In Darkness Embrace tracks



Thy eyes pierce crimson moonlight I sleep in lunar spheres.
I awake within the land of beautiful darkness.
Nocturnal love. Theres no sun in shadows land.
The only light is the moonlit night.
I walk along with the beasts and serpents, nothing do I fear.
At one with the burning blackness.
Blood running tears, dark figures in the night.
The black clouds in the sky.
Whispers from the other side.
Theres no more fear of the darkside.
Do you feel the sensations run up and down your side?
Look deep within you.
See what is in your shadow-filled heart.
My ears hear the masters call.
Screams of revelation and ending times.
The rights of law have been broken...broken.
Crying tears of solar winds.
A breeze of cryptic shrieks from below...dying.
A place of stunning sights.
A place so cold that no one knows.
I’ve seen the days of sorrow-filled ways.
The passionate love of dusk.
Fear in the weak minded fools.
Strong are the chosen few.
Black are my ways in every move I make.
I stand at the temple of the moon.
Anointed king of the night.
Wears the crown of swords.
Bestowed upon me.
Shadows land and the infinite kingdom.


Blindness leading the misfortunate king.
Hope is stripped away from their minds.
Tongues of fire, a soul burning kiss.
Soft hands are caressing the dead.
Hope is for the people who are lost.
Terror has filled the hearts of the dying.
Grasping onto what is no more.
Their world is crumbling underneath them.
Blurred visions of tearful eyes.
The storm of a gray dismal sky.
Scarred as you tremble and fall.
Terrified as you’re trying to crawl.
Pitiful one living in dumb anguish.
Your stupidity is the cause of it all.
The dead are one hundred times fold.
your faults have caused turmoil and chaos.
All is lost, all is gone, nevermore.
A world for the dead, catastrophe.
Your bones crumble into dust.
A blaze of fire, star nights tower.
A power that takes their souls.
Persecutor, dead, catastrophe.
Your bones crumble into dust.
A blaze of fire, star nights tower.
A power that takes their soul, persecutor executions,
The time is now, to watch them die.
They will be slain for their rights.
For their ignorance is law.
Pillar of bodies temples high are left.
Forgotten to smell, rotten, swarming with flies.
Desecration of life.


Fade away, oh gloomy past.
Stop your haunting, the tears your bring.
Leave thee in peace, tranquility.
You abomination of passionless pain.
Dwell you shall.
Scorn inside of familiar faces.
Cannot try to hide.
Lie deep within my thoughts it hides, then awaken suddenly.
Torn inside my mind. Scared within me.
Never immune to this perpetual sadness.
Tears. It haunts me.
I close my eyes i close my eyes and sear their faces.
My thoughts are unrestrained,
Enter the dark catacomb of my mind.
Agony and passionless pain.
Struggle with my emotion.
Denying my restless.
Twisted with my sanity.
Like thorns across my face.


There is a time in the land of the mortals.
They divide and fall apart.
Wielding swords, hand in hand as blood flows from their hearts.
Death and glory is what they see.
They will fight to the end until every last one is dead.
Only the brave are victorious, hate and anger is in their eyes.
Merciless fate is upon us.
You fools never realized your pathway is destruction.
Warriors stand side by side, one be one they will die.
A brother known as an enemy will lead a trail of misery.
The lives of agony and bludgeon.
Pain god controls the weak.
To kill or be killed on the fields of despair.
Powerless to pains control, swing of the axe, the final blow.
Off with their heads, they will die.
Only your fleas will mourn you.
The ground is bloodstained red, the fields are covered with the dead.
Onward to battle, they will go.
A warlord with his shield and sword.
Hear them cry, watch them die,
Ending life, dark endless time.
On the hills of arcus,
One by one they will go.
On their conquest they will stride.
A challenge of strength and might.
No one can enslave us to an order of worthlessness.
It's time for death and in life we will rise.
Ending life, dark endless time.
Crush the feeble ones, weakling siblings.
On their hands and knees pleading for mercy.
Begging for their life, put them to death.
Sorrow-filled tearful eyes, joyful suffering.
Terror-filled hearts, fear is the killer.
Swords of blood in our hands.
A war of brothers, fools who are blind.
Conqueror among conquerors, a warriors tale.


Winters breeze has frozen my thoughts.
Crystallized, my lips are parched from the frost.
Alone in the darkest of worlds.
In the day of the grayest light.
Frozen in the breath from my mouth.
Beautiful is the pure white snow.
A warrior of ice from the north.
Chilled when i drink the frosty water.
Solitude is the desolate land.
The animals pierce me with their blood red eyes.
Its sweet sadness, loneliness forever.
A king in a glacier palace.
My kingdom is vacant and colored white.
Struggling onward by the grace of god.
To find another life. There is no other life.
As i close to an end when the wolves catch my human scent.
Battling for my life. When the wind caresses my mind.
In the land of darkness i sleep. Dreams of happiness,
They will confront me. Its my world.
My eternal emptiness and evermore.
Lost in the cold, my body is numb i cannot feel.
Everything thats happened is so unreal.
The wolves are gaining on me and theres no place to hide.
The eternal emptiness in me shall die.


When we wake in the morning we will see the glorious sun.
Standing in the rays of life, our day has just begun,
The essence of time is ours, precious as every minute goes by.
I was a fool to have wasted, the stupidity i called fun.
Who is to love when the hearts have grown cold.
A life can no longer exist.
Wheres the love?
If only heaven would shine on is a heart would be warm.
In the night im clinging to my covers in bed.
I awake once again with another nightmare.
Close the door around you.
Lock yourself from the outside world.
An empty heart cant feel love, just loneliness.
I wish i would die, theres no peace within me.
Hurt and anger in my soul.
Emotionless as feelings are destroyed.
Only hoping my end will come.
How long can i go on?
Experiencing depression.
How long can i go on?
There is no other way,
To bring peace in my heart,
It must all end someday.
Memories of an haunting dream,
So close to losing my reality.
Tears are running down my face.
I look towards the sky, screaming at god in heaven.
Oh please hear my cries of torment.
I close my eyes, feelings distraught, my heart denies.
For the one i loved now walks among angels.
We shall meet again when the death closes my eyes.
Reunited together as one, happiness of mother and son.


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