Krankhaus tracks



Oh fashionista loving you mista
Relieve the pain, pull a little tighter
Dandy man workin' at typewriter
Head count eaten by the grinder

Nose to the grind for 8 hours of hate
Marching to the orders of the fashionist state
Smacked out pretty doll rock-a-billy tats
Fake hair, piercings and fries with that

A la mode a la mort
Constricted bound, tied up
A la mode a la mort
Held up with a rubber cup

Perfect shape through carnal bonsai
Spank the monkey 'til she bleeds peroxide
Get in line roll a dollar debase
Turn to the right, attention deface

Transdermal luxury premium hind
Modify the body, pacify the mind
Churned out grrl. bot in stereo
Seasonal depression material

Vanity is all right, is really all right. Little miss world
Miss big bang sweetie
Vanity is all right, is really all right. Miss universe
Miss the point completely

Colour me by numbers i'm bound to please
Beautiful and deadly, the bomb shell sleaze
Literati breeds thigh hi dogma
Gothed out malibu muther-fucker


Your tongue, bores me numb
Terror toma carcinoma, thinking of you
Shallow opinion,
Acid fetish toy in the shape of…
You look very beautiful,
Deranged, debauched, denude on that stainless steel cot
Enter herr surgeon,
Take up the bowie knife and play join the dots.

Rip it vena carver open heart starter tear it out
Tell me that the doctor is in

Your fist, judas kiss
Writhing carcass, new lazarus ravenous blood
Razor, devil child
Drugged up, aristocrat, completely…
Fucked up with formalities
Empty, heiress, tantrums, psycho with a gun
Finger heresies
Clean out the poison when you cut out your tongue

Heart removed neatly with a bowie knife
Pick up the blade and join the dots

Rip it vena carver open heart starter tear it out
Tell me that the doctor is in (sane)


Placebo from the garden of eden
Rub it on bone watch the skin grow
Blissful cocktail makes a god from heathens
Changing your life to a perfect glow

Tie a knot and hang it up high
Your battered corpse is bitter and sore
Our lethal nectar will distort your body (liquor)
We'll make you better than god did before

Oh child of balem, i hear you wailing
Your love muscle refuses to grow
When nature fails reach for the elixir
Boldly rush where angels won't go.

Bound up perfected 5 inches inflated
You'll be an overnight extrovert
Pattern the body, beauty by numbers
Breathe in tight, this is going to hurt

Excess into muscle
Jesus pill binge
Water into wine
Devil in a syringe

Suckling frenzy at rubber breast
Beheaded busted a doll infect
Salty lotion, rubbed in open scratch
Removes hair and all self respect

You need it trust me you need it.
Inject potion peel back your face
Lacerate on your armor inflict
Uncut beauty underlines grotesque

You don't get it you just don't get it

You will obey me
You will become me
We will control you
Time for your medicine baby

4. 100%

Dip my tail in blood ink
Write it down in red
Scribe the words "happy meal"
Right across your head

Tired of getting walked on
Treated like a sheep
Don't blame me for all the years
That you were asleep

God is in control
Watch the dot
Take your meds
Obey my demands
Trust my dog
Time for surgery
God is in control
Watch the dot
Take your meds
Obey my demands
Trust my dog
Shut your eyes your dead

Televised mass poison
Spitting at the screen
Keep the masses deluded
With fabricated dreams

Powdered god in a bag
From the vatican
I want you to fuck off
As hard as you can

Heaven has burst open
Now it's raining bones
The chaos will erode you
Breeding little clones

Born of a fallen rib
From the monkey's womb
Overcooked by cathode rays
Evolved to consume

Last time was the last time...

Eating from the butcher's slab
Becoming what they meet
Restrained and roasted while they gorge
Strapped into the seat

Bathing in your arrogance
Dining will ensue
God made me a cannibal
To fix problems like you

Last time was the last time...
This time, you're 100% fucked.


Spin a dice and it's vegas rigged
A glass full of conobine and your off yer head (you take a)
A blood shot without the boom
Another hit of toxin closer to exhume

I'm feelin' lips
I'm feelin' cherry
I'm feelin' ripe
I'm feelin' (juicy)

Got no cards, but still got your hand
Her snake eyes are casting a diamond distain (and now you)
Got no sleeves wishin' your could cheat
Try to run away when you got no feet

You look so pretty with you diamonds and you designer botox
You'll have to put something special in that little red box

One more black line will ease that limb away
Mind destroying angel made you judgment sway
Exsanguination left you insane (but it's)
Hard to use an axe when you ain't got hands

Razor ruin rust restrain
Mutilate your body but don't touch your name
Rancour ruin wrath erase
Better lose an eye than loose face


(No lyrics available)


With this bass, i thee shake
Fingers to bow, manipulate
Stroke the string, i seduce
Blocking ears has no use
Twist the knob, turn up the pain
Sensual, to the extreme
Carnal pleasure that will ring
Here is the beat that will make you sin

Music to ears (bullet in cradle)
Chaos to mind (fingers on string)
Disease to body (lips on barrel)
. . . bang! (make you sin)

Krank it up.

