Malfeitor (ITA)

Incubus tracks



Serpent, symbol of earth
Rainbow, symbol of Heaven
Between the two all creatures must live and die...
But because he has a soul
Man can be trapped in a terrible place
Where death is only the beginning

Io Magus, Io Bakor
Negative pulse no brainwaves no response to pain
Io Magus, Io Bakor
He was put in a coffin... and buried
Io Magus, Io Bakor

The dark presence of death
As real as cold hand falling on my shoulder
A warning that's what i felt in those eyes

I remember it all... the coffin... the burial
I heard the dirt falling over me
The darkness pressed me down
This is my place, not with the living
Tetrodotoxin, it runs trough the skin to the soul

No res, you will see all
The cold of the coffin
And when you wake up scream as you want
There is no escape from the grave
There is no escape from the grave

Down with me
Bakor sends me into people's nightmares

Down with me
Bakor sends me into people's nightmares
Where shit floats
Where I'm no longer free


Qliphotic might
Of those who burn in fire
Unbalanced Geburah
Wrath of God

In the meander of golachab

Glowing sparks in Sitra Ahra
Mars is sperading its stench of death
High are the flames as high as the Fire
Let me feel your last breath !

Ra Nergal
Tu es diabolus
Our furiose hostium Suum destruit
Tu es adversarius dei
Tu es Genitor Mortis

Hanging down the sound of damnation
Inside the thirteenth path of malkunofat
The deepest fall into the arms of Ereshkigal

In the meanders of Golachab !
In the meanders of Golachab !


The entire nature, a magical theatre
The grat mother, the suprem demiurge
The world as a whole
Filled with the multitude of its parts
Like spiders we weave our life and we move inside the web
We are like he who dreams and lives in his dream
This is the reality of the whole universe

Like ghosts, we are a cruel evenet destined to recur endlessly
Like ghosts, we are the dream that fades away
We are as the fires that begin to die out

Mysterious, mystical and majestic
Is the Reign we built
Mysterious, mystical and majestic
The smell form the dephts
Mysterious, mystical and majestic
The command hidden in the seal
Mysterious, mystical and majestic
The Understructure of the house where we live

The secret truth is the basis of everything
Inside the mind that obliterates
Mysterious machinery... mystical.. majestic..
It creates and destroys
It moves, amplifies, separates, combines
And we are the change we want to see

We are that wich frightens some people
For we are what they'd like to be
We are they who know who they are
And he who doesn't know himself is lost


Enraged, I am resless in the dark
Stunned, unconscious...
I graze the doors' knockers
I find knowledge in the darkest of days
And focus in the brightest
I, man-child approach the promethean fire
And if I curse the eternal-present
I'll soon bless what I am into the blinding light

Human, divine, diabolical
Evil, animal, things : consciousness.

All deities and demons
All heavens and hells
Are internal
Released from the cycle of birth and death

Recognition of truth : liberation

And I shall become the transformation I wish
Facing the perfect storm
And I shall become pure defying the flames
And the sicknesses of the world
And I shall become as great and strong as the oak
Clear as the waters
I shall not see the gods anymore

(The first radiance knows no self: no concepts.
Shapes and forms and sounds
Whirling by endlessly
There is no reality behind the ego-loss state)

Life is not what happens
But what I make from that wich does happen
It manifests and in needs nothing to "be"
Even rites and words
Promethean Fire !!!


The rumble of the gates of Daath blurs my voice
And the scream of Silence
Terror then Abyssic Ecstasy
God's breath on my back

I was Them
I am Them
I will be Them
I am Them

My fire has helped me to find the way
The meaning of my cursed life again
This is Magic.
The fire of enduringness
My Gods have grown with me

I was Them
I am Them
I will be Them
I am Them

I, Unspoken Scream
Archaic Ayss
Occult Spirit
Untamed Titan risen to gaze at the skies

Promethean Fire !
Rebellious will that arises from the divine womb
Faith from the elemental magma

(217) Sigma-eta-theta Seth !

