Katun tracks


1. Regnum Satani (in league with Satan we ride)

Every dawn and for the dead of the nite
We call to thee
In nomine dei nostri luciferi excelsi
Ad maiorem Ad gloriam
O satanic elite
Raise the ordo draconai

Ave satanas
In league with satan we ride
Regnum satan
O achios pethane

Uncest and unhonoured
Fornever to walk these soils

Feeble perversity dances through the air
Smell the ashes of kownledge
Rise molten disease
Upheaval of all

Regnum satani
O achios pethane

Will to exist
Pride that surrounds and mocks
So vicious and intrincate
The lord obscure we ungrace our souls
Thee essence
For honor obscure

Regnum satani
Donnis nocte mundi
Regnum satani
In league with satan we ride

In whores
We rejoice unpure
For the eye of the goat we invoke
Salve satanas
Nocte vobiscum

2. Tinieblas Tenochtitlan

Hasta el viento
Al pronunciar
Los secretos de la noche
Los enigmas
Que la luna brilla
Entre esta pugna de irrealidad
La muerte y sus nombres aguardan

Tinieblas deseo
Para esta tierra sin piedad
Espero la hora
De las magnas runias por eruptar
Sin descanso mis espiritus
Me hablan
Imploro en humeante
En esta tierra terminar

Tierra inmortal
Nunca ha cesado
Tu existencia y perseverar
En tinieblas yo deseo
Esta vida terminar
Las lunas aguardan impaciente
Innunente futuro
Por pasar


Vago y no descanso
En pecado
Los zefiros de la noctambulidad
Me ensean a esperar
Por que el sol
No brille mas

3. Motlatito yn Quetzalcoatl

Ye ypan
Yn xihuitl
Ce acatl
Motenehua mitoa
Yn ycuac oazito

Niman möquetz choc'ac

Niman möquetz choc'ac
Co'ncuic yui itlatqui

Yn yapanecayouh
Yn ixiuhxa yar

Auth ymicuac
Omocen cauh
Niman yc ynomatca


Niman möquetz choc'ac
Co'ncuic yn itlatqui


Ye motocayotia
Yn tlatayan
Motlatito yn Quetzacoatl

Ye ypan
Yn xihuitl
Ce acatl

4. Summoning Selfdestruction

So unknown
So untold

For once and beyond
I pray for the moons to come
And those who had shone
So dark in mist of the night

Feeble punzing expulsion
Of this dead essence so impure
For neboulous disasters
In this medium body I expose

For ages I had never know
In it's within that I rest
For endless humiliation
Of my body, mind and soul

I shall become
Night so unknown
Night so untold
Before light
Dark we summon

Bliss of the night
And dawn of opacity
Nebulous smoke of the dead
Whites and pales the moon

Give me voice
No will to exist
Transform my sight and vision
And twist everlast this life

Mist so impure
We breathe for the night
Despair and somber ecstasy
Hecaterina untold

5. Omitzhuicazquia Tezcatlipoca

Auh intlaoximiquin
In ihquar ayamo
In diablo
In umpa nuctlan

Ticatca in tzitzunitl

Piedra del aguila
Mata nu ser
Rex obsidiana

Dios del panteon anual
Espejo humenate
Neoc paotl

Auth intlaoximiquin
In ihquac ayamoTimoquaatequia
In umpa mictlan

Ticatca in nahual

tu estas sometido
Bajo el poder del nahual

Piedra del aguila
Senor de luto
Mata nu ser
Rex obsidiana

6. From sin to Honour

I am the one
Who possess the strength
I am the one
Who satiates the bloodthirst

Steady I am
Leaving this land of deny
This poisoned flesh
And create a river of blood

That leads to eternity
Bring me spirit to accept my path
Bring me strength
To meet the death

I am the one
Who travel to the gods
To the deepest I will fall
From sin to honour

I am redemption
Somber death cult
Returning life

I face my death
With no remorse
Seeking purification
I explode

Leaving in honor
Reaping the sin
I fulfill the will

Leaving in honor
Reaping the sin
I fulfill the will
Devoured by earth
Another journey awaits

Now the lord satisfied
Look at my land

Reap my existence
Sculpting my flesh to nohing
From the highest it fall
From sin to honour

Reap my existence
Stealing my blood until the end
To the deepest I will fall
From sin to honour

I am the one
Who possess the strength
I am the one
Who satiates the bloodthirst
I am the one
Who travel to the gods
From sin to honour

Now the lords satisfied
Look at my hand

7. Ride Thee Nebulah

Mist of the night
Fornever to breathe into dark
Solace to this
Immense valour within the deads

Setting the lunar dawn
Acrimonic desecrate beneath

Darkness ride
Into nebular ash

Smoke of despair
Teaches left and right

Anxiety fed into panic
Freezes this will to live

Reaching without moving
This nebular trance of the dead

Lie to the eyes of the world
Mocking and hiding the light
To this fools

No soul and no voice
Loss this path and honor to the void
Those who swallow truth
And vision of ages of times never known

Passions to death
And to walk this cloudy dark
Ride thee nebulah
Immense cloudy scald

(Verse I repeats)

8. Ya Nötsi de Huitzil

Ihyotl itlexie tlecomoctli
Canic in mictlampan ayanuctlan
Teyoitta tlillotl cemicac

Tetocoyan pocyo
Huehue teotl yaoyotl tetzalan

O hutizilopochtli
Icuiuhcac tlapaccaihyotl

Can tepoztic
Ca mexicatlalli yn ezo

Cuicatl paxia acatcam
Chalea tlahtoque in nucctlantli

Plataniliztli anequi
Huitzilac inin huitzlampa

Ya nötsi de huitzil
Ixcuaitl imani
Nelli catzahuac
Huica ca inin xibalba

Nohuicpa tezcatl pocyo

Mahiuliztli iztlacatiliztli
Tlanepan oquichtin

Tezcatlilpoca potoniliztli
Yaotl ceccan nohuicpa

Canin techializtli
Ya nötsi de huitzil

9. Rex Funebre

Peccata patris modo necatis

Mammon erit nomene eius

Patris flamca ardentes

Nec umquam luce creatoris

Ad maiorem
Ad domine

Et sol obscurantur in caelis
Crassus erit moribus
Mortis et astra ipsa clamabunt
Caelo conceptus sed inferno natus

Animas caim suas homines

In fornace semper ardentes
Peccatis filis excessa erint

Amor caim patris
Modo satanae
Amor possessionis
Orbis terrae
Verum fatum suorum

In lucis arbore patris
Conspectu descendunt contaminatum est
In umbra cius cocidit naturus
Et lux ignis siu patris flammae

10. Serpents ov Smoke

In the land of my ancient ones
They born from fire
With the fragrance of the death
Dwelling in the land
Rising with might
They come from fire
The reverence rise

Rise high
Serpent gods
Rise high
White smoke

Bringing magic rites
We awake the smoke
We summon the snake
Through burning flames

Rise high
SSerpent gods
Rise high
White smoke

Making sublime
The welcome of the gods

They said they speak
They said they praise
They said they health
Serpents ov smoke

They born from fire
And rises with might

They said they live
They said they protect
They said they clean

They said they speak
They said they praise
They said they health

Serpents ov smoke