Mortal Sin

Into the Inferno - Live in Oslo tracks



Dreams, looking for a sign of intelligent life
Screams, trying to realize the American plight
Wuth dignity and pride,
The government denied
Pushing to the limits cos'
They're never satisfied
Please, look at what you've done

Voyage of the disturbed
Chalenging another world,
Voyage of disturbed
Voyage of the disturbed
Chalenging a future world,
Voyage of disturbed

Fear succumbing to the needs of political might
Sheer, astronomical pressure
You hit the speed of light
No-one seems to realize
The fate of history
Please, look at what you've done


Screaming for mercy your blood's running cold
You worship the devil your soul has been sold
Give birth to the beast at the black witches feast
Give rise to your son he's a star in the east

Blood, death, hatred - sacrificial right
Blood, death, hatred - murder in the night

Prepare for the jackal with bloodlusting hate
Your mind has been tortured your body's been raped
Your world's turning to blackness, your soul has been burned
Give praise to your god cause the Master's returned


You battle temptation your freewill is gone
Subside to the devil his power's too strong
You fight for your kingdom you've people to save
Send them to heaven or send them to their grave


Sound of bombs runs through the air
In the streets of Lebanon
Hate filled soldiers everywhere
The troops of Babylon

Bloodstains on the footpath
Madness on the ground
Senseless forms of bloodbath
As you hear the bugles sound

Dodging the machine gun fire
Fighting for their lives
Killing with their hearts desire
No one can survive

The battle of Lebanon - a killer
The battle of Lebanon - destruction

Trenches filled with muslim guards
Rifles set to fire
Left the enemy battle scarred
Terrorist guns for hire


Planning all the strategies to break the enemies back
Send out the kamikazes on a suicide attack
The muslims and the christians are fighting for their rights
Take the war of Lebanon to masochistic heights

Massacre and bloodshed are just a part of war
The children are defenseless and washed up on the floor
Aerial destruction and submarines below
Shooting guided missiles to give the final blow


The symptoms are showing
Diseases are growing
Psychosis is playing on your mind
Your skin cells are shedding
Bacteria is spreading
It’s warfare so kill the mastermind

Can you hear the warning?
Can you hear the warning?
Can you hear the warning – this time?

Humankind never heeds the warning
Realise that the day is dawning
Outside - the dogs are talking
Outside – A dead man walking

There’s no use in praying
Your sanity is fraying
You know there’s no chance to find a cure
The Government is lying
While millions lay dying
Your future has not quite been assured




Deadman – walk the earth
Deadman – walk the earth
Deadman – walk the earth
Deadman – walk the earth
They got their eyes on you


Blood on your hands
Fear in your eyes
Your retina scans have been recognised
Your running for miles
They’re running your files
Your DNA has been analysed

Can we trust politicians won’t misuse their trust
Mass surveillance they all know who we are
You can’t pretend anymore
Keep your mouth shut you know you’ve broken the law

Eye in the sky
Eye in the sky
Big brother big brother discovers your lie
Eye in the sky
Eye in the sky
The political machine has recorded your lie

Blood on the streets
A young girl cries
No one is safe unless a minster dies
The governments rules
The governments fools
The CIA has you terrorised



Hey you! On camera two!
Why do you think the camera’s pointed at you?
Can’t you see on camera three
A dirty politician doesn’t matter to me



Orphaned children everywhere
In the mosques of Lebanon
Families gathered round in prayer
But the chance for peace is gone
20 years of bloodshed
Victims of the war
13 brothers all shot dead
But your faith is not secured

Can you feel all the racial tension?
Can you feel the violent hate
As you pray for the tears of redemption
You pray but it’s all too late

The misery of the Blood Death Hatred
As you’re thrown into the fire,
As you fear for the mortal slaughter
They’re branding you a liar

Can you believe the gall?
They’ve tried to claim the wall!
That once was built for all!

They’re trying to deceive me believe me
They think they can control me console me
Islam has betrayed me repaid me
Your god has abused me confused me

Our lives, your fate
Are bound by illusions you create
Your seeds of hate
Your god, your creed
Bound & tied by the hands of greed
You won’t succeed

You amuse me, You abuse me
I refuse to be a muslim
You forsake me, you can’t break me
You won’t make me be a muslim

Your rules, your race
Are drawn to the power of the holy place
You breed disgrace
We hear your cries
You feel the need to criticize
You need your lies


Your war – your fear, is haunting me
Your war – your fear, is haunting me
Your war – your fear, is haunting me
Your war – your fear, is haunting me

Can you believe the gall?
They’ve tried to claim the wall!
That once was built for all!


I fear no foe, I have no fear
See me laughing when death comes near
Pain is sweet and life is cold
There's no repenting when you grow old
I seek revenge, my master's hell
Crumbled ruins as his kingdom fell
Must take your life, to set me free
Turn your back on immortality

I am Immortal got no right to die
I am Immortal no one can deny
I am Immortal 'til the end of time
I am Immortal

I have no guilt there is no law
My blackened heart's rotting at the core
Break the rules a crying shame
Nothing matters 'cos it's just a game
Take your aim, the life you choose
Just one chance if you win or lose
Fight 'til death the battle is won
Revenge is mine the superior one

I am Immortal got no right to die
I am Immortal no one can deny
I am Immortal 'til the end of time
I am Immortal

Take you chances if you dare
Time will break your evil stare
Legend says it's you or I
Destroy the myth and you will die

See the sound of slashing swords
Piercing through your heart
The screaming of the civil lords
Wash away the weeping wounds, tearing you apart
The weaving of the evil hordes
The Master will scorn you, he'll even forlorn you
He'll give you a price to pay
There's nothing he gave you, no reason to save you
Have mercy you bastard, take your soul away

Traumatic tales of torrid tears, chopping off your head
Trapped into a terror state
Forcing off those fractured fears, finding out your dead
Forget about your future fate
The Master has cursed you, his spell has dispersed you
He gave you the price to pay
Revenge has been won and a new life begun
'Cos I am immortal


Mayhemic destruction, death's the call
Crushing with abduction, wants to kill them all
Eternal devastation, oozing with pain
Manifestation, live for Satan's reign

Mayhemic destruction!

Total distortion, blood from your ears
Living with abortion, memories disappear
Facing your destiny living just to die
Christian immunity reaching for the sky

Mayhemic destruction!

People fleeing cause they're scared
Yet no place to go
Fire and brimstone in your blood
Fuck who told you so
Take your heart, send it down to a firey death
Got no chance to live, we drain out your last breath
You were warned of this
Your unholy book
Devouring vermin destroy a corpse
Dare you take a look
Armageddon went too far
What is left of life
Pity up there in heaven
You missed your cut of a knife