Kohti Yhdeksän Nousua tracks



Kristityn kuoleman myrsky...
Ratsut Hänen liekkinsä varjoista allamme lyömme
Helmiportin Palvelijat tuhkanmustasta raudasta
Taotuilla miekoillamme, Hävittäjän ikivihan siunaamilla.
Helmiportin Papiston me saatamme haudan puoleen
Kuoleman Ikuisuuden Varjojen opeilla,
Julma isku heidän kauloilleen...

Kävimme polkuja Vuortenkansan,
Unohdettuja reittejä kivien ja kallion saloissa.
Yhä käy virtana Saatanan mahdin
kauas silmien katseen rajoilta legioonamme.
Hiidet susilla ratsastaen, vuorten petojen muassa
- peikot julmakatseiset. Tappakaa kristityt!
Yhä uudelleen kaikuu tuhatkertaisena yli siintävien laaksojen.
Tappakaa kristityt ! - Viha mielissämme...
Tappakaa kristityt ! - ...synkänmustissa...
Tappakaa kristityt ! - ...ilman elämää...
Tappakaa kristityt ! - ...ilman valoa.


Feeble fools, unaware of the terror soon to come.
After what is still awaiting, no light will ever be here.
Only the stones remember the battles that have been clashed
On these moors and fields, as thousand of years ago
The soil drank blood of those unwilling to serve.
Still at night I can hear their screams when they fought for glory and might.
Steel was bent, and bones were crushed, and still the spirit of war is here.
They knew not, that once more a battle so great, so hateful
Would be fought upon these barren landscapes, in honour to those who died.

For there are (also) creatures hidden in the (very) darkest places
Of this realm, like the demons (hiding) under the (dark) mountains,
And the beasts, waiting to be unleashed from their graves guarded by spirits.
These secrets have yet remained in whispers and in tales, but as it has been told.
Aeons ago.

These creatures, side by side with the legions of darkness,
On a moment seen by the unknown oracles, will emerge to rise
The mighty empire of darkness, the supreme imperial reign of evil.
I know not if I shall be here when the Armageddon is to come,
But this axe of war in my hand symbolises that I am ready for war.


I have bestowed pains in lucid and timeless graveyard harbours by my own sea.
One stone was cast in it's glass waves...
Disharmony, infection.
I sighed a storm that drowned them.
Bare a foot upon my shore illumination.

In the calm of the water.
Shine of unholy options, mirrored by wintermoon.
Choose and I may not...
Bare a hand upon my shore illumination.
Life is not the answer.
The hands are rotten.

Fool's reflection, vanish now.
I am still the disintegrator.
Lucid ultimate pain, dissolver.
In the years of brightness
until my hateful victory
the garden grew...
Withered thoughts and vivid words.
Vanish now.

I have cast the firemist
for those in truth
shan't bare the illness.
We are of His flame.
... The Revelation.


Burn, aura blessed in white kingdom whereby angels flied.
From thy fall we drink, a light buried now in ashes, benighted.
Be them farewelled with an strike of axe
for in them lurks the christian hoax
from times bygone, (still we had) forgotten how lacks
their morals which now brokes.
Burn, home made for him
whom no longer dwell therein
where angels flied, where angels rejoiced.
There where the light was raped...
By darkness.


Varjon vihat, Valon surma, sanoina yhteen saatettiin, puettiin kuuteen ja yhteen.
Sormus. Varjon salat, Valon kuolema, tekoina yhteen liitettiin, saatettiin yhden tykö.
Sormus ja Silmä.
Oikea silmä? Poissa, vasemman surunkelmeydessä,
haudattu ikuisesti horisontin taa.
Nyt kun aurinko loistaa poissa, Jumala tapetaan.
Kahdentoista kaatuminen Varjon mahdille,
merkki Hornan noususta ! Kaikkivoipa Pimeys
Kuun kasvoilta yllemme lankeaa,
rakkauden lämmön jäänä saamme pirstoa.
Ei elämää ihmiselle, ei iloa heille jotka Häneen luottivat.