Ancient (NOR)

God Loves the Dead tracks



Black face, white hands, bloody tears
White face, bloody hands, holy eyes

Die die die die die die die die

I'll Rape Your Thoughtless Mind
I'll Taste Your Bleached White Soul
Bleed, You Foolish Heart
And Sterilize Your Tainted Seed

Help To Die The Plague Is You
Time, Time Join Me And Tear Them All To Shreds

You're Gone Dead But Still Here
A Lifeless Stare That No One Can Save
I Am God, God Of Your World
Holy Hell, You'd Better Obey

Hail Furor Hail
Their Life Bewilders Me
Hail Furor Hail
Only Once Make Them Think Like Me

Die Bastard Die
You Fucked Up Yourself, Stay Away From Me
Die Fucker Die
You Gave Up Your Life, Dont Cry To Me

Die Die Die Die Die Die Die Die

I'll Rape Your Thoughtless Mind
I'll Taste Your Bleached White Soul
Bleed, You Foolish Heart
And Sterilize Your Tainted Seed

Kill For Me
Bleed For Me
Suffer For Me
Worship Me
Die For Me, Die For Me, Die For Me, Die For Me




Into the abyss I'll fall - the eye of Horus
Into the eyes of the night - watching me go
Green is the cat's eye that glows - in this temple
Enter the risen Osiris - risen again

Tell me why I had to be a powerslave
I don't wanna die, I'm a god,
Why can't I live on?
When the Life Giver dies,
All around is laid to waste
And in my last hour,
I'm a slave to the power of death

When I was living this lie - fear was my game
People would worship and fall-drop to their knees
So bring me the blood and red wine
For the one to succeed me
For he is a man and a god
And he will die too.

Now I am cold but a ghost lives in my veins
Silent the terror that reigned - maarbled in stone
Shell of a man God preserved - a thousand ages
But open the gates of my hell
I will strike from the grave


How deep is your sleep?
That I may not interrupt your Turbulent dreams?
Disrupting the sanity of slumber, the vile and wretched Creature from the astral realm stands right before you. Purple mist slips through window chovering above your Miserable shape. "What turmoil spoils my evening
Bliss?" A turmoil savor permeates your nostrils.

Fright upon awakening your frigid cast paralyzed and spellbound.
Fiery eyes piercing through your alarmed soul, as ethereal Tentacles penetrate the energy shield. It's the Draining, It's the draining, draining, draining...

How does it feel to be drained so feverishly? Fear carries A rather exquisite taste. I only take as much to leave you terrified. My victims shall become my bounded disciples.

"As the satiated vapor disappears from sight, know that I May come again some other dreary night."


From the north, from the south,
And from the east and from the west,
We invoke our ancient gods and goddesses.
Bless our conjuration,
For we have gathered from lands afar.
Enhance our perception,
Through these enchanted plants bizarre.
Let us see the ganja kingdoms.
Let us dive into hash clouds.
Use our (psychedelically) tainted tongues
To caress Shiva's writhing marbled body.

In this sacred desert ground,
Our tribe surrounded by purple shroud.
Ram-skinned drums stirring ghosts.
The time has come to welcome our host.
Deeply breathe the magickal incense,
Of grounded opium and frankincense.
Let the smoke take you to fluorescent fields,
Where magnificent creatures
lay down their shields.

An orgasmic celebration of flesh ensues.
Our eyes luster with desires' hue.
Copulation grins upon my face,
As we cum all over this fuckin' place.

In the sky the dragon flies.
The fabled reptile with ruby eyes has come
To take us for a ride across the phantasmagoric astral sky.

Mystical secrets from the past, answers for questions
From the centuries asked. Reach out to touch the universe,
Embrace the beauty beyond this earth.

And we rode the cosmic snake past the gates of mortality,
Among the gods and goddesses, shall we spend eternity.