Baboon Rising

Friendly Agrarian Tower tracks


1. Magnetic Guessing

Booming economy
Coming to the valley
What draws the people here?
A hint is in the 'ears'
New stores and shopping
More clean and less mopping
Golf course and politicking
Colleges and other schooling
Is it something in the air?
Is it your dairy air?
Is it Sally in New Orleans?
Or is it the refried beans?
It is none mentioned before
Yet it rises way high
Like a magnet but so much more
This enigma draws mankind
Is it the politicians?
Is it the statisticians?
Can't be the beauticians
Or the gas stations
I thought it could be
Some new ice cream
A snuff ring or bee sting
Could it be nothing?
Was it Dallas and his shoulder?
Was it that it's getting colder?
Was it something on Main Street?
A Bar & Grill or my feet?

2. What Lies Inside

Now we entertain the scenario that we have a huge building
But we really don't know what lies inside this big thing
I'm sure it's got something to do with processing chicken feed
I'm sure the interior if hallowed out would be a sight to see
What would you put in that empty space?
What would you put inside?
If we had this empty space we would first fill it with air
We could use it as an echo chamber with lots of flair
I wonder how much candy it would take to fill it up
The volume of apple cider in there would really be a lot
I wonder how long Jay's beard would have to grow
In order for his whiskers to fill the space we know

3. Pencil Eraser Aftertaste

I've had an interesting experience
There was an odd taste in my mouth
My palate was some how stimulated
And only at a certain location
The taste of a pencil eraser
Location seems to be the answer
My theory is based on proximity
Of where the tower is relatively
If you draw a line
From point A to point B
The savoriness is defined
At least it is to me
This notion has been tested twice
I know it really should be more
But I can't help but take notice
That the tallest feed
mill might be involved
If you stop to really think about it
Why would I have such an aftertaste?
There's nothing I eat that would cause it
So, it's got to be that huge tower

4. Beacon of Connectivity

I know the tower is used
mainly for agrarian purposes
But it just seems like it could be
used for so much more
Contemplate the possibilities of
connectivity, open the door
We could have ourselves
a nice television antenna
It might even serve as an anchor
for cellular or satellite
The netcasts, podcasts, or even tapecasts
would be such a great delight
A beacon of light and hope,
well maybe scratch the latter
It might even help your food
digest, does it really matter
We must take advantage
of the structure's height
We must show the entire world
our technologic might
If you were on top of the building
and cupped your ear
You would be amazed
at just what you would hear
You might hear the digital sound of a broadband file transfer
You might be able to listen to
someone gnawing on a wafer

5. Preexisting Condition

Imagine if this tower had existed years ago
If it were around during our early wars as a nation
Think of the strategic possibilities in tow
The turning point of battles would be an inspiration
It would be a virtual fortress
Of concrete and rebar
British cannons would have little effect
On the reinforced structure
Its height would provide advantage
Providing a turning point in war
If this granary was around in 1813
I doubt it would be of an agricultural sort
I could see a General Andrew Jackson gleam
At the possibility of a great military fort
Then The Friendly City would be known for more
More than just a new store surge
It may even have had a different name
It could have been called Towerburg

6. Avian Honor

Chickens and turkeys don't realize
The quality of nutrition in their lives
Little do they know of the process involved
Where their feed is made central to it all
A building was erected in their honor and memory
It serves a practical purpose and tall for all to see
Don't we all wish we had a building
Built to serve our insatiable needs
I guess we have some, though not as tall
I guess we are stuck with the Valley Mall
Give it up for poultry
They have the highest crown
Give it up for turkeys
On top they can look down
Give it up for chickens
Their lives spent at our feet
Give it up for the hens
What they have is neat
Corn is transported up from the ground
Elevated it's mixed all around
It's then converted into feed
Dispersed to the birds that are in need

7. BeauroRATS

In my head I suspect a conspiracy
An infestation of rats I do see
In three distinct groups they congregate
Belly's full from all the feed they ate
We must take them all out
Shoot them dead
One by one without a doubt
Crush their head
Between Cowboy, the cats, and me
It's a fact
We will kill them all before they flee
Those BeauroRATS
I sense they want more
than just this feed
The mother load that
lies in the Friendly City
They want tot infiltrate the tallest tower
We'll put a stop to that with .177 caliber
With dead on accuracy just aim to the right
We'll shoot then dead and win this fight
Their bodies bloodied will all pile up
A message to the others sent with any luck
Destroy the bunker rats, the dominate ones, take out the alpha male
Take aim, as they slip out, of their holes, among the grass entailed
Instill fear, around the Bobcat, down the alley, corpses in the pale

8. The Fight For Height

Remember the silos from before
I can see them outside my door
They store the grain and maybe seed
But elevation is what we need
I see them rise, everywhere
But they just don't surge
Like the one in the 'Burg
All of the farmers in the land (egos abound)
Want the tallest silos in demand (all around)
When it is all said & done
There is only but one
They can try to make theirs high
But the grain elevator
Can't be denied

9. Weapon Of Honey Production

Breeding bees for sinister deeds
Is there more to this than we see?
Armies are in their production
Of a substance used in corruption
Yeah we know it's just plain honey
But what you'll use it for ain't funny
I know how you operate
You have a 'legitimate' front
You sell your 'product' at local stores
But it is more that you want
I know what you have in mind
I can sense your jealousy
You have harbored some ill feelings
At the chicken feed industry
And just because one of them
Seems to share your family name
You want to lash out at them all
It's driving you crazy insane
So now you have tried to find
The perfect way to stop them all
Attack them at their highest point
And then head off to the mall
Your plan - take the honey - oozing
Spread it - on the granary - dripping
No way - will you getaway - with it
I am - calling you out - stop it

10. Towering Icon

If you look north of downtown
You will see the Friendly City's crown
It rises high into the sky
Its majesty cannot be denied
And it's got Old Glory flying on top
It's a site to see forget it you will not
And its sole purpose is that of feed
But oh how it is so very pristine
And it stands at 220 feet
It is made of reinforced concrete
There is nothing that will take its place
Anything less would be a disgrace
As it elevates the feed and grain
It processes in the sun and rain
Since we don't have tall buildings here
This structure is so very dear
Tower - pride stands up high
Beaming - architectural delight
Feed Mill - its purpose and role
Icon - some say it has a soul
Well I - wouldn't go that far