From Which of This Oak tracks



It was when I realized
That life has no meaning
No purpose, no quarry
... No answers...

And all the dreary night
That had befallen across
The land
I slipped into a revery
A web of human hand

You longed to soar up high
To caress the silky winds
To embrace and kiss as lovers
... The ether...

But fate with cursed hand
Has struck wretch apon your head
This wretch has been the day
You were born (human)

I live my life alone
And all it's misery
Until the day I turn to stone
I shall die alone
Among the wilderness

It was when I realized
Apon my waking eyes
No nightmare of mankind
Can harm me...

I live my life alone
Among the wilderness
Until the day i turn to stone
Life is but a dream
Among the wilderness

... I spread my golden wings
Set sail my weightless form
And soar into the cosmos
... Forevermore...


The shallow voice of the wind
Cries between these ebony wings
The shallow cries of the win
Sing a swansong for mankind

Shine on morning skyfire
Ablaze this final day
The autumnal end, the dawn of man
The centuries fade below my feet

I soared above them
As they worthlessly poured
Thought from a chalice
As wisdom would flow,
Twilight would come to pass
Drink oh hallowed cup of life

Shine on evening skyfire
Paint the sky with the blood of a raven
Bereavement, oh garment of ebony
As embers dress the dusk of man...




... Blood on my hands...

I walked in the shadows
'Neth an azure midnight sky
I walked in the shadows
To abscond a life not my own
I walked in the night
This life I hate

Destroy this life, this life I hate
Return me to the womb
Thy crystalline will
Has finally shattered
As spring rain paints itself
On the canvas of youth
It's snowing still in my heart

Will I ride the summer winds
Or dance apon the crimson horizon
Will I find paradise in hell ?
If I go deep into the woods
If I go to this cabin

As scarlet flowers lust for the dew of morning
And infants nurse on the nectar of motherhood
As prophets of ruin wield their swords of wisdom
And battle forth towards a brighter dawn

Take me away from here
... Falling...
... Soaring...

If I go deep into the woods
If I go to this cabin
If I go deep into the woods
If I go will you follow ?

... Falling...
... Soaring...
Take me away from here

(This blood) on my hands
To celebrate my passing
My soul shall bleed
For eternity
... In silence...