Shaking walls, you feel ill
Doing things against your will
Angel of light gave me a ring
Now comes the noise that will make you sin

Wave my wand, heaven breaks
A thousand groins, loins to shake
Carnal pleasure that will ring
Here is the beat that will make you sin


With these milky lips
We're kissing violence
On these loving tongues
We burn up kings

Turn your fucking cheek
I'm gunna drive the knife through
Your stench of deceit
Before you get a chance to

Your sharp intellect
With crippling silence
Slip between the sheets
Stealthy compliance

Den of lying snakes
2 faced junky social mores
Mandrake concentrate
I'll give you fucking sores

Shadow whisper breaking chalice
Burning candle blackened malice
Casting circles weeping callous (don't get mad)
Voodoo pinning devil jealous (get even)

First light a fire
Next wicked speak
Burn singe the hair
Vex seal with spit

I am your sweet regret
With protective shell
Gently drag you down
Though this dirty hell

Blood brothers, narcissism
Duplicity isn't new
Spit sisters, egotism
Watch me while i throttle you

Full of frailty
Growing desperate
To insanity
Pervert flesh on a plate

Scream out treachery
Everyone likes to look
They just want to see you
Dancing on a meat hook

Dance of darkness beats
Spent words misconstrued
Under dermis seethes
Entertainment for the few
Mouth loaded with a gun
Trap door with vocal chords
God puppet beats a drum
Entertainment for the bored
Zombie doll with wings
Feasting on rot
Evil siren sings
Cast the fat lot
Vulture rip away
Scavenging parasite
Full blown soul decay
Under the silver knife


Bless jessica her tempest
I wheel a cage around you
They only see emptiness
In rot decay and horror
Trash goddess soil your beauty
A foul embracing thumb screw
Her fingers gouge divinely
As the old poisons the new

Nothing more to bleed
Nothing more to sow
Nothing more take
Nothing more will grow

A hangman's rope to bind you
Their stories to deceive
One golden cloth to blind you
Served up for the naive

I spoke genius
I wrote a bible
Dead white men could not have done it better
Paint over it in black
Wrap it up in red tape
Address it to no. one and send it off as a…

Dead letter i got a dead letter

Sedit takes his crystal tool (hammer)
Drives the nail into skull
Menstrual roses field of harlots
Ripens the pleasure dolls
Milk opiate enigma
Most vicious animal
Seed lillith and her dogma
The grafted cannibal

Nothing more to bleed
Nothing more to sow
Nothing more take
Nothing more will grow

A hangman's rope to bind you
Their stories to deceive
One golden cloth to blind you
Served up for the naive


(No lyrics available)


Glass man strides over skulls
Ruins from the might
Bones trampled under foot
Plots the counter strike

Flesh stitched onto a frame
Makes the perfect suit
Bomb strapped on johnny's back
Changes points of view

No thanks for the gift
I blow back your shit
More violation and i
Give you scars and stripes

Blood in the sand
The roaches lay dead in the sand
The way in the sand is pathed with blood
I lied to you 'coz they told me too


Bitter spells bed of bitches (in a ring)
Beauty covers hate $ $ hey hey!
Poison weaved by spiteful tongues (in a rage)
Venom coagulates

Vanity addict, i know you want it
Swelling under hide
Hollow corpse, perfume constricted
Cover the stench inside

They only love you 'coz you make them pretty
Beautiful victims of your devil candy

Make up is the mask you wear (lay it on, slather up)
When the façade breaks $ $ hey hey!
Candy shell is deadly sweet (cold meat)
Bitter after taste

Visceral monster, subdermal horror
Serpent under skin
Use a pen or use a hammer
Garrotte the saint within

Motives malformed spat out premature
Disorder spitting back
I keep all the knives you gave lovingly
Implanted in my back

Shiny wrapping, empty box
Life of mediocrity
Milk the kitty antidote
Months of misery

Chaos inject (tear it out)
Massive defect (rip apart)
Plastic messiah (tear it out)
Create desire (eat the heart)

13. WOLF

Eight ball in my hand
The key in your liver
Sculpting danger signs
Bladed credit powder

Jack sweet suck you dry
Baby flesh and candy
Metal salt like blood
Bucket tastes like honey

Skipping with the hood
Basket full of bad es
Over come with good
Gutted for the key

Fuck me up destroy!
You got big teeth, but i got a knife!

I was on the look out for the wolf


Brutal acts of sapiens leave jehovah in disgust
Creative acts of clever monkeys leaves the devil envious
Add up all of hades' blessings total all of heavens' curse
Let you know we've done it better horrifically we did it worse

I am the 6th son of the 6th son of the 6th son i am the borged again son of war
Technology's child, daughter of rebellion, son of a bitch blossom of a whore
I am a god. killing virus, destruction with 8 arms, monster with seven severed heads
I am the son of mars, cleansed with infected blood, vile disease walking on 2 legs

The devil made me do it

Wreak havoc (right now right now riot now/ unleash hell)

Dirty human gone insane outshadows any part of hell
Hope and horror mixed in blood a seething mass out of control
Our shining future in revolt while senile gods are in retreat
Left right wrong right makes the heavens obsolete

I am beyond god i am human i am the razor blade on the communion tray
I am a freak in control not a control freak, i am the sheep that got away,
I am burning but never consumed, determined with nothing to lose
I am who i am who i am who i am who am i?

Pretty girl pretty boy pretty insane pretty fucked up

Made real put into action, surgically atoned to perfection
Made flesh, son of bland, fuck your plans for redemption