Hybris tracks





Look at the deadly sign of this face
Marked with crime for a thousand years
This is the voice of pastless legacy
That commands to destroy this land

By deceit it encroached upon this land
Hiding its bloodstained hands
Under the cloak of hypocrisy and cant
Dripping its poison into our wounds

Revenge - on liars, a song of wrath
When blades of truth shed the blood
Revenge - on cross, by fire and death
So take your vengeance for (the) years of plague

My nation fell into an abyss of decay
With its deeds glorified misery and lie
To the heights raising fustiness of filth
Tribe of the bastard, spawns of deceit

Still fixed upon the underworld's illusion
They strangle our voice with vile delusion
In the name of Slavic, our native blood
Expel the pest of Christian lice

But they won't live long, no more
To burst the fetters, the time has come
The venom will vanish from our veins
Our hatred will defeat them


At the shore high, among rocky hollows
Somewhere in the very heart of the sea
A famous fortress stands, ready for defence
As bright as the northern lights

From north, south and east,
Protected by a chasm's rocky depth
From west covered by rampart wide
Mighty with wealth and glory Arkona!

From all sides the enemies swooped
Carrying crosses and avid for bloodshed
At the may dawn at the wall they stood
Thirsty for booty (and) hungry for destruction

Long the besieged fortress defended
Its fame grew (and) resistance didn't weaken
But its gates fell of conflagration
By force of arms the foes broke inside

The cliff echoes the sound of waves
In it, like a banner in battle outspread
(The) Legend of Ages with victory shined
Snatched from the loop of time and thrall


For a thousand years in silence
Our nation has awaited asleep
Hiding the hateful glare
Like storm by calm preceded

For a thousand years in nihil
We've weaved the thread without fate
(Now as) we stand at the gates of future
We break the oppression's chain

Ages in bonds of lies came to an end
Numbered are days of belief in bastard
(Of that) disgrace in our land
(Of that) disgrace in our blood

The Century too long and too dark
(Will be) consumed by the tongue of fire
And burning a war pyre
It'll bring the calling to hearts

To let the dust of oblivion
Forever cover the 'saviour's' tribe
(that) disgrace in our land
(that) disgrace in our blood




A blow! running blood
A sound of steel that awakes me
Pain! growing wrath
March amongst cut off heads
A scream! the fight goes on
Flames lick dead corpses
Joy! Your shield cracks
And there remains no hope anymore
Violence! A strangled groan
Honour tainted in eternal shame
Dread! Animal fear
The tribe of cross sentenced to death
Taste of sweet revenge
Rage turns mercy into dust
Murder! At the motion of hand
It spills rivers coloured by blood

Blood for blood - Memory of ever faithful ones
Blood for blood - For ages an immortal call

Let's raise Stanica - ready for war
Of Svarozyc - to the clear sky
Let's raise Stanica - in battle toil Of Svarozyc - fiery circle

Storm running high falls from clouds to the ground
Bends tops of the humble trees
To free the burden of light from the womb of night
It cuts the sky with a blade of thunder

Such we go into battle, with hearts of wrath and courage
The steel shall saturate with enemy's blood
Let the fight be our work, victory - our peace
With no rewards for wasted lives


Goreją wici w czas rokowy
Dziś znów - jak przed tysiącem lat,
Posłanie niosą masławowe,
I budzi się słowiański świat.

Słowiańska czestna wiara nasza
My z tych co Lech, Siemowit, Krak,
Nie nam zamorskich znać mesjaszy
I drogi nam Swaroga znak.

A człowiek miarą jest wszechrzeczy,
Nic ponad naszą myśl i dłoń!
Z klęczeństwa Polak się uleczy,
Na zaćmę krzyża ma już broń.

Odzyszcze naród własną duszę
I sobą snów zapragnie być,
Koło historii drgnie - i ruszy,
Bezdziejów gnuśnych zerwie nić.

Życie człowieka - to zadanie,
Spełnia się poprzez trud i znój.
Dzieło - to Twoje powołanie,
Dzielnym niech będzie żywot Twój!


Who remembers now the past greatness
When emptiness blows from everywhere?
Who's to hear about that famous strength
And the magnitude of ancient shrines?

In the echo of Baltic waves
Fame of Arkona still lives

For centuries it stood like a rigid stone
Enshrouded by oppression of the plague
The last bastion and shield of defence
Proud with the name of Svantevit!

Now, when wind sings its song
From beneath the gates of burning wall
(The) legend carries (the) sign of renewal
Of cults and beliefs long time gone

How great is memory in us...
Fame of Arkona still lasts!


O, wild song
Your everlasting power
Tosses like thunder
Penetrates my heart forever
Flowing when from your depths
You echo my voice

Thus, upwards, to the greyness of clouds
I ascend my scream, ruining their calm
And through a soaring trail I raise
My song marked with fire and blood

O, hour of dusk!
In your womb I conceal My thoughts before the dawn
A sleepy anxiety
To meet at daybreak
The silent gaze of death...

10. 16 X 955

Peoples of Lechia, long oppressed, rose up
White horse announced the word of god's oracle
To lead against burden of Christian onslaught
Our tribe united with a tone of a warchant
Enveloped in defeats' shade, the crosses fell
The choir of triumphant horns roared nearer and nearer
Autumn thaws covered the Earth
To fulfil the enemy forces' fate
Surrounded by the flame of vengeance
A blow for a blow, death for death,

Slavia! The wreath of glory ripped off by a treacherous hand
And the proud change of history's course fell,
Having led the brave to death or thrall,
To the last battle, at the Rzekienica shore.

The ages will pass, the ashes will wane
In cold graves grey remains will cool
Snow will fall, ice will cover the lakes,
But the torches will carry once fired flames;
Over the tree-tops, as a red glow
They'll last in our hearts, as a bloodcoloured song


A shadow of yearning has awaken in me
For those years that passed into dark
Once surrounded by a thousand faces
Now lone I wander the world of mortals

Some paths overgrown, others I forgot
Fire burnt places precious to me
A stone in my breast was drawn to the ground
When I fought madly - I curse those moments

The darkness calls me, as before I follow
Greeted by eternal bow of the trees
Among the stars that like torches shine
Their firmament will become home of mine

And I shall greet days with song of the wind
That fires the light of my life
The ghosts of past ages will never return
Who I am, who I was they'll never guess