25 Ta Life

Friendship Loyalty Commitment tracks



Let the past be the past, Let the past be the past.
On thing we share is memories.
Cause our friendship has long since faded away.
You choose to forget I was there for you, and I know I was true.
So now I don't give a damn and I forget about you too.
Let the past be the past.
Come up to me like a friend.
But I'm wise to your game.
And to think I looked out for you.
A lesson in loyalty you need.
Seperate ways be on your way.
Don't look to me for help.
Cause when I need you.
You were no where to be found.
Seperate ways be on your way.
Don't look to me for help.
Let the past be the past.


Memories there wonderful.
For the pain.
You'll Pay.
Love is gone.
The pain took over.
Oh it was wonderful.
Nothing is everlasting what can I do.
The pain comes and goes what can I do.
Nothing is everlasting.
Ain't it wonderful.
As the pain it comes and fucking goes.


Hardcore rules, hardcore rules.
Can't live my life for you.
Hardcore rules, hardcore rules.
Up to you wanna be one of societies fools.
Hardcore rules, hardcore rules.
Pack up the van let's travel around.
Hardcore rules, hardcore rules.
Friends from the east to the west.
Hardcore rules, hardcore rules.
Japan, Europe too.
Jimmy says he loves straight edge kids.
There are great to have around.
Fr a ride home when your piss drunk.
And me I love everyone as long as your not a dick.
So if you've got a big mouth keep it shut.
Say you're to old and it's time to grow up.
So you become another hardcore dropout.
Remember this is all about the fun.
And you're nover too old to sing along.
Hardcore rules, hardcore rules.


You played yourself talkin shit on everyone.
Played yourself steal your not a friend snap out of it.
Claim you're down people change you sold om everything you said.
Played yourself out right your wrong.
Were we belong doin what's in our hearts.
Backfire right in your face.
Backfire disrespect me.
Backfire only use our scene.
Backfire no loyalty.


I bust my ass, pay my due give,
respect to those who remain true.
Don't acknowledge your claims you want cash and fame.
You don't know what it's about your in the wrong scene.
One for all, and all for one together we make hardcore go.
Use the scene but don't know what it's about.
Steady front out to prove your #1 but who cares.
Be your own person.
When your done frontin we'll be here doin what we love.
Right to unite.
Positive hardcore.
Right to unite.
Those with a positive view.
Positive hardcore, GO.


All throught life.
You search for the one true thing.
Hardcore the music friendship it brings.
Acceptance for all will keep it strong.
These are the bonds what keep it alive.
Me and you we'll never let it die.
All those lyrics and what was said.
Am I the only one who took it to heart.
All those shows and support you'll never know.
How much hope it's given us in our lives.
What do you say when it's all been said.
They candy coat everything to get their way.
Hardcore the music, the message, friendship it brings.
Friendship, loyalty, commitement were in this together


To you friendship means nothing.
Use us to get your message across.
And now you,re looking out for you and yourself.
And that's not what's it's all about.
Next level gonna eat you up.
Next level don't give a fuck about you or your message.
Next level hardcore the one true thing that gave me hope in this life
Next level takes away the fun.
Next level turns it into nothing.
Next level is the enemy.
Next level is the enemy.
Next level takes away the fun.
Next level turns it into nothing cause.
When it's done by those who don't care.
It's meaningless and it'll disappear.
Next level is the enemy.
Next level is the enemy cause.
When it's done by those who don't care.
It's meaningless and it'll disappear.
Keep it alive and keep it real from my heart until I fuckin die.
You'll never know what it means to me without hardcore.
Where would I be the one thing in life that ever gave hope.
Thanks to the bands and those lyrics for always being there.
Guiding me helping me through.
Hardcore the one thing that gave me hope.
The thing that gave me hope.
The only thing that gave me hope.
Next level takes away the fun.
Next level turns it into nothing.
Cause when it's done by those who don't care.
It's meaningless and it'll disappear.
Next level is the enemy


People ask me.
Why do I put myself through this pain.
Cause through this pain I gained the strength to carry on.
Cause all my life I've dealt with conformed minds.
That think small.
Who'll never understand me.
Ask why, as I'm crucified.
But never to accep defeat.
Mentally strong, can't get in my way.
Cause I've been down that road before.
Many lessons learned from the past.
No defeat, unless you let it.
You can't get in my way.
Cause I've lost strength of mind.
You can't get me down.
I laugh as you try.
A bullet for every enemy.
Bullet for every try.
A bullet for every enemy.
Bullet for every try.
Mentally strong.
Strength of mind.


This song goes out to you always lookin out this ones for you.
For those who believe in you this ones for you.
To those who piled on those who sang along.
This ones for you.
Those who come to shows it's all about friendship.
Cause that's what it all comes down to.
Those who booked a show or do a zine we believe in you.
Forever the spirit remains.
To those who represent it's clobberin time in the pit.
To those who started it to those who stick to it.
Our appreciation this ones for you.
Today a new breed carries on open your mind cause it's a diverse scene.
It's up to you to keep it alive and those that do this ones for you.
It's up to you to get involved to the new breed this ones for you.


Refocus turn it around.
Refocus gonna bring you down.
Pressure comin down on me nothin
but my mind to keep me sane this time.
Just keep thinking about tomorrow.
And what I'll bring no help I gotta help myself.
Try and remain positive keep your head on straight
can't change the cards.
I've been dealt in life but I'll make the best of what I've got.
Hard time but I keep going on strong.
Keep going strong.
Refocus turn it around.
Can't live or be as you want gotta live my life for myself.
Make the best of what I've got.
Refocus turn it around.


We fell victims to your lies once before.
Wise to da game.
We fall victims to your lies no more.
Wise to da game.
From the drugs to the beatdowns
to the talks behind each others backs.
To the labels that divide our scene
talk about unity how come you don't look.
Time to rise above the ignorance cause I'm wise to da game.
And I refuse to take part cause I'm wise to da game.
Time to rise above the ignorance gain knowledge judge for yourself.
Put the jealousy aside and start helpnig each other out.
Cause I seen it rise and I seen it all fall.
Time to move ahead
and learn from the mistakes that we made before


You ain't down with my actions
you ain't down with what I say.
Kid that's your opinion now get outa my way.
Cause face to face my shit will blow up.
Mush ya in da face my respect I'll take.
Speaking the truth and your getting upset.
To caught up in those fantasies that fill your head.
Shortfuse and your keepin on me.
Testing my patience that's the wrong thing.
Shortfuse and your pissing me off put up you firt.
Show me what you're made of

13. AS ONE

I remember ya said, that you'd always be there for me.
Well I'm looking around
and the faces aren't familiar that I see...
Times movin on and you became part of the past.
You're just a memory that I care to remember no more.
No sense of commitement
you ain't got what it takes you fuckin fake.
Will you accept it what's going down.
Will you accept it da low down.


Bashin, slashin blood hits the ground.
Pushed to far I'm on the ground.
On the rise takin you out.
Nothing you can do could save you now.
Talkin mad shit when your friends are all around.
When your alone you don't make a sound.
No strenght in you all in your friends.
What's gonna happen when it's me and you one on one.
Smakin' you up no mercy I play.
Tears in your eyes I shattered your fantasy