Phobia (USA)

Get Up and Kill! tracks


01. Set To Rage
02. Insults Of Defeat
03. Extremity Of The Will
04. Get Up And Kill
Get Up And Kill

It's our position
To be fierce
If our means
Are sincere

It's the intolerance
that will prospect their demise

Get Up And Kill

Voices of inequality
It's where you want to be
To come an arise
Their nightmare has arrived

Are we to be that of the evils...
Through a volent deadly insurgency...
Has frustration taking a mental path...
Fuck them all, I give them no sympathy...

Get Up And Kill

05. Healing Of The Wounds
06. Time Will Seize
07. Revolutionary's Hell
08. The Stench
The Stench

13 years...nd no flesh for me
No carnage no blood
And no disease

The Stench

Never needed...part in this cruelty
My conscience needs to be clean
No filth and nothing obscene

Sickened course...adulterate pores
Brainless identity...consume is stupidity

Dead and spoiled
You devour filth that plagues
Contaminated remains

The Stench

09. His War, Not To An End
His War, Not To An End

Why are you so patriotic
When bush is a lying fuck
A premeditated war
The death toll is going up

His War, Not To An End

He says we have
removed a ruthless dictator
And rid the world of threat

His War, Not To An End

Deceit is a tool
The delusion of your lead
You've all been sold
By Bush's murderess decree!!!

You're all ignorant fucks!!!

10. Violence And Greed
Violence and greed
Selfish needs and make them bleed
Violence and greed
Perjure yourself for all your needs

Sadistic concept
No fucking mind
Who needs one
For the murderous sum

Violence And Greed (2X)

Prisoner of the mind
Cruel all the time
Lies that shame
Fuck the blame

Violence And Greed

Embrace It !!!!

11. Mental Insurrection
12. Your Own Way (live)
13. Vicious Social Order (live)
14. Beer Brake (live)
15. Reconstruct (live)
16. Bush (live)
17. Ailing Addiction (live)