Aborted Fetus

Goresoaked Clinical Accidents tracks



The patient is hopelessly sick
Malignant tumor of the cerebellum
Coordination of movements is impaired
Spasms of the body, involuntary ejaculation
And convulsive defecation
Doctors are helpless, but euthanasia is prohibited
Humane democratic society
Chooses violence and cable TV
But a desperate man turns to desperate measures
The ancient folk medicine becomes handy
The blind shaman jumps around the hypnotized patient
Beats the tambourine and cries out the spells
But to have faith isn't enough
Physical intervention is necessary
The old crank brace is applied
It slowly perforates the cranium
Pieces of a scalp are wound up on the rusty curved drill
Handicraft trepanation, devourment of psilocybin
Drinking of firewater, crunch of the occipital bone
The bony hand takes ants from the pot
And shoves them into the drilled hole
Insects creep under the brainpan, bringing a terrible pain
Suffering is a way to healing


I was picking up the dismembered body
Piece by piece as a puzzle
Here is the soft head - it's bones are shattered
I extracted the brain, sucked it out with vacuum cleaner
And I thrust an air-balloon inside through the torn mouth
To preserve the form of the skull
The trunk was reminding a battlefield:
Multiple slash wounds, craters and blisters from burns
The broken ribs, when pressed a bit,
Were piercing the skin as toilet-paper
It was difficult to define, where front was, and where back
Rooted out limbs made this hard task even more complicated
I even don't know is it a man or a woman?
Sexual attributes are disfigured and depersonalized
As if they were intentionally plowed by a tractor
A pile of useless forcemeat with a proud name - the human being


There, where fear as an ardent dick
Enters the fathomless vagina of superstitious
There, where some are creators
And others are destructors
There is consumer existence in this
Acquired and artificial instincts:
The black universe of my indifference
White virginity of my impartiality
Preconceived holy ointment shedding
Covered with hoar frost hypochondria
My compassion inseminated by macrophages
Dim reflection in tile
All roads lead to morgue, grinding of ungreased hinges
Modest monastery, purgatory for the mortal flesh
I can predict the past, reading ripped guts
The grace is deeper than the mother's womb
Hopeless pathology, smell of formalin
You won't be my guest for long, my silent wanderer
I will take you apart piece by piece
I was looking for your soul
But found only dead organic matter
I found only the disfigured traces
Of life while searched for your soul


Spring aggravation, depression due to the sexual condition
And here we observe a trivial victim of unrequited love
Exsiccation by ipsation, a whining note about the cruel world
Adolescent maximalism, pages of porno magazines stuck together
Evil sorrow!
The rifle, stolen from the grandpa - veteran
Has helped to reveal consciousness of the child for eternal values
Brains decorated the boiler room
Hissing on the heating pipes
His head was reminding blooming gladiolus
Freeway took the life of one more rejected schoolgirl
Grinding her unripe pimply torso
Against the emery of the road's blacktop
And the bumper of the garbage truck
Thorax burst under the wheel, spreading around
It's deplorable contents
Jumped down from the railway bridge
And sort circuited the high-voltage line
With his body young emo-boy
Numerous piercing perfectly transmitted electricity
All skin turned black and even the teeth
And passing fast train dragged for several hundreds kilometers
Baked human pudding fallen on the rails


A rotting genital organ of zombie
Creeps as a worm
Into the bosom of dead swine
Shortening and stretching
Brings itself up to a blissful climax
Testicles tucked themselves
In with confusion and ejaculation follows
Sizzling sperm is splashing into the pig
Splitting the womb, burning stinking bowels
Transforming them into homogeneous mass
The penis is agonizing
And melts down in this bloody manure
Incomprehensible biological processes
Occur in the decomposing flesh
Under the skin of the creature
A mutation on the cell level
Generates a new organism
The mess is condensing
Forming a monstrous being
Triple rows of crooked teeth
It's tearing from within it's mother's womb
And clumsily falling out to the daylight
To present mankind with despair, pain and death


In a dark cellar the light shimmers
Illuminating only a small part of the moldy wall
It's enough for observation
Of one more mask of human ugliness
The rare collection in glass vessels is kept
There on wooden shelves
The male genitals are preserved in alcohol here
And they can please the eye of their mistress for years to come
For hours, sitting in the rocking chair
She is viewing these items she is proud
Of recollecting their owners and their agony
The amputated phalluses are all she has
Aesthetic delight and abstract visualization
That's all that she needs
And she sucks the penis that was cut off with pruning shears
She fancy the rest of the body using her sick imagination
You are still a little hungry child
Blinded by the first rays of the sun
Your lips search for mother's nipple
It's almost here...
It's almost here...
Necrophilic nymphomania
Addiction to incubuses of lust
Custodian of genitals
I admire your majestic emptiness
Your lovers will stay with you forever


Desert island
In useless search for life
The old sea dog loses his mind
Terrible hunger and thirst turn inside out
The empty irritated stomach
Demanding immediate submission to the natural instincts
Endless days filled with pain and fear
Dimness of mind
Obsession with gastronomic fast-food demons
Using the last energy that left, shaking hands
Convulsively lift
The big fossilized shell of an ancient mollusk
Callous exhibit crushes genitals to the mad laughter
Dry soak in sorrowful bloody scrambled eggs
Belly, opened with the sharp stone
Chaotic eating of viscera
Rum deformed liver
Was falling apart in hands as cream of wheat


Make me shout out in pain
Bleeding piece of dead flesh
I don't bear your fetus inside me anymore
Aren't you feeling my uterine discharge?
Or you pretend that you don't notice
Clots of blood
Which crawl of of the livid vagina
As a tired chain of outcast orphans from the
Burned down boarding school?
Did you ever see the condition of total estrangement?
Did you know outlaws?
Eternal mourning, perpetual depression
What for did you to necropolis
And desecrated the chaste corpse?
Your sperm spurted in the void
Like fireworks on a Christmas night
Having illuminated for a second the decadence of my existence
Eyes were open, the seed didn't bear fruit
The worms eat splinters of my broken heart
Make me shout out in pain
In the endless nightmarish pollution of oblivion
The tears of my memory were stinking with repugnance for you