A Night In Texas

Invigoration tracks



Destroy; erase the minds of this human waste
Deconstruction of the whole system that betrays us
Expulsion of every being that's empowered us
Submersion inside a world full of ignorance
We are human cattle to these corporate lords
Deprived of our human rights
No trade of our freedom exists anymore
Consumed by wealth and greed
We are trapped inside this artificial life


Your lies and deceit will bring us to the end of time
Sooner then later the world will fill with hate and murder
We follow like sheep in the darkest night
Faith will lead us to defeat
Darkness fades as we are driven to death
Like lambs to the slaughter, we never stood a fucking chance
Corruption will fill our souls
These words you speak
Are nothing but poison
That pollute the weak
Who follow like sheep
Books full of unexplained stories of plagues and bloodshed
To make the peasants fear
Sacrifice, the last meal watch it rot [2x]
We are all alone in this hopeless world
We never stood a fucking chance
Let all your dreams die
A world we knew was just a dream
Choice was not an option
Say a fucking prayer
No god can save you now, it's all over yet you still pray for nothing [2x]
Bury your dreams before, before the weak
Extermination of the pure, make the peasants speak
Watch as the sky turns to blue to red
Hopes and the dreams of the people turn to disarray
The locust swarm free, consuming all the flesh within me


Inhaling all humanity
A system to control our lives
A shackle born and bound on our feet of our innocence
I refuse to live my life like a slave
You've taken the mind from the clean and turned us into the most common breed of man
Don't believe what what we were born into..
Save your fucking self!
No words written or spoken would change my reality
In what i really see behind my eyes
Your censurable life has nothing but,
Disbelief for a high being
There is no antidote for what we've created
Under the spell of wealth
Under the spell of money
This is not how my life is supposed to be...


We are the breed of deceit
The future of all mankind is lost in our lies and disgust
Our whole generation was born to corrupt
And bring forth these endless feelings of distrust
We all had these fucking lies embedded in our minds at birth
We were born to lie, create fear, spread hate and nothing but despair
Created only for one purpose; to manipulate
Knowing nothing but conforming, deconstruction of this race
Envy is the breed of all hate
Mankind's lost within it's own fate
Determined for nothing but to fail
Our whole species is decaying beyond belief
The moral fabric of society is decomposing
We have all been manipulated by greed and lust
By all those people who are supposed to trust
We have all been manipulated by greed and lust
By all those people who are supposed to trust
Disfigure this hierarchy, creating a new world order
Upon this world consumed by chaos and disorder
Imprisoned by the system that was once designed to help
There is no saviour, no hope left for us
Decomposing the morals of this species
Crucified by the lies of humanity
Pollution of the last trace of purity
Quarantine the filth of our race


Desecrate the garden of Eden that you call your own
It is nothing but a fucking wasteland beneath my feet
Why can't you maggots see there is no God above you?
You're all just pathetic fucking peasants, living a lie
You're all fucking sheep
I am the preacher
The preacher of Satan
The persecution of what doesn't exist
I am the judgement
I am the awakening
I am the fucking end
Religion is the substance poisoning all our minds
Religion is the substance poisoning our minds
Nothing but human sheep preaching vile lies
Crucify the harlots that taint our existence
Abandon the thought that manifests in our minds
Beheading a prophet, aborting the birth of Jesus; infecting the virgin's womb
There is no god in the sky above you
Ushering a new world order of the damned
There is no god in the sky above you
Ushering a new world order of the damned
This is your worst nightmare
I am your worst nightmare