Griseus tracks



Skulking dusk enfolds the underwood

An ardour like the fallen petals
The dead relics of a past chapter still beloved

Mountain winds caress
And soothe my lustful soul
To quieten my bleak breast
And enchant the dreams of old

A lone sea grave under tendrilous waves
Birds beneath clouds dark and wild

Beyond the moon set and tempest within
Unutterable woe's reach for eternal rest

I arose from the dream
And you were gone
Still embracing ashes of what never was

The torment of nothingness


Staring into the bitter dark
Embraced by your squall

Mere longing
Sober and without wings
Enchainment in a baleful realm

A moment of beauty
A whisper of death
Impending doom through sea fog dispelled
A grisaille reaved and thoughtworn
Abyssal despair befalls the wilted

The annihilation of being
Watching precious moments wither

Writ in my blood from birth
Blight dawns upon the desolate
The wretched brumal robes of the accurst

Loss under an austere sun
Burnt into the rue of dusk
Holding the fallen ash
A sere close

Lost, trapped in a pathless wood
Under an ashen sky
Only content in my final breath
Will I be?


As we rot
On yesterday's path
Forgotten bridges over blackened rivers

Veins of life reaching out
Trails end in yesternight's garden

We travel through the eclipse and reach the nostalgic dawn
Falling asleep in the still wood
The dead frond of thought, taken with the wind
Imparts a requiem

O vile beauty
With a lurid veil
I heard your scream
In that unearthly dream

O maudlin being
Of mortal anguish
An ardent desire
Had lain within your mire


Smouldering candles of solitude
Symbols of isolation, signs of escape
Burthened by all that is brooding within

Disdain in stone suspires
Hollow pallidity betides

Closing words
Amidst pallid gloam
Sullen eyes stilled
Lament lulled


A curled leaf arid
The autumnal mark of time

A tryst with rain on my verdurous swarth
Fair dew and earth is blent
Down to the sodden vale
A freshet shrouds her rivulets

Moonbeam gleams on wintering waves
The vanquished day swealed to isabelline

A plume adorns plutonian pallor
Verily beauteous dusky tresses
Enthralled by silken bredes
Winnowing sallows writhing sombrely
A funereal valediction looms


Serene sleep
Where willows still weep
Triste thoughts remain dormant
Tranquillity with silent dead below the lea

Queen of my dead dreams
Mistress of my misery
She fain kissed her sickle into wintery flesh
Vermeil rills of my malady pour forth

Avian engravings immersed in my hearth
Susurrant swaying of ancients
Silhouettes of seduction I espy
The beatified damsel now bestilled in trammels

Drear outside is the scene these eves
The seasons change and drizzle reigns
I hearken to her euphony
Evading the cacophony beyond

'Follow my voice' she bid unto me once more
In a nocturne of moonlit slumber I still adore


Walking in fawn
Bereft and lovelorn

O burning horizon how voluptuous you are
Forgotten in time these moments shall succumb

Cast through a gossamer cloak
Aethereal lamplight drapes your hoary fane

I am those ruins, decaying in the rain
My heart aflame bequeathed to dirt

A harrowing aculeus bedighted in fawn


Behind the trellis passes the moon of quietude
A dearth of glee, hope ever lapsing
Cold and haunted by the caustic past
The day's fervour and that drawing tide

A pall of late obsession
Despondence laden, the waters allayed

Imperilling winds on the knoll
Sorrow's vine besets, hewn mirth ebbs
Ephemeral pleasure, undying dourness

The night bell drones a fickle chime