can see

5. Swallow The Flames

Bleeding' over my face
Yeah all over my face
No, it's just a game
Come out and play
I wanna see you swallow my pain

The end of sanity is clear
This time I won't pay for your sins
For all my life
I've been so weak
Hiding silent like an ordinary sheep
But now I seek
The end is near
The beast inside me still
Longs to be unchained

Hatred's burning fast
Inside my breast
Still impressed?
Genocidal machine
Homicidal relief
Pitch-black dreams... Just fuck it!

Burning me
Bullets over you
Burning deep
This time I'll see your ego's fall

With no regrets I kneel alone
Among the ruins of my world

Get lost
Before I nail you down
Show me
Your God
I cannot wait to see you crawl

Hellfire in my grip
Infernal greed
Damn right!
I wanna see you bleed
Here I come
I'm just a freak out of control

6. Oceangrave

Gathering regrets
Beyond loneliness
Restless lunacy release me
From my agony
The silent waves are calling
Piercing louder through my brains

If I should fall into the sea
Where you still wait for me
If I could wake you from your sleep
And fly away from here

The chilling wind is gone

The still moon hangs silent and full
Leaving all my dreams
Broken on my feet
Relief never comes
So better leave this place right now
A lonely rainy day
Just forget my name

Will I ever reach your endless flow
Crumble on my knees heaven's fall

Still my horizon's turning blue
Through my brain
Killing my senses rising through
My oceangrave

And now
Release my tragedy
And sanctify my curse
Obey the infamy
Of heavens down below

Bleeding forth the source of freedom
Paralyzed a never ending fall

Slaughtering regrets
Beyond emptiness
Restless agony release me
From my lunacy
And so I'll take this ride
Into the streams of the sky

And now I fall into the sea
Where you still breathe with me
For I can wake you from your sleep
And fly away from here

7. A Mirror Behind

I find it's a bit oppressive
To think that the world is running around
And waste your time in search of an image
If you can't see there is a mirror behind
Break the default feelings
And then kick the ass of the habits
Don't live in search of the attitude
Just be and fuck the other lies

I've got the impression, and I'm not alone
That in you boys something's going afraid
I don't like a hand on my back from behind
But I'm not frightened by myself
Pretend my will
The spinal marrow of life
And not alone we'll find a source
Where I drink the most forbidden wine

A mind set
The meaning of a borrowed life
Not a move in the right direction
Just on and on the same old try
Give me back that treasure
I'll be twice at the same time
Or follow my realizing way
Just be and fuck the other lies

I know who you are
Cold tiredness inactive desire
Take my hand now
Recall the primordial era
Give me back that treasure
I'll be twice at the same time
A mind set in permission
The meaning of a borrowed life

8. Come Forth My Dreadful One

Vanity your agony an angry special place
To rejoice your tears
Infamy lesser breed freestab the vales
Of our common fears
Sonic seducers for bitter abusers
Sinners roll free and collect our greed
With my secret source of wisdom fools
Shall be free

I've lost my reason to fly
Beyond the skies of your mind
And what is left of your soul
Oh I bet you'll never know

Corrode the core of my brain
Discard the lies and the humble pain
A prison made of flesh and scorn
Do you still blame my treason?

Freezing, what do you see?
Paralyze your lonely strain
Straight to me your mind's eye
A belief of cold sequences
Faithfucked behaviour still deceiving
Freezing, what do you see?
Demonize your inner score
Straight to me your mind's eye
A belief of cold sequences
Frozen eyes won't see you cry forever more

Agony your vanity I really don't know
What is better for me
Democracy of sad believers
Burning out proud 'till the end of grief
Corrosive behaviours for satisfied saviours
Selling our souls for a silver shriek
For your bitter hell I've sacrificed
My whole destiny

Concrete melody
Roll the dice of eternity
While I wait to see
The end of the world
I will...

9. Shattered Lives And Broken Dreams

Smashing cages of glass
Dim seconds of fear
Releasing final collapse
Have failed so many times
You and this world seem
So weak

Post eclipse future in a dreamspace
Illusion above
The shattered fragments of your
Lifetime still float around
Neurotic silhouettes defective clones
Of a higher self
No one will ever bring back the
Dreams you leave behind

Suspended far in your candyworld
Where angels crawl and weep and fall
Your lonely grief's a treachery
Still fantasize about the way
Your fallen years were all in vain
A silent scream against the wind

Suddenly the end of grief
Shattered lives and broken dreams

The mask you wear is fading
Bastards like you merely deserve to end
In shame

Now the stars pass my location
Bearing seeds of condemnation
Angels fall and idols weep
Feathers burn degenerating souls

10. Colors Of A New Era

Returning at twilight
Out of a suffering light
As for naked fortune
I can color my mind one last time

Colors sweet surrounding me
The power of sun, believe me
Has low importance the grey in the streets
I am searching for

This day wakes up unreal
Warning electro-voices
Giving mankind the revelation...
You've got to give back all the choices
A liter of ink flows on the pages
From mouth to mouth, to the TVs
"Eat good, drink wine go for a run,
keep brown... this is your last sun!"

I pull your colors to mine
The fucking grass grows in this side

Sitting on the wet grass
Eyes to a sky without stars
As for naked fortune
It seems a whatever dawn
Just more queer

I've seen a grey world dying out
In the fiction-like silence of my city
Every person frightened by my smile
As in search of my colored world