Nader Sadek

In the Flesh tracks





You believe and let them guide you. Every word deceiving lies.
Pride in myth, pride in genocide, the cross you bare,
the curse you hide behind

Now, that your world is gone, your religions fall,
and your God has caused,
every war we've seen

Minions pray, no longer, God has saved, not a single being
The world's decay, violent heaving, Man's beliefs, the decline of all...

The downfall of man is his belief in a god

Have you no eyes to see, what your god has done
you refused to see, and the world is dead...

Pray to a god you'll never see
Kill, and blame it on your god's enemies
Kill in his name, pay for your eternity
Made into a martyr, made a deity

Now, that your world is gone, your religions fall,
and your god has caused, every war we've seen


Praise no god before me. Praise only my victory!
No allegiance to any religion or coven
All gods have fallen
Bring to me my feasting
Slaves, follow me
Make this new world Mine

Desecration of your idols
Annihilate what's blasphemy
Your holy house of god is burning
Reign a new god of infamy

Rise and Call the names
Expose the fools who try to stop my
Rise and Call the names
throw away these foolish legends
Rise and Call the names
those that fed the world this sickness

Meus Infirmus Universitas

Maus Caucus Universitas

Maus Mortuus Universitas

Meus infernus Universitas




Slaughter, kill in the name of god those who don't believe
Devour, those who block the path to your world supreme
Martyrs, for his name you die to reach a higher being
Blind, to have such faith in lies, ten thousand gods have died before you heard his-

Name - Fools believe this, lie as sacred
Chanting blindly, prayers so feeble
Mass believing, that god is light
Blind not seeing, such broken minds

Leaving a wake of dead bodies lying rotting
Devour the souls so weak, the souls you see as useless
All in the name of god - a god you hold so precious
How can they not believe so they must die
Crushing with hatred eyes, your truth is all we see
Killing with twisted minds, all those who don't believe
Devour the land and reap, rewards of holy pleasure
Falling upon your knees and chant his name

Nameless, faceless, soulless
Prayers so empty

Martyr, bastard, nameless, coward
Faceless, soulless - all lies




Blood of this earth, Stains the shore of the seas
Waste of an unseen god, to fuel the killing machine
Called forth by man, only fools are fearless for lust
Now watch as the plague is spread
Only now can blind eyes see

Machines growing, your new god calling
Raping your soil. Bath me in your oil

Unleashed to devour, all life that stands in the path
Brought to the brink of extinction, drowning in what gave life
Rollin in, waves of black, covering the ocean floor
The end to a million years, beginning a million more

Lifeless, the oceans grow stale
Formed from the bones of man, suffocating bringer of life
A new breed begins. To feed the machines
Pray to your new found god... Mechanic Idolatry

Flesh made of steel. Corroding in rust
Raw oil to feed, your mechanic idolatry

Corroding in rust, raw oil to feed

Man is of flesh, god is of oil
Draining the earth, for the blood of the soil
Insatiable lust to feed, man now the dying breed
Pray to your new found god... Mechanic idolatry


Nomadic tribes scavenging, for what remains of life
To breathe the air burns, Sulphuric

Corroding gods of steel, the rusting breasts

Beneath the ruins of time, it breathes, the corpse of mankind

Made of bones decomposing
Bring the ancient souls back to life
Reborn in stone of fire
Man again is Sulphur