Abhor (ITA)

In Nostrum Maleficium tracks


1.Shades And Conspiracy

I can't live anymore condemned by this light. The shades knock to my entrance. Soon these walls will be slaughtered, the rocks will roll to the ground and I will rise myself. The chains will be dyed of red, my wrists will get back life and no more chainsÂ…

The toll plays
the song of the rooster has come
the walls have surrendered
and the shadows have armed me

That jail and that sentence
what have you taught me
sister loneliness?
The mother night has embrace
the son of the sentence
now I can reopen the eyes
and see my darkness again.

Silvery light
weak entertainer of pain
I owed attend only
I owed breathe only
Useless your chains have been
as infamous you have tried the superiority
but only blood
the blood of my liberation
among friendly shades and conspiracy

2.Rottennes Of The Purity

It was the light to curse us
the light that many
call salvation
and our curse
it was our fortune
our strength
arcane snake
harvester of confusion
teacher of lie
Lord of the pain

The king of the purification
master the throne
we, creators of dismay
we'll be his militia

The shining star
murmurs chrysalises of attractiveness
the flesh will stagger
between fire and pain

The rottenness of the purity
nauseate me

3.A New Sun

And was the earth to whisper
my name
were the leaves to shout
the whisper

Radiated the way
in the animated stream
I heard the life assumes its forms

Darkness and fear
caresses of spasm
brother silence
what I'm changing to?

There's no mutation without reflectionÂ…
the beginning is happening

The crash of the flame
it crumbles the lock time
the decline of the past
the boldness of the present

Dust of ice
melt you with fire
this is the mutation
this is the new harvester

My name is written in the stone
this sky a new Sun will have

All is lock, all is moveing
to my eyes
so slow and strong the evolution
the privilege is raised

The crash of the flame
it crumbles the lock time
the decline of the past
the boldness of the present

Here the toll
the call of stone
now I can walk
now I can touch
now I can assign

4.Verba Secretorum Hermetis

Verum, sine mendacio certum et verissimum, quod est inferius, est sicut quod est superius, et quod est superius, est sicut quod est inferius: ad perpetranda miracula rei unius. Et sicut omnes res fuerunt ab uno, meditatione unius; sic omnes res natae fuerunt ab hac una re, adaptatione.

Her father is the sun, her mother the moon, brought the wind in her abdomen: her nurse is the earth. The father of every perfection of the whole world is here. Its power is entire. If it will have been versed in the earth, you'll separate the earth from the fire.

Ascendit a terra in coelum, iterumque descendit in terram, et recipit uim superiorum et inferiorum. Sic habebis gloriam totius mundi.

5.By His Hands Through Me

Through me He live
His blood is inside me
I am more than His child
I am himself now.

He sees through me
He speaks through me
He acts through me
by His hands hands, through me

The meat doesn't hold back
the violence of the sin
the menbras be torn
like howling mouths

that vomit heresies
howling for the sufferings
that invokes revenge
and the usurped Kingdom.

A Legion of Demons
resides in my miserable body
through me they will open
the gates of His dominion.

I am His terrestrial medium
I lodge His children inside me
nourishes themselves with my hate
burns my burnt flesh.

Ego, Occultae Virium emissarium, me immolo pro Tua Filia Legione, oh magnus Magister Obscurus, vive in me! Ego sum Tues manus in terra! Tua voluntas erit mei sacrificii fructus!

6.Plague Of Necromancer

The hell is overflowing of hate.
Horrible creatures inhabitants of the afterlife,
they wander in this reality.
The plague of the Necromancer,
the Evil is out of control.
Corps possessed by bestial legions.
The flesh lodge the Chaos.
As an alchemic transmutation,
earth is by now a living cemetery.
Join us, deadly weak,
this is the beginning of the resurrection.
Orphan of a sleeping god,
abandoned by a cowardly master.
The light of the sun is darkened by the blood,
putrefaction reigns in the temple of god.
Sons of Satan hungry of human fear.
Empathic rivers that leads to the madness,
Suicidial mediums devoured by voracious larvas.
Zombi, zombi, plague of the Necromancer.

7.Wandering Stone

Megalitics Altars,
surrounded by ancient forces.
Rediscover your essence,
magician master.

I am the wanderer
that explores your soul
and I am the stone
on the seabed.

I feel the strength increase,
in an universal explosion.
The morality of the actual age
has abandoned me.

I am the wanderer that swims in your blood
and I am the stone that has stoned
thousand martyrs.

I'm possessed by a primordial hunger.
I follow the dogmas of an ancient will,
help me Old Man.

I am the wanderer
that is lost in the void
and I am the stone
that will become avalanche.

I am the wonder
that enchants your mind,
the fire that melt your ice,
the water that purify you
and the wind that makes you fly.

8.Amphiteatrum Sapientiae Aeternae

It was the age of the great Knowledge
the thought was lighter than the air
but it burned more than fire.
The age of the non - tradition
of the mind's power
of the Order and of the Purity.

The weight of the power can be suffocating,
as I already said once,
as I already lived once,
the corruption consumes the man
and that was the Original Sin.

Ab baratro sine fine fugat
propagat usque ad hoc tempus
et tempus futurus iam itum est.

The amphitheater of the eternal wisdom
Temple of the primitive wisdom
It's by now a distant dream
that often change into nightmare.