Psychotic Waltz

Into the Everflow tracks



Ashes like a veil of black have lifted to the sky
With the frightened face of death revealed
The last ones left alive find they've nothing now
Not even the vaguest memories
Of what they've all been fighting for
What they've to receive

Find another way they say, it's over
Nothing can make not a man out of so much less
His eager taste for victory
I'm short of impressed
Where would we be standing now if never stood we here
Had we never been reborn we'd never disappear
Along with all the damages we've done through all these years
I wonder now i wonder now


My spirit takes a journey through my mind
In through the endless coloured waves
The shaded patterns moving through these places
Fan across the faces of my memory

Out of sight not out of mind

Intellactuality is holding nothing left for me on this flight
The spaces of the time before
Leave the logic at the door of reality

Out of sight not out of mind

Rain of the summer fills the hand
A snow white turtle on a stained glass land
Lie overturned, legs that kick and claw
Cannot bite into the wall

This vision paling slowly now into the tunneling liquid space
Inside this microdot daydream
I seek an understanding of my life in this place

Out of sight not out of mind


Morning sun begins the day
Mothers child has gone away
Locked inside the game that they taught him all to play
Closet city sleeping pretty tired from the day
And if he leaves the tiny porch light dim
He'll keep the dogs at bay

Snotty little brat he plays
Never puts his toys away
Breaks the ones he's used if they don't sparkle anymore
Dollies in the playhouse kissing
All their little heads are missing
Chop their tiny hands with this thing
That's what daddy bought them for

Red and white's turned blue today
I laught to dry the tear away

Sitting in my ceilings face
This boiling rainbow webbing places
Smiles soft anger feeling shapes
Of mouths and hands in sonic scapes
Fingers spanning psychic burning
Black sabbath record turning
Pools of vision, understanding
Forms absorb to keep from laughing
Climb the walls, half inside them
Other side, air is thin there
Friends inside pull me to them
Cannot keep from laughing, laughing

Ripples from the portholes making contact
Center bending circles
Growing echoes of each other
Float reflections of this covered consciousness
Inside this eggshell
Masterpieces scattered not well spoken
Yet still undertaken
Tiny streams of orchestration
Flow into this fisheye car ride
Leaning close to catch his good side

Tiny streams of orchestration


I climb up to the mountain
Just to share my point of view
Of life, the universe and everything
I'll take you to the fountain
Just to have a drink with you
A slow and everlasting dream

And if we are here just to ease god's sorrow
Lord come to me and i'll ease your mind
Come to me cause i know it's my only way out of this place
And i know it will come in time
Don't take me away too soon
But please don't be late for me

And he dipped his head into the existential void
Where he called into the wall of silent empty ears
Among the sea of tangled mouths gnashing
Singing their hideous shrieking smile
A hard flowing river of hellos he could not wade against
He could not wade against them

Tortured tongues feast their frenzy
They hiss out all that is nothing
The night time of the hearing flower
Has put aside the laugh dancing flame
No longer warming the wings
Of their fluttering dust angel mistress
The petals have closed for this long night
Their brittle limbs are thinning

Their meek and weeping gesture fares their well
To the falling paper blossoms
One by one, down into the everflow
One by one, drown into the overflow
Gliding through the emptiness
Flying through the emptiness


I feel again i'm coming home
To find the peace i feel alone
My television friends have gone
Now i can take my time to talk about them

They're nice to me, they smile to me
They are what they'd like me to be
I let them keep my company
And i don't even care what they're selling
They're only selling

Look into these little boxes
Bluer weather, greener grass
Everyone has lots of money
Everyone's in style

Little people, little houses
Happy living little lives
When they wake up with perfect makeup
It makes me sick

Don't need a life of my own, you know i'm so satisfied
Deep in the screen they have made me believe
I'm so pacified
They keep me asleep with each day they repeat
This life they pretend to me

I took my television, unplugged it from the wall
Tiny people crawling as i broke it on the floor
I put them in my pockets, took them where they can't be found
Then i held them in my hands
Then i made them do really bad things

Now i'm afraid to be at home
Because i fear i'm not alone
My television friends have grown
Now i'm afraid of what they might be selling
What are they selling


Riding on an endless carousel of wishes, hopes and dreams
And it seems that i loose more than i gain
All the same i remain hanging on a string
Is it wrong
Will it save me from the fall
Or will it just be broken by the wind
As it spins
All i save seems to just get taken all away

Well it seems like life is just a game of faith
No mistake
Always try to give more than you take
Always try to make a little more
Out of nothing, if not less
Always better than your best

As you try
Will you fly
Will you sail through the sky
And leave it all behind with yesterday
Will you say i have faith
And that's one thing they'll never take away

If i had a chance, lord one more chance to try
I would start again, nothing to pretend
Without a lie

I would try
I would fly
I would sail through the sky
And leave the misery with yesterday
And i'll say i have faith
And that's one thing they'll never take away


I'm a tripper man in a spaced out jam
Flying in the circus of a freakshow band
My ears are wings
They take me to my dreams
I close my eyes and i'm alone here singing

In this state of mind, i'm more than myself

I could reach up into the sky, colour in the sun
In the eyes of my imagination i can roll a bigger stone
I've cut the ties that build the rule of lies
And then i tripped away into the void

Lay down the gun that defends me
Cover me with a rose instead
My eyes see the deadland that surrounds me
But i can see the garden in my head
All is well

No wall will stand in my way
If they're too tall, i'll go beneath them
Cut me down, you'll just go through me
Cut me down, you'll just go through me
I am forever
I am forever i
And me you've never really seen
Even when i leave this face behind
There's got to be another place to find
Where i really belong
Cause here i don't belong
Here i do not belong

So i write this song of mine
To soothe my ears and ease my mind
And so another written page
Will turn into the everflow
Will no one ever really know about me
Should they even care

A strange little man
Racing all his bubbles to the surface of the universe
To see if he could swin out of his own mind
And as he looked behind, he realized what he had escaped
He thought that alone he would float out in space for awhile

Goddamn mother gonna try to take me down
Take a place in line
Just lead your pigs into the slaughter
Thank you perry for the idea man
Oh, by the way i want to meet you one day
Thank you for the way you sang to me


I the watchful eye
I am the butterfly
You know you never heard me screaming

I am the question why
I am the butterfly
Mister mojo can you hear me screaming
Hey jude you look just like your daddy
I know how it feels it makes me sad
He won't sing to me anymore
If you and me shake them
Do you think we could wake them
Do you think we could try
For most of my life i never could thank them
For the purple hazed experience
Of the electreic lady's voodoo child
Yes they were bold as love
Just ask the axis

Get me through these tired day
Get me through
I've seen really nothing that your really threw away
I just see it as if you've gone all the way with it
Gone all the way with it

As if to die
So that you may really live on forever
So fly, fly on my little heartbreak
I'm gonna catch the falling feathers from your wing
Ah yes fly on my little heartbreak
Now i am the acid king

Do you think they could look down and see me now
Do you think they would dig the way i sound
Do you think they'd even care

I am forever i
I am the butterfly
Close to the ground brings no further the sky
I am forever
Close to the ground brings no further the sky
I am forever
Close to the ground brings no further the sky
I am the butterfly