(66) Opus Magum
(00) Double Void

I call forth the glorious ancient God Sutekh
Typhonian storm of chaos
Wind of Death
Scent of apostasy
Let me rejoice in blasphemy

I call forth the gloroius ancient God Sekhmet
Lion-headed goddess of revenge
Queen of pestilence
Slaughter of cursed enemies

Haur Auaur
Schenaschock - Uruam
Urta-tan - Urta-Tuuunothath
The words that open the gates
Of the reign of demons of blood

7 (7 7) - The totality of creation
Earth's escape
The inferior power
The Dragon's head
The serpent
The Lion
Typhon the overcoming !


Assafetida is burning all around
The reflection of light on the dark plate
AE' - Ossul - Salion

Silence generates subterrean fields
In Darkness solitude attracts the light
The Hexagram is burning !

I call...
The guardians of the North
The guardians of the East
The guardians of the South
The guardians of the West
And the guardians of high and low
This place becomes sacred
Ancient Gods appear to me !
Thundering is the fifth Enochian key !
Fork-like flames ripped the clouds
The earth moaned
As bitter as the cawing of dying corvus
Shrill, frightnening noises
Reaching strident peakes
Beyond human hearing

Dark Saturnian Chaos
Corruption that generates light
Dark Saturnian Chaos
Nigredo essence - burning frost
Dark Saturnian Chaos
Fiery-icy wind of the desert
Dark Lord of Chaos
Humid athanor, Ossul is surrounding us
Dark Saturnian Chaos
Forced are the dams of the celestial ocean
Dark Saturnian Chaos
We receive the gifts from the lord of Death


I am the darkness when you try to find the path
I am the bed that burns when you try to sleep
I am the the bitter wind of frost when you feel cold
I am the great wave that hits your boat when you are shipwrecked

I am the one you hate when you look trought the mirror
I am the the ground that collapses beneath your feet
I am the the sultry air when you cannot breathe
I am silence when you look for help
I am indifference when you need care

I am your soul
I am the conscience that now tears you to pieces
I am the side you always ignored
I am the other half
The other half

Follow me when I call your name
Hear the deepest voice of the endless flame
Let your ruined instinct come to me
Open yourself to the light
Trough misery
Show you inner strenght and loyality
Far away from iniquity
Come close to me

Strong as the voice of the father
(I'm) the fog you must pass trough
(I am) close to you as a mother
A new view...

I am the other half who lives inside the deepest part of you
Your destiny
Let your ruined instinct come to me
Open yourself to the light of mystery


After the long breath I made the great leap
Can you tell me where I landed ?
I turn the keys
I open the doors
The harmony of the tides becomes chasm
Caan you tell me where you landed ?
There, where you feel
From thence there's no turning back

Guilty as the ones
Who feast at my cenacle if dirty are their spirits
Wretched are the ones
Who pretend to believe and then lie
Spitting gold into the abyss
Damned are the ones
Who taste my blood protected by darkness

You had everything
Now you'll have what you deserve
You lived in the light
Now you crawl in the most impure mud.
You drank honey cider
Now you swallow scorpionic poison

Demons dwell there
In the mysterious labyrinth of mind
Is there a rope wich won't break ?
Did you find the way that leads to your coffin ?

The fog was dispelled
The female became male
The metamorphosis wich leads to Self (888)
(000) Void of Voids
Without possibility of Being


The cold increased with darkness moving forward
The grey ground disappeared in the shadows
Of the night that began to thicken
The light of the fire was swallowed by darkness
The spectre, the nightmare
A black hole in the dark shadow
Keeper of the great secrets buried beneath the mountains
The days become long and gloomy
Terror becomes anguish
Prayers and kind words are of no use
The steps become heavy during the rest of the harsh night
Head bent, in silence
Nothing to see
Nothing but the hissing wind to hear
Until the dawn of another of nothingness and terror...
The air is thick
Evean a raven cannot fly
A faint. spiral smoke rises
As if the fire brooded from within the earth
Distant and threatening sounds
Echo from below
From the subterranean prisons...
Everything around is dark
Earth and sky... the eclipse reigns
The spectres king spurse his horse
He moves forward followed by the dark horde
The rock trembled
Then a great red flash
The light ripped the sky
A blast of livid chain-lightnings
The nightmare is real
There is light at the end
Here, now, only darkness
A voice : "wake up.."
No one dies
Everyone is born again