Intrinsic Indecency tracks



Anal - Breakdown
Apop - Shit your bowels
Tosis - Suicide of your rectal skin.
My putrid caustic semen
It fills your fucking asshole.
You thought I wore a condom.
Sliced before I stuck it in you.
And now your colon is dissolved.
Your gastric juices seep,
From your bladder to your rectum
The pain becomes unreal.


You fucking bastard,
My life's a hell, it's time for payback
I'll enjoy this final night.
How long have I had to take your stupid shit? No more!
Always had to hear you call me bitch
Time's up, gonna have to draw a final line.
Guess what? Now it's you who's gotta kiss his ass goodbye
In the kitchen, I've prepared a nice and little snack for you.
Chloroform the appetiser; dessert will be a pool of blood.
Liquidate your helpless body, stop the begging.
Severing your chains that bound me all these years.
Burn all the evidence that might jeopardise me.
No one will care, everyone hated you anyway.
How long have I waited for this beauty day?
No more, never again, will I have to suppress my hate.
Time's up! You're the one who's on his fucking knees.
Guess what? I don't care how much you scream and plead.


A routine procedure, gone completely wrong
A real fucking pity. That chick had such nice cans.
Graduated from med school, might have done too much drugs.
Shouldn't have dropped that acid on the night
Before my first mastectomy.
Misplaced mastectomy. Now confusion turns into doubt.
My hand was steady applying the cuts.
I knew something wasn't quite right.
Still thought I knew what I was doing.
Wasn't like I was still drunk.
As I remove the tumour, something seems to be missing.
What felt and looked like a lump,
Was that really the right boob?
A routine procedure. Gone completely wrong.
A real fucking pity.
That chick had such nice cans. And now they're in the trash.
After the operation, the fuck-up came to the light.
Husband going completely crazy.
Not to speak of the soon-to-be-titless wife.
One small confusion turned into truth.
The tomogram hung up the wrong way.
The lady was the one to pay
And now I have to run away
Misplaced mastectomy


Wake up as the smell of shit and vomit seeds into my senses.
Shards of glass pierce my feet as I stumble to the toilet.
Coughing blood and gastric acid, stench becomes unbearable.
Snort a line of meth before
I get back into bed with my love.
I know she loves me. The way that I am.
Death won't part us.
I can still get down on her cold dead snatch when
I want to. No saying no to anal.
But lately the smell's becoming fucking nasty.
Spray me with faeces and vermin as
I invade your pus-infested asshole.
Last time I washed her must've been the day she died.
Throat slit with a kitchen knife.
It was nothing but a silly accident.
Since then, the flies have found their places,
Invading every single crevice.
The burning under my foreskin has
Changed from nuisance to necessity.
Got to clean this fucking mess up.
But first I need to pack this bowl.
My nerves need calming. My room needs airing now!
Wait for night-time.
Can't be seen now, who knows what the neighbours know.
I'll have to go out to feed my munchies later on.
I've always loved her.
The way that she was. Nothing changes.
Even after death she still has
Her place in my heart and bed.


I'll take my revenge now with my shit
(On all you fucking dicks!).
Armed with a year worth of stinking faeces.
Cautious about always going low on that fibre.
Fill the balloons till they're nice and plump.
Tonight I'm gonna take my final dump.
Drenched in diarrhoea - unleash my fucking faecal fury.
If you ever laid a fucking hand upon me,
Now's your time to pay.
Have to give my fucking shit back.
No more bullshit - drop a deuce on all society.
First off comes the police station.
Bust me for weed, I'll bust you with shit.
Next the lying politicians.
Fuck them and their fucking laws.
Bankers and managers. Fuck-heads and Nazi skins.
Wanna-be tough guys and moronic pricks.
Religious hypocrites, warmongers, sexist dicks,
Paedophiles, murderers, rapists and pigs.
Faecal stench wakes you up,
Seeping through the cracks.
A nightmare all in brown,
Creeping into your brain.
Vomiting from your front window onto the street.
Complete my mission to rid you of your last meal.
I'll take my revenge now with my shit
(On all you fucking dicks!)
Shitting on your life, shitting on your life.
Fuck your perfect little life.
Fuck your car and fuck your wife.
Fuck you stupid yuppie dicks.
Fuck your money and your chicks.


Stuck here in this hole for an awfully fucking long time.
Nothing to do, making faecal paintings on the walls.
Need a rock, I'm so strung out now.
Even tried to smoke my hair.
Urine test that proved my guilt
Must mean there's something left in me.
The warden's searching. They won't find shit.
I hid that crackpipe. I swallowed it.
And if the warden feels up my ass,
He'll probably find them.
16 pieces of glass. I was high as fuck then.
16 fucking times.
Didn't even notice. They just slipped down.


