Acid Drinkers

Infernal Connection tracks



Where's the road to your heart?
Which way to your swollen soul?
What about girl-friend, man
Can you sale her, let her roll, Stop!
What's that stuff?! F... enough!
Hiperenigmatic Stuff Of Mr. Nothing
Someone said That you're the best
I know this guy, he's a liar
You're so proud you f... the rest
I'll kick your ass, You will be higher
You look like a dick in a roses garden
You could look better so try harder
You f... yourself in your own butt
You'll be pregnant you poor nut!


Use your wise head
Use your wise mind
It is nothing bad... test imagination
Check your big brain
You won't feel pain
I think you won't fade, so...
Anybody home?!
I got something new which you can use
You, you got to try, I do not lie
Don't you feel bad
I can Scream help
Your face is red, maybe you wanna pray
This way isn't mine
You got to try
You will feel fine, so...


The joker is funny
Joker is great
His the best in this branch
He's got the biggest pay
Country wide clown
The most stupid star
The moron of the year,
But Don't try to shoot him down
Don't talk so loud
Wall's got ears
And if you talk to loud
It costs too many tears
Don't shout so loud
I know that you are brave
But If you shout too loud
You are digging your grave!
Everybody knows he's invisible king
He's jumping like a frog
I fell a horrible stink
You know this perfect joker
So listen girls and boys
He's going to turn you on to obedient toys
Don't talk so loud
Wall's got ears
And if you talk to loud
It costs too many tears
Don't shout so loud
I know that you are brave
But If you shout too loud
You are digging your grave!
Stand on your head
Now eat s...
This joker is amazing
Yes, he's a real hit
He's average
This man has no feelings
He has a secret hobby
This hobby is killing!

4. TRACK TIME: 66.6

... Her eyes.... Bad fat
Stinking, Rainy day
I met women on my way
She said she knows truth
You must know it, God bless you
Then She takes my hand and says:
You're not' man my boy,
You are hunter, so destroy!
66.6 oooh!


Selling dope and other shit


You're calling me late at night
Spasmodically breathing
You whisper to my tired Ear
An Unintillegible message
Stone it!
F... it!
Don't creep like a pig!
You read me your last will
While you're sleeping
Your gabble is maybe charming me
But can't you see
You're drowning I tell you
You must go to bed
I don't know what I know
And I don't call a medicine man
I should know that you drown!


Meet your destiny
Meet your judge
You will be free
My war is your war
Yes, your head belongs to me
Another dead nut!
Another soul to God!
Alles Raus!
Dancing in the slaughter-house
Wet hands, noise in head
Why my dreams are' mad
My crime is sentence
I wait for your deadly dance
No way, I got to tell
You must look good
You will meet your God
Stand up, Wake up, bell,
Leave my home, see you in hell!


I've been down
I've found a gun
I start to fight, against...
Stand by my side,
One thing in mind
We gotta find
IQ Cyco!
Place in city
My brand new gun
Cry of dick
My laughter
Sleeping head
Sleeping Hands
Sleeping soul
IQ Cyco
Another one bites the dust
IQ Cyco
Cyco Hype
I stick it to your dead bad brain
One way, this is your finish Cyco hype
Place in space
You are my first
My brand new gun
Sick, Smile
Sleeping head
Sleeping Hands
Sleeping soul
IQ Cyco


I thought that I wasn't right
Or I'm an example sucker
I had reason, reason to try
To win something, Gotta fight
Last pener, Last pener around
I was a nut,
Zero not a hero
Bandit like no one around
Breakin' every f... in' rule
Backyard Bandit
100% fool
Last pener, Last pener around
Pissin' in the throat of truth
Running under cover
Sitting in a jaw of hate
Do you wanna be another


Blood from blood
Bone from bone
I know this smell
I saw this smile
I remember the action
Now I know the connection
I can see the roots
Venom in his mind
Bad stink of thinks
He's the worst of kind
Case after case
Gloomy, stone face
Infernal Connection!


Konsument mówi, że je aby jeść
Konsument pli, aby pleść
Jego bracia stoją, radia wokół słuchają, politycznego bełkotu
Potem wszyscy razem siadają do stołu, piją wódkę, gadają
Fioletowe twarze mają, a gdy więcej nie zjedzą i nie wypiją,
Gromadzą się tłumnie przed telewizją

Konsument gdy wie że to jest w modzie,
Rozmawia o wojnie na wschodzie,
Mówi to co słyszał w radio i z gazety,
Czy konsument to ty?!

Tak, im zależy byś ty był konsument,
Nie myślał, działał jak instrument,
Bo konsument mówi, że je aby jeść, więc pomyśl
Czy jesz aby jeść!

A wszyscy oni bombardowani śmieciami
Wszyscy oni zasypywani informacjami