Averse Sefira

Homecoming's March tracks



Older than the fall, we emerge from
The left hand ballast'd against
Our opposing ten we are united in purpose
Warring in heaven we've come to earth
In preparation for our razing of elysium
Perversions of Wisdom we turn battles' tide Pyrrhic to Victory crushing Dominion
Ungiven to Mercy we weaken Strength's pride fading Beauty's allure in our sight
Breakers of Foundation bringing ruin to Crown withering Splendor Incomprehensible
From beyond the aeons before the mythos
We were there thralls to no sovereign
Birthed by will we flew the cosmos
We have always been we shall always be
On tattered wings we fly on tattered wings we fly
This hell we make is our kingdom and we shall have it here


Wretchedly ancient, never to fade for we have always been
Beyond immortal, beyond all time for we have always been

So cold and long a path we tread
A fiery sphere to light our way
Of human suffering we hone our art
So hard and cruel do we remain

Silently we thrive on blood and grief
The desperate cries that go unheard
This mania is ageless Its legacy bled
Remained unseen before their eyes

And once upon a time you thought the world
Was safe so tender and ideal yet poisoned at its soul

And so we now descend to Eden's pale remains
Finally reduced to a violent speck of dust

Wretchedly ancient
Never to fade
Beyond immortal
Beyond all time

For we have always been


Here on guard at the farthest reaches of our lord's domain
I wait and watch spear in hand in
The conquered realms of the old gods

The sun is beating down
Scorching barren lands
Bringing suffering to life

The long day wanes hanging low the baleful
Eye of light dusk falls across
The land blackening my mood for who am I guarding?
And for what?

Fiendish desert winds
Whipping up the sands
Tearing at my eyes

Long has it been since we've heard
From home assuring our cause
Is right all that is left to comfort is our final commands:

"Be vigilant and loyal for our goal is just.
The truth is ours to shape, and the world is our anvil."

But is it enough?

Cruel, harsh winds have died
The whipping sands at rest
My eyes no longer torn
The moon drifts behind a cloud
The cold is inviting invigorating
Darkness a placid relief from the oppressive sun

Velvet shroud of night
Blanketing the world
Graven silence reigns

Here on guard scarred by the wind burnt by the sun
Spear in hand I am left with my thoughts
Anticipation of the new day brings no relief


Alone in my sepulchral,
Mountain fortress tower
I have scurried away from the elysian fields

I sit awaiting the death of time I am so weary
Realization sets into my bones
Decaying the marrow

Limbs creaking I pull the cobwebs tighter about me
Ashes and soot drift to the floor
The world has become so cold and dusty

Gates of pearl, yellowed and cracked
Clouds of silver have tarnished
Seraphic wings
Have been fettered and rent

The ascended wander lost
Among the ruins of paradise
Gone to squalor In my absence

They cry out for my return
But I don't want to listen
Yet their pleas still fill my head
Leave me alone!


Amidst a once great empire a looming shadow falls
Darkens its once golden streets
Obscures its crumbling walls
The shadow's name is destiny it bears a fiery wrath
It seeks to raze the sinners and burn all in its path

Lead us into temptation

We fear and fight and fornicate and profit through deceit
Ebbing closer to our fate and ushering defeat
But now behold the sunless sky and hear our screams beneath
Bodies cast in hardened ash and souls that find no peace

Lead us into temptation

Hands reach for the sky
Begging for salvation
Asking their god why
Burned in congregation

Hands stretch towards the light
Meeting with aggression
Cleansed and cauterized
Punished for transgression

So the prophecy shall pass when nothing mortal stands
Cataclysm's come at last and the mad god forsakes the land
Finally this world shall be a dead and empty shell
Free of human levity a cold, barren, blasted hell

Decline and Fall, ashes will be our fate


So very weary we stand on the edge
Of the world and frown – Do we halt?
Or press on?
What choice do we have?

The nectar of life has grown sour
Yet still we are forced to exist
In these shells for all time
We'll never be free!

This immortality is grief
Our armour stained with the blood
Of one thousand years before
Deprived of your eternal rest
Our wings hang lower as this burden takes its toll

Shrouded in shadow we move across dimensions unseen
Crying out as we fly
Our voices unheard

Waning, yet undying we long for a suitable end and yet,
We are cast in our roles Infinity calls...

Bound to walk amidst His Chosen
Destitute in this existence empty...
Cast without souls
So sickeningly

So very weary this immortality is grief waning,
Yet undying Infinity calls


Returned to your heaven upon our tattered wings
To see of what's become the place that once was home

Trodding upon the splintered gates striding
Through the soulless guff
Elysian fields lay fallow, have we returned for this?

For desolation striven
Have the masses toiled
And so where have you gone?
And so where have you gone?

Vainglory's light has blinded
Thee thinking you the one, true god.
But forget not who carved thy thrones
And who shall pull them down

Crowned by the hand of man believing of
What they're told that you weren't here
For them but they were here for you

And so is your folly revealed!
To be loved above all else!
Blinding with false light's truth!
Masking Jealousy's motivations!

We're not here for them, they are here for us...

They're not here for us, we are here for them...