Funeralium tracks



I played the painter on my skin
And engraved some figures on it

Push them away!!

Suppurated became my draws
The stinking precious waste

Push them away!!

I poured some salt into my wounds
and softened them with cotton-wool

Push them away!!

Attempted to extract this gem
the fucking black bile

Push them away!!


Set your arms free, leave your corpse
Departure for the ultimate trip
Climb high, seize the speed
Never get back! Always making for the cold

Fix the raw energy of the earth

Set destination to nowhere, nowhen
Outside of space, outside of time, inside of you
Ought to leave your eyes now
No need further

Mental metaperception
Unlinking of soul anchors
Complete dehumanization
Irresistible attraction for the void
Sickness behind the mask of gold


Oh these years of misconception
Would have led anyone in a place of mist

Uncertainty fools one
Blind be the meek
For they shall stand in the middle of the path

Don't ever give a glance at your sides

Keep the way enlightened
Don't let darkness be evermore

Another path there is
That hurts heart and soul
It shows both truth and scorn
Its end reveals wisdom and despair
Tightest links are those
You tie around your own world
Blindest eyes will ever see

But yet the Chrysalis that's weaved is hollow and dead
A meaningless existence implies an arbitrary end


Let people die
Please let people die
Please, please cease their suffering

One person you don't take care of
Is one more for oblivion

Let people die
Please let people die
Please, please cease their suffering

A dead you let go with a flower
Concerned by a cold fluctuation
Trade a vegetable against another one

One more sore to be scared
One more lie to erase
One more ball to my ankle


OK that's it
Couldn't feel the change
Reality has warped so let's face it
Years have passed
Forgotten how the pain is disguised
But still hiding away from the sun

A fist plunges into my chest
And extracts a blood weeping heart
Crooked hands scraping my entrails
The pills are out of mine now
That cleans and resets
Couldn't see the thing
Hiding away from the sun

In the corner, the waving stigmatas of heat
The vertical bars sweat the blissful light
Candies spilled around me
A chemical constellation tells a story
That no man should ever hear
Blind am I, hidden away away from the sun


A swollen stomach filling the space
Solid turning to liquid
A slow explosion, all is calm after
Germ deliverance and asphyxia
A splendid rebirth in thousand worms
A plumpy breed, a crawly offspring
A deathly life and mortal stink
Blackness, stuffing, wood and nails
The stench in your coffin sums up your whole life