Sick Of It All

Just Look Around tracks


1. We Want The Truth

Abused used the way we felt
Dirt cheap the way you dealt
Talk talk nothing's said
Speeches promises don't mean a thing
Empty words from your mouth
Token actions gave you clout
Time's now to end your luck
No more talks cause we don't give a fuck

About your alibis, about your lies
and all your excuses
Think we can't handle it
Think we would cave in, why don't you try it
No more stories, no more double talk
and no more cover ups, we just want the truth!

Abused used the way we felt
Dirt cheap the way you dealt
Talk talk nothing's said
Speeches promises don't mean a thing
Empty words from your mouth
No one cares what it's about
In the past give us proof
No more talks, we just want the truth!

And what about the youth
Never told the truth
Never told what it's all about
It's all about the wealth
There's no one there to help
and everyone's looking out for themselves
Put our faith in you and our trust too
Have you no conscience
We know the story, it's money and glory
Don't care who you step on
No more speeches, no time for apologies
We heard it all before
All of your alibis, all about your lies
and all your excuses
Think we can't handle it
Think we would cave in, think we can't take it
No more stories, no more double talk
No more cover ups, we just want the truth!

2. Locomotive

Trapped in a rut and i can't get out
don't see a way to be free
working at it everyday nothing that i do
or say can break my poverty
my desperate eyes will close tonight
and i hope i won't feel a thing
cause i know tomorrow i'll continue
with my sorrow
and my desperate eyes will sting

I don't understand, is it some kind of plan
to keep us in our places
no matter how we try, no matter how we strive
we just can't seem to get ahead

Same old stuff all over again
but necessity keeps me here
every week that passes
i'm gettin' weaker, faster
i'm living in constant fear
suffering is at an all time high
and they tell me i'm a lucky man
if lucky is to suffer, then i wish it on another
and i really don't give a damn

Day in day out, feeling the grind
someway, somehow, gonna leave it behind day in day out, feeling the grind
someway, somehow, gonna leave it behind
day in day out, feeling the grind
someway, somehow, gonna leave it behind

3. The Pain Strikes

the pain strikes, the pain ascends
too much to comprehend
come down, remove the breath
come down, remove what's left
loss of the will to live, the loss of everything

i know we'll say goodbye someday
goodbye said in an eternal way
too precious just to throw away
it's a waste, such a waste, what a waste, you know
i can't believe it's happening

the pain strikes, the pain's at hand
too much to understand
wind blow, remove the pain
wind blow, put out the flame

you won't admit to the pain you've submit to
you fight it every inch of the way
you don't deserve this, it's such an injustice
just watching you slip away

you on the other hand - pathetic i reprimand
you for all the things you believe
nobody wants to know what you're up to
when all you want to do is deceive

4. Shut Me Out

Pressure cooker about to explode
the ignorant ones are litenin' to fools
radical factions add fuel to the fire
to satisfy their hateful desire

We as the innocent suffer the most
paying for crimes we did not commit
here to serve penance for history's sins
detested for something we've never been

All their grandstands, all their big plans
didn't change a damn thing
how could you explain
i don't know your pain
understanding how you shut me out
trust - is lost - we'll gain it back
give us the chance
look in our past and what do you see
history of violence for centuries
the truth isn't written in history's page
this is the source of frustration and rage
we have no rights to ask for your trust
to gain your acceptance we'll do what we must
we'll make a stand for whatever's right
we'll make a stand equal and tight

Shut me out don't you
shut me out don't you
shut me out don't you
shut me out

5. What's Goin' On

Does anybody realize what's goin' on
take a look around and you will see that we're destroying ourselves
does everybody out there have a chip on their shoulders
or is it that we've got nothing, nothing better to do

Beatings of five to one wasn't enough
now we're using everything from chains
to knives and guns
how much more of this do we have to take
before we realize it's such a senseless waste

Does anybody out there hear the cries
of mothers who have lost their children
to your foolish games
when are you gonna realize
that it's all just, just a senseless waste

You think that it's just a game
well, i've got one thing to explain
someday your luck will fail
then you'll wind up dead or jailed

6. Never Measure Up

No one can see you, no one can see
no one can sense humility
no one can hear you, no one can hear
inadequacy's in the air

The greatest fear for you to be
exposed for all the world to see


I know they see me, i know they see
i know they sense humility
i know they hear me, i know they hear
now i face my greatest fear

7. Just Look Around

The question they keep asking me
how can one so young be so bitter and angry
well, the answer is plain to see
maybe if they wern't so blind they'd see what i see
i see the homeless livin' out on the street
on every corner they're asking for money
i try to help them whenever i can
but sometimes i can't afford to help myself
i see diseases and modern plagues of our times
the greed of our leaders has made them blind
to our problems
they spend millions overseas,
people right here are fightin' wars everyday

I see the whites that hate the blacks
blacks against the jews, race against religion
and the're all too blind to see

When we fight each other it puts all of them at ease
it keeps us so busy, so they can do what they please
election time comes and they're out for votes
that's when you see and hear from them the most
this is what they're calling a democracy
that's just another word for hypocrisy
we keep fallin' for the bait
when we realize, it's always too late

I see the whites that hate the blacks
blacks that hate the jews, brother against brother
and they're all to blind to see

