Eryn Non Dae

Hydra Lernaïa tracks



I'm this man who's looking through the window of past
Watching the life's hourglass passing by slowly
As his own ultimatum this is is my life
And it's ending one minute at a time

Among the ruins of my memory
Untidy films slide slide like the seasons
Leaving blank pages...
In my life book the revelation of my truth
Chaptered life in my mind

Fragments of immortal moments scattered
In time as frozen memories

I'm this man who's floating in the ocean of memories
Breathing the scent of his remnants
Scraps of one existence lying in his mind
This is my life and time's running out

What's the signification of this frieze of events
This personal chronology we call life ?

(We all want to leave a trace of our passage
We all want to create a connection with the future
We all search for recognition
We all want to discover the meaning of life
Before our transition towards the beyond)

I'm this man who's travelling in time
By mind door haunted by regrets
Tormented with remorse this is my life
And it's ending one minute at a time

When time elapses the taste of life
Is so bitter on my lips
From the past to the future
From the memory to the projection when time elapses
A near past, a sad present
A non-existent future a withered life


Vomit my anger as a boiling bile on my fellowmen
A state of dismay takes possession of me
Disgust is burning me

I'm of an intense chill in front
Of this constant thoughtlessness
Weak disgusting pigs
Rotting in the obscene
Wallowing in systematic waste
Wanking in sewers of filth
I'm sick & tired of your unhealthy games
I want to see you burn in suffering and pain

This strain rocks me everyday
Through my flesh and through my soul
I hate you, I loathe you
A blistering hate

Invaded by a sudden anger burst
The spark of hate shines in my eyes
Acidic blood is trickling down my veins
My blackened heart hardens everyday

I hate you
Destructive, noxious, harmful, invasive specie
The human race
A disease through the being
Pathetic piece of flesh in decomposition
Filthy & deformed

This limitless hate will not ever be drained
This stench's infecting everything
I've definitely destroyed my hope for mankind


Through the dark doors of my mind
I chase my chimeras
My thoughts vanish in ravings
My useless organic coffin
Stuck in the physical truth
Dissolves itself in the dusky waves
Unshackling myself

This only place where I feel well
Shelter from the outside world is inside of me
Overgrown by an infinite night
Surrounded by silence & fullness
I run away in the twilight maze

Confined between narrow walls of my mind
I explore my subconscious' fields (my emotional landscapes)
From the deepest of my sleep
I then dive into my real existence

In total oblivion of myself
Dark silent & complete
I find an exit
Out of this disgusting and so cold world
In total oblivion of myself
Dark silent & complete
I finally found my own bliss

So strange
I feel more alive when i sleep than when
I'm awake dreams- are you real ?
There is some truth in my fiction
There is some fiction in my truth
The notion of existence
The I is lost in me

Swimming between two worlds
I'm drowning in the truth of real
The shrill scream of reality pieces my dream
Then i'm back in all this brightness and everything i hate


Beyond a black horizon
I stay in the shadow of the world
Watching these tormented souls whirling in misery
The fall of their empire comes...

Beyond a black horizon
I see these men of clay melting like snow in sunshine
Their abysmal cries tearing the silence
Demons stay in hell
Angels in heaven
They're alone on the earth of despair
The fall of their empire comes as imminent storm...

Into a dark atmosphere
Everything is chaotic
a state of confusion
I lower my head before so much blackness
It all hurts me,
It all spoils me but my body is empty of tears
Men, so numerous and so noisy
thoughtless architects of their ineluctable destruction
Swarming & crawling- are enduring the suffering for life
I hear the storm from the distance
A strange weather
A slowness is streching as far as the eye can see
This world is just a wilderness
Man's reign turns to ashes
Man's existence is just a sigh in the whirling of eternity

All... Will cease
All... Will collapse
All... Will die
All... Will decline & fall

Can they feel the imminence of the end ?


(Towards the directionless unknown
I wander around on the lost road of my life)


Something in me is spreading itself
A sensation of emptiness
I'm lost in the vast
Immenseness - meaningless

Living like a ghost in this hollow world
I'm running in the never-ending wheel of fate
Without any certainty
Without any mark
This reality is not my own
There's no place here for someone like me

My face in the clouds
I'm just falling through dark skies
My heart is still beating but I am dead inside

Strolling at random in a monochrome vision
Everything is so grey in this world
Wandering around in darkness
I am so disconnected
All my thoughts sinking in doubt
I'm far from this reality that I don't perceive anymore

During these dark moments
When all my existence seems to be lost & empty
I'm sinking into oblivion
In a deep absence i live
I don't feel anything anymore
I don't feel the nothing anymore
I've lost all my faith
I've lost all my hope in everything
Everything is slipping on me as a cold rain

As a piece of life, i withdraw into myself
Grinning and bleeding, disappearing far away

On the lost road of my life
I keep searching... An eternal quest of the unknown goal
I keep searching in blindness


This embodiment of choice
Symbol of the eternal ambivalence
Divided & composed by life's oppositions
As if trapped from the inside by two contrasting faces
A symbiosis thriving in a same mortal coil

Shrouded in the everlasting mist of doubt
My indecision is fed by a fundamental duality
A blend of phases growing in a mind
A total mess
Two connected halves
Condemned to contend
In a same anguished consciousness
An infinite struggle within my body

Thought and instinct intertwined in an endless spiral
A dark clarity
A clear darkening merged
As one but torn in the eternal choice

A strange combination of incompatible feelings
Forming my entity
Quartered between the good, the bad, the truth, the false,
My body and my soul
It's me versus myself

This is a perpetual balance between thought and instinct
As if possessed by two inseperable inner demons

Myself cleft in two by an internal antagonism
My two inner demons
The two faces of my being

When the self collide
The primitive side against the cerebral side
Quartered between reason and unreason
Will I survive ?
Putting my mind in shreds
This state of being will accompagny me eternally
Until the death

I'm divided by my opposites from within


I've reached such an inner strife
A downward spiral became my life
I'm trapped in my own introspection
My mistakes feed my self-destruction
I found an exit to this never-ending hell
In radiant abyss of darkness I fell

The subliminal voices I hear in my head
They beat the echoes of distress

My life: a gift ? A curse ?
In a breathtaking dive
I'm falling down in the endless
Spiral of the emptiness - swirling - twirling

I hear the voices and they're calling me
I hear the voices and they won't leave me

All hopes fall down
No one can help me now
I keep on descending into the unknown
Deeper and deeper in this hole
Attracted by law of gravity
My whole existence becomes another tragedy

I fall in the void of myelf
And crossing through the blackness of my soul
I found my solace in the arms of death
The soothing heat of the otherside

In silence I touch the ground !

Eternal sleep was my only way out


In a restless sleep
Her silhouette shines within my mind
A vision of purple and black
A glitter through the fog

Succumbing to this fatal charm
My loneliness has been shaken by her light
Her presence was my might

So vulnerable when my thoughts dived
Into her eyes to lose themselves
But when dark clouds flooded my crimson sky

A black hole swallowed my life
The roses receded with the tide
Without her
The structure of my own world was left in dust

Under her whispered words
I found serenity
Through her absence
The lack grows into infinity

Sorrow isn't dulled by the passage of time
A memory curled up in my mind
From the deepest of my chest
Something dries and fades

Shelter in her hand
Heaven on her lips
I looked at her sleeping as i looked at stars shining
But now the stars have left place to the clouds
Like a broken mirror
Everything around me is falling down

My feelings for her are so pure