You might be a loser,
You still need to get some sooner or later.
Your right hand isn't enough, need for something else than lubricant and Vaseline.
All your socks are stiff as fuck. Fuck it!
If you can't get laid, take a little time off
Travel to the countryside. Duct it!
It won't squeal on you in the same way the ladies do,
And it won't laugh at you.
Look at the selection, you can have it all here
Every size of pussy, no matter how depraved.
Go ahead and pick one. They all have their advantages.
Some of them stink, but others smell great!
Fuck it! Come on, get your dick wet.
Don't be a fucking pansy, you'll never get a pussy.
Duct it! If you can't get close, tape it to the bedpost.
Fuck it with your eyes closed
Goats and sheep and pigs, cows, even chicken.
Tape them down and fuck them like a beautiful woman.
Can't get pussy, don't get sad and let your head down,
Ask a farmer, he'll let you in the fucking barnyard.
Do what you will any day.
Every day a wonderland that says
3Come back with your next pay".
Whoever would've thought that furry little
Creatures don't just serve for meat and milk?
Never would have guessed what good times are
To be had with a cow and lubricant.
Fuck it! No one needs to know this.
It can be your secret, you know it's better kept that way.
Duct it! You think you're better than a rapist?
The only difference is the diseases you'll catch!
I think I'll spell it out:
Fuck it! Your fucking cock starts itching.
Duct it! Wait 'till you take a leak.
Fuck it! You better count those sheep now.
Duct it! The spanked monkey just bit back.
Fuck it! This shit won't kill me, at least
I get pussy! It's been a while.
Duct it! If you wanna fuck it, gotta bring
That duct tape every time!




I want to be in rapture over watching you bleed
I'll show you if you don't know what I mean!
Strangulated, I tear you behind me
My long stony way back home
As long as it needs to run to you
Your torture last, your torture last
You meet me. And will notice that I'm not here to speak.
Where are you going now? Don't run away from me.
Cannibal obsession.
And you are my meat. Your flesh is my desire.
I'll show you if you don't know what I mean!
Don't pray for mercy. Feel how it hurts.
I'll just satisfy my greed. You deserved to suffer.
Your desperate cry will not stop your captivity.
I bring you the freedom you need.
Consume you from head to feet.
I almost starved when you cook.
And finally you get quiet.
Now I can rest for a while.
With my delicious meal.


Too much coke. Too much speed.
Hey there, what's your name you pretty thing?
It's not like I really care. Eat this pill babe.
Let's get wasted. Want to fuck you senselessly!
Don't you worry, just this one time.
Who cares on a New Year's Eve?
Come to my place, party's over,
Got more booze and shit at home.
Hardcore porn's my favourite thing next
To drugs and alcohol.
Inhale my semen 'till you stop breathing.
Lungs now stuffed up with my cum, start to spazz.
Heaving, choking as you go blue
This I didn't expect to be happening now
But fuck it, I'm gonna huff some glue
Wanting nothing more than to shove my cock
Back down your throat
Had enough of your bitching around anyway.
You'll get one final load.
Need more coke. Need some weed.
I was planning on having a nice and quiet night,
Sadly my urge got the best of me again.
Now it's you who looks like you need medicine.
Coughing blood and rolling on the ground.
Nevermind the fireworks outside the house,
All I need to see is right in here.
Didn't know how much harm that a load of jizz could do,
Every single day one learns something new.
As I watch you twitching and spazzing out,
My dick starts to do some twitching of its own.
God damn, how I love these experiments.
So much to learn, so many studies in pain!

11. 2 S.H.C

Fucking wasted evening spent consuming
Too much of all kinds of shit,
My stupid buddy wasn't thinking
When he bought them home with us.
Told him 10 times not to do it, only listened to his dick
Now I'm stuck in this mess, staring at a female abomination
They're completely ugly. And just fucking dumb.
Worst thing is their pussies. These stinky hairy cunts,
I can't stand it.
This shit's nasty, they expect to get their holes plunged
Revolting sensation spreading out,
Now I'm about to fucking puke,
Leave the room now, to the kitchen,
Have to find something to do
That's when the glistening of a
Bread knife caught the corner of my eye
Storm back into the room holding knife in hand,
Commence hacking slicing at their stinky fucking clits
Won't stop 'till I'm finished. This shit has to end.
No more of these stinky ugly fucking hairy clits!
Butchery's over, now comes clean up.
Hope my buddy doesn't mind.

Think he's passed out. Doesn't matter,
Smell got better by a mile.
Now I feel more like fucking. Now I finally can get a grip.
Even with their bowels spread across the living room,
They smell more pleasant than their fucking clits.


If these ladies knew what turns me on,
They'd say go fuck yourself
Tough luck, they fall for my sweet-talk,
Now it's too late. No escaping.
Almost too easy. Can't wait to see her eyes.
Now she's wasted on my couch
No need for chloroform this time. Come to the bedroom. Strapped down willingly.
Before she knows what she's about to receive,
I pull down my pants.
She notices something's missing. Deep throat the stump.
Down to your lungs. Deep throat the stump.
Or I'll make you one of your own.
Sphincter tearing as I ravage, mercilessly pounding down.
As my knee enters your colon,
Half-digested meals are spilled.
Wake you up with butyl-nitrite.
It will help enhance your panic.
As you scream in pain and terror,
You notice what the fuck's wrong with me.