Hacavitz tracks



Enfermo de odio
Huele mi sangre al hervir
Deshonra entre los mios
Entre falacia
Y rabia bestial
Irascible mi espiritu
Llora en obscura desgracia
Donde has quedado
Serpiente de luz
Sangra virtud de miedo
Que aquellos dentro de mi ira
Estremecen ante inmenso terror
Venganza!, calma mi espiritu
Deshonrado tan infame
Ante viles lenguas y creencias
Impuestas ante fuego y sangre
Sombria vuela la muerte
Y cabalga sobre el nahual
Odio, venganza, matar
Mi corazon enerva en desgracia
Mis entraƱas enriquecen en vulgaridad
Espiritus de muerte den luz a esta opacidad
Ante nada y nadie me arrodillo
Prospera la muerte entre aquellos
Que moraban la gran tenochtitlan
Incito mi canto a morir ahora

Dedicada a aquellos que moran en el mictlan


Enchant my will
Euphoric haze of the disease
Cult to the dead fulfill
My fake sacrosanct essence
I deny my present
This tongue and reality that flesh made
Past burden me as reality
Encrypts this bastard fascinate
Death calls me
As my ears fathom deep
Incessant fervour of the dead
Trialed in sin
And moral bounds
Dogmas and test of the false
Break into fallen despair
My days will come, to wither this lie
Through fire, blood and heart
Since our roots will never be apart
Enshrouded origin of mortality
Embrace my sight so fever
Vice my spirit
Through this impurity
My heart never pounded so hatred
Feverish, impending cult of the undead
Yearning for this absurd fall
Consagrating the lands so obscure
Lands of eternal night
May the mictlan rise!


Heart in hand, and hand in grief
Stoicism frenzy for burning
Pride, obscurity drowns it so deep
Darkened bestiality shall rise
Writhe the heralds of nothing
Immense tyranny haze on within
Abrupt the flesh of fools
Inscript my name through them
I'm made from nowhere
And decreed for nothing
Ungraced be those who against it
Fornever shall no rest
Abyssous hate
Never ending, unstoppable
Extreme burning antagonism
Trough this very flesh so dirt
Enlight me lords
Of the undead
Lords of nothing
Maze of endless pestilence
Fall so deep
Burdened in sin
I pray every time into this flesh
For you
To never be again
Made for elite
Nocturnal sounds enrich us
So unite in bold and iron hate
Enthrust this treacherous revenge
Ordained for anger and lust
Created for this impure curse
Branded through this very flesh
For vengeance I
Had born
Ashamed and dishonoured
Through this false flesh and tongue
Awake in tyrannous anger
My name and my roots
Shall brand your fate
Born for reveange!!
Verse I repeats
For vengeance I had born