Iron Way tracks


2. Miasma Track

With a last croaking gasp, I came to you in darkest hour
Weak limbs, nearly dead, my misty way seemed endless to me

An anguished path in dark bohemian woods
Hope to escape the Miasma track

Hear my words, don't retreat, while others fall I've got salvation
Through the banned mile I crept, hunted by eyes, I surely know too well

My wounded bones haven't failed till now
Against the time that clasped my beloved
Sentenced to death by the fog of deceased
Like a merciless storm of hellish rage

By the life of mine, give me the dear serum
Blessed be thy name, in the coming days of our recovery

In the days of joy, when a cold wind will arise
To scour the land and blow the stench away

3. Spellbreaker

Staring with bleak eyes
Behind a pale white face
The cape of sin has bent down their backs

Begged in life and serve in death
Below a wooden cross
Betrayed by the almighty Sign of Christ

When turret clock comes near midnight
The church bell calls for their servants
Among the sad gaze of the dead
Damned to see them all again

Right in the middle
Of this well known crowd
I feel the weakness in every heart

Nearly saying these creatures
Get what they deserve
I recognized we finally must burn
Down the spell of lies and greed
Crush the church and hang these goatfucking Priests

Free the sons and raise
The daughters of our soil
To claim what is ours

4. Across those Highlands

The haze above the forests
The crest beyond the dale
Carved in stone by aeons

Pale and mighty glow the mountains
Across a sleeping world
Guarding over endless
Chains of blackened crowns

The wheel of fate has bound us to these valleys
Across those highlands I will walk
The tidal wave will never reach our landscape
Across those highlands I will walk

Saddle the horse and sharpen the blades
The boundaries of conspired pacts
Must stand against the hordes
Drenched in blood, in grimly rage we judge
The scum in front of our walls
Must fall one by one

5. Return to Black Hill

Lay aside your wearying load
Gathered in dark acreages, far from native land
Close your eyes and suspire
Hear the well-known voices of your brotherhood

By the sight of the hilltops
By the mighty maple trees
In the shadow of the mountain chains
We stand, our blades glare in the sky

Not a twig has lost its charm
Nor reveal its magic since I disappeared
Standing here among these rocks, smell the versant meadows
Truly, I'm home

On my way I counted every day went by
Coming nearer to the hills of my birth
Moving faster as my heart calls to return
Leading me to where I started before

6. Infested

Leaping wolf or a bloodthirsty creature
The shape I couldn't see clear
The eyes black, the claws wide, an uneven fight


The mutations I realized soon
An unrelenting urge
For blood, for flesh, for the arrival of night

8. Pagan Path

Your path through this woods will lead you to your grave
Spare my soul, we take your sins and bring you guidance
We known our way, the path of our fathers
Sons of god, proclaim your gracious salvation

Through the cold days of ice, while the storm wind whips
The only thing that warms, is the fire made by us.
No god will fir you up, when you shatter on a rock
But the herb behind the stone that cut scars in your bones.

Take your cross and spill your blood to step closer to him.
If we meet again as you say, we may see who has sinned.

Fall astray into an empty space
No Savior and no divine redemption

Desperate cry, fade away in the distance
Leave all behind, your signs of immortality
The wind roams the trees, while flames light up the hill
Silence prevail and soon the pagan path appear

9. Kreuzweg

They cross the land from north to south, pass the
Lowfields and escape the marshes.
But on this forest their journey ends,
These hills will stay unbent.

Lay among faithful alliance,
Covered by an unseen hand
To ensure what has been ours since
The day the forests breathe

This path will force you down,
Inevitable, as uncounted times before
You fight, hack, bleed, crawling through
The dust, in the shadow of the wall