Hypnos (CZ)

In Blood We Trust tracks


1. Burn The Angels Down

Burn the angels down, in everlasting fire
burn them into dust, into dust
burn this holy shit with this extreme heat
their calling is lost in the wind
lost in the wind

Burn them - birds of heaven
burn them - fools of god
burn them - feel the pleasure
burn finish this hunt
burn them down with all their books
make them enjoy malleus
burn them down and let them shout
burn them before they fly out

Burn the angels down, holy father cries
that he is losing sons, losing sons
suffering in flames, screaming holy names
their feathers turn into black, turn into black


Burn the angels down,
from a red sky they're falling down
with no wings try to fly , try to fly
burn down their flesh, turn them into ash
we're cleaning up the earth
cleaning up the earth


2. Fatal Shine Of The Sky

signs in the sky
evoke fate
by talking to the cards
sanity of us
the power of the stars

it handles with your life
he's for you more like god
ancient rituals
you remember the past
this is the right time
to write your testament

Fatal shine of the sky
Fatal shine of the sky
Fatal shine of the sky
Fatal shine of the sky

Be blind
be follower of the weak
do not think
respect this only creed
bow to the ones who read the stars
trust to
Fatal shine of the sky


3. Infernational

Stupid fights make us weak, bloodbrothers
only thing that matters is the quality
quality of our seed, of our brains

Lucifer my lord I miss you
what do you want I am here to lead you
forget all this silly shit
I join in the brotherhood
hand in hand we touch the places
without borders, no differences
we show you now where to go
where we bring new inferno

This is the common war, bloodbrothers
against the simpleminded mass
unite the energy, together
forget the rest

We're working on new nation
not thinking of separation
horizon is not too far
our new land is infernal
hand in hand we touch the places
without borders, no differences
we show you now where to go
where we bring new inferno

Sky's turning red, we're still
seven kinds of burning steel
against the crap we raise our fist
there is the time to leave the mist
hand in hand we touch the places
without borders, no differences
we show you now where to go
where we bring new inferno

4. Lovesong

I wanna wanna be good
I wanna wanna be cool
I wanna lie by your side
I wanna hold you my heart
I wanna touch your white skin
give me the hand, I bought you rings
I do not mind if you are cold as ice
for you I am splitting in two

I had to go very deep
cause I want to join you in sleep
you are my silent bride
I want you to feel my inside
when I am kissing you
together we are forever
against we are making love
in passion we are drowned

I am sorry, I hurt you
you have been always the best
but you pissed me off, don't you?
I miss you anyway
I couldn't keep my anger
I realize that's bad
my shotgun was loaded
so you are seven weeks dead
you are seven weeks dead
you are dead

5. Sacrilegious

We are modern Antichrists, the bible we deny
we do not waste the time in the church
there is thousand better ways
how to spend a life
we leave that world behind
we cease praying to god
it brings no difference anyway
we do not need this world
where everything is a sin

Save yourself, refuse this madness
forget sains, they are fabricated
we are living without JESUS
cause we are all sacrilegious

Tell me chosen one if this is fun
staring at a cross from your knees
without any proof
why to worship king of the wood
listen to your mouth
your brain has to be fucked
you are still repeating holy rules
they are fooling you, you are the statue
of 20th century of fools


They are stupid, they are smart
easily make you blind
you lie to yourself, cannot you see?
the saints your friends
they have never been


6. Across The Battlefields

Young and brave
born to hate
join us now
we are green enough

Never ask me why
it is all the same
we need to survive
we need to survive...today

Come on soldiers I will take you
on the glory ride
you will like it, you will be always
fighting side by side
to finish one's human story
you do not need to spell
when again your gun is loaded
you will say: Go to hell!!

We are your future
find your enemy
we are top class culture
you brainless family

Never ask me...


Praise the war
army's force
praise your green

Never ask me why

7. Breeding The Scum

Looking at your peaceful face
another worm is born
we are living by the human's rules
living worse than the worms
we are still supporting parasites
there is nothing we can do
sperm, shit, vomit, alcohol
it is the stuff describing you

The razor blade, a closest friend
a little brain, both hands left
their soul is black, their mind is dark
we are breathing them, we are bleeding....
...the scum
Breeding the scum
Breeding the scum
Breeding the scum
Breeding the scum

Too stupid to understand
how to behave, how to live
too clever to realize

How to rip off, how to be
lazy useless parasite
still making us all stick
re-producing brand new worms
showing the world to brand new scum


Their soul is black ....

8. In Blood We Trust

Keep me hot
let me dream, let the blood stream
into my throat
give me life, give me hope
give me blood
fill my veins, fill my heart
fill me up

In blood we like to drown
in blood cannot reach the bottom
in blood matter of lust
in blood in blood we trust

Follow drops, dark red points
living cells
create new live, learn him breathe
without help
create the hands, create the legs
work with flesh
without blood it used to be


I am born in blood and created of pain
thousand times buried, thousand times dead

Let me smell the scent of my destiny
let me win my next sweet victories
cut my hands, cut my legs, set me free
let me crawl, let me cry, let me bleed