100 Demons

In the Eyes of the Lord tracks


1. Forsaken

you know who i love - nobody
you know who i trust - nobody
you know who i fear - nobody
i prayed a thousand times
he never answered me
do you think i've sinned
in the eyes of the lord
he never did shit for me
i stand alone in this world
trust and faith
so long forgotten
you and i
we are forsaken
just fucking kill me

put me out of this pain

2. Suffer

my hatred is unstoppable
and death for you will be slow
your sins are unforgivable
and your god can't save you now
i'll be your judge and jury
sometimes justice moves to slow
and i will show you no mercy
when i drop the final blow
too many times you fucked me over
too many times i believed your shit
i smell your fear and weakness
and it makes me fucking sick
i know you heard my cries
saw the faith in my eyes
then you turned your back on me
made me suffer alone

3. So Alone

can't live without you you're my saving grace
you helped me keep my sanity
when i was struggling you were by my side
you helped me face reality
the lust i had for you nearly drove me insane
i managed to walk away but doubt i'll ever be the same
you are my one true love for now and forever
and when i have you in my arms can't feel the pain i'm still bitter
i feel so alone - you've sucked the life out of me
i'm already dead i just don't know it yet
because you stole my heart a love i can't forget
slowly dying when will i go
i wish i was dead i feel so alone
your just a memory a twist of fate from god above
when i lie awake at night it's you i crave - it's you i love
the pain it burns inside i suffer everyday
still alive wishing i was dead like christ at the stake

4. Wake Up And Hate

wake up and hate - another day in paradise
i don't think i've been happy - more than twice in my life
the first time i fucked - the first time i got high
i think there was a third - the first time i saw a man die
and underneath my anger - all i feel is hate
don't want to hear you're sorry - cus it's too fucking late
you tell me to follow my heart - my hearts an empty shell
you tell me to swallow my pride - fuck you and go to hell
you havn't been where i've been - so you'll never understand
i'm just trying to survive - i'll do it anyway i can
and underneath my anger - all i feel is hate
don't want to hear you're sorry - cuz it's too fucking late
too little way too fucking late
every breathing moment filled with hate

5. While You're Praying

help me jesus save me from this mind you gave me
i'm holding on but self-control will soon betray me
and when it's gone live in fear cuz nothing stops me
it's not my fault won't take the blame
it's your god who made me
so while you're praying for your dreams
i'm lurking in the shadows preying on your screams
had enough time to strike at the helpless victims
two kinds of people in this world
the weak and those who eat them
born to kill got the skills from my uncle sam
you know my pleasure is your pain
it makes me who i am
tested time and again by useless fucks
now you want to step up and try your luck
before you blink your eyes you'll pay for your crimes
crucified and left to die it was assisted suicide

6. Infected

i don't drink to forget
i drink so i can suffer twice as much
cuz in this world of pain
nothing breaks the memory of your touch
what was i thinking
i should have kept drinking
to flood you face from my mind
but now it's over and i'm sober enough
to know you fucked my mind
love can seem like slow death
if it's not returned
you will feel your body and soul
start to burn with desire
and unrelenting pain
the tears they cloud my eyes
i bite my tongue till i taste my blood
so you won't hear my cries
hiding in my private darkness
i put you out of my mind
my fear of death being overcome
by my hatred for this life

7. How Can I Forget

i guess it's been a year or two or three
i let myself forget who i'm supposed to be
lived for myself no matter what was said or done
didn't give a fuck if i offended everyone
another day still living in the gutter
i never doubt i'm better than the others
my actions prove me wrong every fucking day
just watch me contradict every word i say
i can't kick these drugs they're still kicking me
if i could leave it behind who the fuck would i be
defined myself for years by the rules i broke
another drink and i'll forget
if i can't remember how can i regret
another pill and i'll forget
if i can't remember how can i regret
another bundle and i'll forget
if i can't remember how can i regret

8. Hard Luck

the classic struggle of good and evil
has brought me to my knees
my mind is so filled with hate
one hundred demons possessing me
your kind never inspired me
you never offered your hand
just told me who i should be
but you don't know who i am
you say i dwell on the negative
well it's a part of my life
until you've tasted how i live
keep your fucking advice to yourself
all that time you wasted
preaching to the converted
a lifetime of hard luck
still can't make me give up
time has conquered youth
but the angers still inside
it doesn't come from hate
it's from a sense of pride

9. Backlash

mesmorized by your beauty i feel powerless in your gaze
ostracized, treated unfairly at night i dream of blood filled days
because in this world
no one has your back
a lifetime of devotion
all i feel is had
what's the price of freedom what's the price of integrity
should i suffer for your sins and live this life of agony
because in this world
a lifetime is devotion
and all i feel is had
a generation of apathy with folk heros from infamy
empty lives now have direction
just one bullet changed perception
kicked and beaten for so long pushed around
and told i'm wrong
with you in my sights i'm free no longer fear
but strength you see

10. Hard Surprise

i'm killing myself slowly
way too fucking slow
you never see my weakness
i never let it show
buried so deep inside me
i can't remember where
on my way straight to hell
and i'll wait for you there
where can i find the answers
i've looked everywhere
drugs, religion, sin and penance
i've tried them all they're not the cure
i've been beaten down by life
but i'me still fighting abck
i want to die with dignity
keep your tears i'm on track
destined to go nowhere
determined to get there first
where can i find the answers
i've looked everywhere
drugs, religion, sin and penace
i've tried them all they're not the cure