As the rich get richer, the poor goin' hungry
i've seen the toll it takes on the workingman's family
education system that's obsolete
can't hold a kid's interest or keep 'em off the street
see a father's fear, hear a mother's cry
what kind of a nation lets their children die
government's corrupt and full of red tape
then you're gonna ask me why i hate

Why don't you open up your eyes so you can see
open up your ears so you can hear
take a look around and you will find
take a look around and you will find out why

8. Violent Generation

Hard times, is what we're in
and it ain't getting any easier my friends
friends, search for the easy way out
and they don't care how it comes about
youth, they just wanna get paid
they don't wanna end up working like slaves
slavin', for nickels and dimes
so they turn to the quick money of crime

Morals are gone, no respect for human life
but what was it that you'd expect
take a look around at this world we live in
tell me you wouldn't grow up cold and callous
prejudice, is one of their tools
and we fell for it like a pack of fools
fools, is what we are
we follow their plans to the letter so far
each other, at the other's throat
they sit back, to them it's all a joke
joke, but now the joke is on them
they can't deal with this generation so violent

We stand accused of the crimes
the crimes that take place
they point the finger
but they're the ones that set the pace
they beat you down, to try to keep you in your place
they were the ones, they were the ones
they were the ones that taught me to hate

9. The Shield

Lowered my shield, lowered - defenses
happier now feeling - all senses
heighten my soul and my - awereness
isn't it great being - defendeless
a long time ago i was - protected
the choise was mine and i - selected
the joy and the pain were - connected
lowered my shield, now i'm not protected

I never used to let it down
never used to let it down
i never used to let it down
never used to let it
there's something i've got to see
i never used to let it down
never used to let it down
i never used to let it down
never used to let it
i've got to see what's realy inside of me

Now i understand that emotion
now i undrstand why ther's commotion
all this time without - a notion
all this time without - devotion
why waste time being - suspicious
come taste life it's - delicious
expose yourself to the - malicious
expose yourself, they're - so vicious

All these years / will this shield disappear
and will i stand / a stronger man / no shield in hand
i'll have to overcome the pain the best that i can

10. Now It's Gone

Where'd go, how'd pass, when did we lose it
that was us, yesterday, runnin' 'round care free
never thought it would end, never thought about time
now we stand, stand alone, not by choise, by fate

In my mind i can see visions of what used to be
all the fun, the suffering, was it just for memories
as i reach out for my past, it disappears
the pain will last
anger builds, i'm holding on
it slips away / and / now / it's / gone

Tighter than family, nothing could get in
all but time, wore away, things went by too fast
ideals change, people change, friends are gone
moved on
some of us, drift apart, and those hurt the most

11. We Stand Alone

Here it is, once again,
tales of betrayal by the ones we call our friends
took us long to get where we are
now we're told what we've done is wrong

We all started with something to say
was it our different views or jealousy in the way
now you're the ones setting the rules
just like the establishment you're so against
lay down your laws, say what you will
tell me i'm wrong and i'll defy you

Who are you to make up rules and put us down ?
with our friends, we'll stay to the end
and if it comes down to it, we'll stand alone
Here it is once again, tales of conformity
by the ones who would be king
we never set out to impress anyone
it's just an outlet, our chance to be heard
at first you said we hated to much
now you say we just can't hate enough
now you're screaming that we've changed
we've grown up but our beliefs are still the same
it's still an outlet for anger and strife
but one more thing, it's also our life

(We) we don't need any help (stand alone)
our beliefs are strong enough to (stand alone)
our desire's burning deep, in our hearts
it's in ourheads, it's in our souls
(we) we defy your fucking lies (stand alone)
you question our beliefs (stand alone)
our desire's burning deep, in our hearts
it's in our heads, it's in our souls (stand alone)

We stand alone

People from the past, they dont want to hear us
the ones they call our peers, they just fear us
ain't handin' no lies but reality comes off as cold
what you hear from me comes from deep down inside us
this just ain't a song of defiance, i'm just tellin' you how it goes

We stand alone

12. Will We Survive

There comes a time in our lives
to ask the question will we survive
reach for a future within our grasp tryin' not to lose hold of our past
all these decisions comin' on
got to keep perspective of what's right and what's wrong
bonds that were made, in the past
hope they survive, hope they will last
'cause it's your voices that make us strong
for that reason alone we must go on, we must go on

So when the time comes in our lives
to ask the question, will we survive
with all the shit that we've been through
there's only one answer that would be true
we found an outlet we can trust
without this release i know we would bust

Took alot of shit in our lives, made it thru time after time
i know we will survive
we, we will survive
we, we will survive

13. Indust.

Locked out, and alienated
lost, soul, is feared and hated
judged, scared, not comprehended
waste, time, no more

Everyone's reponsible to take precaution - be aware
research is our best defense
if we ignore it we'll just fool ourselves

Your, lies, and misconception
won't, help, in their affliction
learn, know, what's fact or fiction
waste, time, no more

There's no more time for talk, we've got to see
the reality that surrounds us every day
we can't ignore all the victims of the plague
who've been fighting for a future
that's looking pretty, pretty vague
we can't deny it, we can deny it
it just ain't right if we turn a blind eye
the truth will upset all of those
who will let this apathy run their live, 'cause :

Silence equals death
silence equals death
silence equals death