After The Burial

In Dreams tracks



I remember your taste, you're the life I gave away.
Failure wrapped around my neck,
You're the ghost that held me back.
Now I am Letting go, drowning my self in the frozen waters
I feel the words escaping.
They break from my thoughts and disappear from my mouth
They leave behind a taste,
The taste of failure so familiar it reminds me of you
Don't say you'll save my life.
I never asked you for anything, but you wanted more
Drowning in your frozen waters I was sinking,
You were My Frailty.
Drowning in your frozen waters,
Don't say you'll save my life.
I'm vanishing, I'm giving up on myself.
Closing my eyes forever.
Throw my body, into the wind spinning and twisting
I bend into something else.
A catastrophe, a murderer of my hopes and dreams.
This is not my life.
When winter ends, my new life begins.
Bend and break, in pieces I was for you.
You were My Frailty don't say you'll save my fucking life


When I return,
I dream of another life,
Failure transparent in the palm of my hand.
I am the contortionist, we are the contortionist.
I can feel this distance is further and farther without you
Contorting to fit, somewhere I do not belong.
Brick by brick. Stone on top of stone,
I create, from these towers, built of nothingness.
I will fall.
And like these wordless feelings,
There is an emptiness we long to feel inside.
Father when will you come home, I have been dying inside
Mother where have you gone,
Oh so how hard I've been trying.
Hours upon hours, I am fucking sleepless,
We are wretched no sleep for the wicked,
And at night we come undone.
This is not who I ever was, we are anything,
We are the contortionist.
We are the wordless feelings, we are the great divide,
We are the emptiness we long to feel inside.
We are anything, we are the contortionist.


Breathing, I am fading, I feel I am losing myself.
Wishing I could be someone I'm not,
I know somewhere there's a mirror that can show me who I am
Because I will never know.
Constantly bending, engulfed by my history.
So scared of letting go. Beyond everything,
I wish I could be, I am just a man.
The sun will never shine me,
I am lost inside the meaningless.
We lose control, like a pendulum,
I forget where I came from,
Holding on to the weight of regret,
We lose control, swing me back and forth again.
You gave and you bled,
Now I'm picking up the pieces of my broken heart.
Blocked out, my shattered glass past,
Now I'm picking up the pieces I have swept away.
We lose control.
Swing me back and forth again.


So I'll keep searching, for a place called home.
I'll rip my roots from this earth, into the unknown.
Is it for the dreams I chased or the ones
I caught, this mystery this misery is killing me.
So now I'll leave behind a murder scene,
My life isn't real,
It's just a silhouette and when the sun goes down,
I won't exist.
I will be the forgotten,
Bread crumbs and white stones can't follow me
Overwhelming, constantly I'm tearing at the seams,
The threads that hold me together, they envelop me.
I am shaking man.
As my body breaks against the wind,
I begin to slowly unravel.
Overwhelming, I'm tearing at the seams,
The threads that hold me together they envelop me.
And with fervor I am everywhere I thought I never would be
I will never come home,
I am a ghost inside your empty house.
I don't exist.
I will not come home.
I'll never come home.


Who we are I'll never know, but when we spoke
I knew you well, you knew me well,
You loved me through and through.
I never thought I would watch you leave us,
From a room as a kid I held so close.
I was a son made up of sand,
You were the wind that let me go
I'll say goodbye, so this is goodbye.
But I'm afraid to speak, so with words
I'll tell the story, you meant so much to me.
And like the nights upon nights to come,
I will dream of you, and know that I will see you soon
Give me the strength to carry on,
Tide you are the ocean tide the swells swept you away,
I was a son made of sand, you were the wind that let me go
When ocean tide has risen to high
And the waters have come to carry you away.
Remember I will always be there to sing you to sleep.


I could never find a way to rest on your shoulders,
Misunderstood please help but I meant so well.
I keep pushing through, these bitter memories,
I try to escape the nightmares, but they are becoming of me
I am the sleeping dream inside the dream,
My old me breaks my heart.
I hope I never wake up.
I need an answer, please help me.
This endeavor has swallowed me whole.
North winds twisting inside me,
I can feel this emptiness, slowly I am fading out.
I can feel this emptiness slowly I am fading out,
And this is becoming of me.
My hands hold on tight, I'm not letting go,
Words are never good enough.
Everything I breathe Is broken letters and bad timing.
And they are becoming of me.
I am the sleeping dream inside the dream,
I hope I never wake up.


This is my promise to write to you,
So for you my every word,
Is the sinking feeling here in my chest.
I am so far from home but the further away we are
The closer I am.
The closer I feel, the further you get.
My hands hold on tight to your every word.
I won't let go, but I feel my eyes advert
From who I used to be.
We know the storms will come,
The winds they will sweep us all away.
Wrap me in your silver lining.
Torn between the roots of earth and the sky,
I left my heart behind, and I'm so far from home.
The weight is pulling me down,
In your circles I am spinning, in your circles
I'll wait forever.
Lost control, my hands grip the wheel,
But I can't see where the road is leading.
Please hold on dear I know you're worried,
Counting down the days do you remember.
Torn between the earth and the sky,
I left my heart behind.


I have been to the edge before,
At the end of the world,
But there is nothing for me so I guess
I'll just turn around.
I will follow my footsteps back home,
Still the same as before,
But there is nothing for me so I guess
I'll just turn around.
Can't you see that I'm suffocating,
In a world that means nothing to me.
My only hope is disintegrating,
Wishing someone could carry the weight for me.
Can't you see that the ends beginning,
In this life I've lost all I know.
Because hope is a word, that I forget was feeling,
So please hold onto me and I won't let you go.
We are nothing more than memories.
I'll find the meaning inside this doubt,
I will see this through.
I'm frozen in time, encased in ice,
Break me apart so I can breathe again.