The Gathering

Home tracks



He's in a rush run
He has to hurry dash
He's in a rat race
Never at a slow pace

Forever dangerous
And never serious
Up on your energy
Expect no sympathy

Appreciation is overrated
Resting is for fools

He lets his blood boil
Always in turmoil
Blasting his every way
Throughout the shortest day

Forever dangerous
And never serious
Swimming against the stream
And steal all of your dreams

Aggravation is appreciated
He'll use you like a tool
Association is overrated
Friends are for fools

He's in a rush
Fever round his eyes
I do not dare and cross him
He'll smash you with his lies

Ever so dangerous
He'll haunt you seriously
I wouldn't go within a mile radius of him


We ride along the great riverside
Ever so wide
The giver of clarity
She will be wise enough
To make us understand
The moment we reach heavenly land

Heavenly, heavenly
We focus on we follow faithfully

Faithfully, faithfully
Slowly and surely we'll find our way

The ever present unexpected life is
All that we wanted
All that we choose to lead
We will rise and fall
And all the chances in between

I try to move you to open up your mind
These barren city grounds
Make you never look behind
One day you'll be wise enough
And you will understand
The moment you reach heavenly land

Strong winds on desert ground
Release the tendency
And hold it like a cloud
Enlightened and breezy

Hence the strain it brings
If only we understand
Strong winds on desert ground
Foresee our lives


Now you see me getting better
I'm right here on display
And I'll make it a bit heavier
By going all the way

Did you find it much easier
So stoop to where I was
With your power and your knowledge
To leave me here

I'm all alone

Now's the time for being humble
By holding you down on your knees
I suspect you'll stay there and crumble
Rather so then to be alone

Do you believe your heart?
Trying in all around to find
To find your way back inside

I will be there
For you to care
And you will find
Peace of mind


The eyes are made to see
They see the paths of our lives

The heart is there to feel
It feels the energy of our time

I can see it
I can feel it

This is my waking hour
This is my place
I can hear it
I feel the power in my heart
And is my moment
It is right there
And it's staring me in the face

Disguise and make-believe
I see the end of all demise
The only way to heal
Is in the honesty of your eyes

The fight is done
And who are we to judge
What will become
All the iron armour
Is laid down away
Followed by the heroes
Who belong on rested earth, we pray
We feel the rescue coming near
Within the woken soul to hear
we sense the calm all wrapped in fear
And all the while we heed
The senses way too vast to see
We beg of you to not let go
Our names will provide us with a soul

Falling down
Start again
Life can bring you down
The monumental truth
Of elegance in you

Falling for
A part of who you are
Makes you shine inside


It's time to change...


I feel it slip
Slip away
From my hands
All the away

My heart pounds like mad

I feel it slip
Slip away

Why am I
Why am I here?
So distant from
My old life

My heart feels so sad

What am I Doing here?
You see
I'm riding endlessly
What will become of me?
This higher power knows

You see
I'm waiting patiently
And what this means to me
Nobody ever knows
You see
In all the warmth I feel
Is this the end of me?
Only I should know


Have you forgotten
All this beauty around you

All your worries
Could easily fade behind you

Who is pulling you back
With such strength?

I hear you calling
Your voice is bright
You hear me calling back

After finding
You're always right
You're always right
And I tried


Toda una vida de lucha y de trabajo sostenida sin nunca aflojar
Toda una vida de lucha y de trabajo sostenida sin nunca flaquear
Un pajaro en su jaula en primavera sabe claramente que hay algo
En lo cual le podria ser util
Se siente fuertemente vinco sin nacer pero el no puede hacerlo
Que es? se dice
El no se recuerda bien y
Luego tiene ideas vagas y se dice...

I wonder how
I hear your voice
I feel you whispering
In my ear
I close my eyes

If ever conceiving a sense of self
Reflecting upon our desire to dwell and feign
Liberate me

If ever believing in higher ground
To seize the water
We'll master before we drown
Liberate me

Desde el punto de que independientemente de lo que se haga por mi
Yo no puedo volver a darle un equilibrio a mi vida
Me siento tranquilo con mi pero simplemente...

Calling on me
I hope I will
remember you

And how you pulled me
into the truth
I still hear you
I close my eyes

Toute une vie de lutte et de travail soutenue sans fléchir
Toute une vie de lutte et de travail soutenue sans fléchir
Toute une vie de lutte et de travail soutenue sans fléchir

This deeper understanding
Is your way out.


Towards the light
I will move on
And so I learn to move
The one before the next
The steps I take
Will pave the road ahead of me

I awoke this morning
Wondering if I was alive
My head was spinning in circles
Turning to the other side

Bare and broken i hold on to walk

I stumbled over my body
I stumbled over my words
On control upon all wasted
As if I were beyond belief

Bare and broken I hold on to walk

Towards the light
I will walk

Faster than
The speed of mind
Both my arms are wrapped around
This new experience
My head in clouds
My feet firmly on the ground

Towards the light
I will walk
And wrapped my arms around the ground
Beneath my feet
Towards the light
I will run
Towards the light

10. BOX

Drifting with the tide

Finding our way through life

Whatever we find
It is all about to last for a while
Just a better way to live on our place
The place that we awe our lives

It's a fragile small box

I feel like life its catching up
And the law of self preservation
Is being broken
In the end we will give back




I gave my life to you and i have worked so hard at it too
Would I do anything other than to raise you to be

The finest men?

After all this years of ploughing through the weeds
I have turned wise and grey
With every fibre in me
I have lived to see you grow to be

The finest men

I just followed my trail and I found my way back home
In this light of all I wanted to display for you
I will never leave you alone

In the corners of this universal sky
Then completion often day passes me by
As long as the ways of the light
Will reach your bearing heart
I will find

The finest men

I came and I saw
I will understand this freedom
And remind you of me

Will you pass me on
My pride

I found in life my way home

[for Henk]