IXXI tracks





[music: Nattdal, lyrics: TotalScorn]

Zimmering fire and brimstone
Physical surging force
Beating sterile worldly odds
Glory on the course!

Merge fundamental desires
Toward future supremacy

Indeed an intrepid frontline
Resistance of hidden might
A dead man's quest to make it worthwhile
No better prospects for this night

The only peace I ever found
was everlasting fucking war...

Accomplishment they'll never quell
We're their fucking death-knell

A heaven void of substance
And no such thing as hell

Tossing beings like darts
In the heart of a decadent ghoul-empire
Nothing but a prelude...
It will be set afire

Rivetting bloodlusting all real
Constraint of a better steel
A time to control the All
And be what one can feel


[Music: Acerbus, Lyrics: Acerbus & TotalScorn]

We are death squadron
We are the living dead
We march the earth laughing
In your face, Fuck you!
You are the problem
We're the fucking solution

We'll cleanse your cities to ruin
We'll purge your filth
We break straight through
Mediocre laws you built

A truth so razor-sharp
You will fall in rank or try and hide
Armageddon's motherfucking looming
In your Christian nature to fucking die

So greet death legion
Great end times
We're the revelation
Unto all fucking nations

War of potence, war of blood

A truth so razor-sharp
So much more than a fucking song

Beyond the curtains of the blind
and not far away
Prepare yourself for Armageddon


[music: Nattdal, lyrics: crwth & Acerbus]

Forcefeeding the derelict
Littering the earth for fun
Violently wielding blood-addict
A solemn truth you cannot outrun

Terrorthrowing hypocrites
Covering up in mental lard
Blistering bombs in a shell of death
We march to destroy and wreak you all

Stepping on your comfort lie
Soon it's time for you to die

The Devil in disguise, Demonic
whispering in the ears of the evildoer
Eagle made of iron flying through the clouds

Final reckoning in the name of Allah
Allah Akbar!
The Devil sure works in mysterious ways!

Starstruck by lack of morality
Born to a war of divinity

Hellborn true invincibility
To bring you death

Bla bla bla ostensively
Bla bla bla delusively
Bla bla bla entirely
To stop your fucking breath


[Music: Acerbus, Lyrics: TotalScorn]

Will and being equalized
Total fucking purity
Humanity always disgusted
With good goddamn reason

Against the draw of the tranquilized
And there's really no obscurity
Mankind always too blind to see
Their order's self-inflicted treason

The harvest's to come
Fucking gracing of these macelands
Monstrosity to roam
A return to original Justice

As the roaches thus prepared
For when this world fails

Materialized soulwize fascism
No good or evil when there's blood
Ascension toward the core
God's infinite murder and eternal love

Residues of weakness ever laid in the open
Grabbing the state of perfect control
Your devil's just collective fiction
As one of many I fulfill my role

Black virtues dark nobility
Always yearned away from the herd
Cool calm tranquility
Eradication of an entire world


[music & lyrics: Nattdal]

In nothingness everything is to be found

In everything no good is to come across

Except small pieces to use for finding
Something outrageous inside of me,
to awaken

Each day, I am dragged deeper down
I was born with an ambition to explore

Investigate the most horrific feelings of life
To in the aftermath be left with no emotions at all

The outcome of this, for what I believe
It will one day be worth it all

I was placed here for a splendid reason
I have always spread a disease
A diseased method of punishment


[Music: Acerbus, Lyrics: Totalscorn]

Damnation is honor
Damnation is pride
Damnation the ultimate superiority-ride
Damnation is force
Damnation is key
Eternal source of every spirit free
Damnation is beauty from top to core
Damned souls to win every war
Hellfire, all admired, pristine fucking true
It's still a world that has no clue
Beyond lore, exterminating war

Shifting structures
Desperate empire
Never truly prepared for
The ancient ones
Revelling in this
Failing mass-control
Legislating the rule
Of righteousness