Audrey Horne (NOR)

Le Fol tracks



It used to make me so addicted,
I shopped around for all I found
I gate-crashed everywhere I found some,
And even traded in my soul
I used to be predictable,
I knew what came and in which order
I cheated, stole and killed for some,
And even traded my heart

Last chance for a serenade, last chance for a welcome home
You know it's never gonna get any better

A 1000 years of reckless living,
A serenade that came too late
I guess I must have tripped over,
The very things that I held dear

Well it's not the end just yet,
I'll take my chances that I'll be fine
No it's not the end just yet


A tender moment, a sudden case of fear,
Arms against the ceiling, now rip the walls apart
We sleep with daggers and 911 on hold,
Grinning at each other, we tread water where,
Ships are sinking and sharks smell blood,
Somebody's about to get more than their share

This is our last offering,
We still kill the old school way,
Broken hearts and dirty lies, this is love
Last one to the bridge is out,
Lick your wounds and count your dead,
Arm up for civil war, this is love

Like broken records, rewind and start again,
Heads against the brick wall, I cried so hard for you
Release the drama, and all the hounds of hell,
Fuck this institution we tread the water


This neighborhood has crashed and burned,
I brought death to them all through a home-made hurricane
Armed with scissors, fire and booze,
I wiped this goth town clean,
And left a pool of mascara and blood
Little miss evil, didn't someone tell you
That you life its more than just bats and graveyards,
You dream of Marilyn but just like Cave In said,
"The reality check is in the mail"

Last call, first wave, they should have called you,
Everything is up for sale now

Reality is a bitter pill you swallow to grow up,
I guess by now you should have known you've all been fucked
These so-called freaks are signing multi-million dollar deals,
Bats and graveyards are obviously up for sale
So never mind the fact that you are haunted 'cause
All of you ghosts have sneaker brands and cribs in the hill
I guess your checks have bounced,
Still you sing along, well misery loves company


Calm like a bomb,
Well it all took an ugly turn when you walked in
Armed to the teeth
I'll be damned if I go down without a fight
Armed with mistakes,
I was chanceless went down before our second round
You walked in on me, so don't be surprised I ain't on top

Bring on your cheap tricks and all of your knives,
These bloodshot eyes have seen more than one fight
Somebody told you they left me for dead,
Well call off the search team, 'cause I am still here

Black-eyed and bruised, it's been years since
I was caught red-handed in this game
All in a day, I spend all my mistakes on you my dear
Razorblade sharp it only took a minute to walk over me
Brought to my knees I'll be damned if
I go down without a fight

You brought me to the end of my rope,
You pulled up a chair and you left me a note
Well I tangled along, but I thought you should know,
Somebody left me for dead


It doesn't matter where you want to be,
This open road will take you anywhere,
That's how you find a place called home
An empty space, a parking lot,
I've traveled round just to get where I am,
That's why I will always roam
And that's why I roam

When all the shit comes down,
I'm all alone to love you like I do
When the world is closing in
And everyone around you seems gone,
I'll be home

Your car's in park, mine's in overdrive,
I'll stick around long enough
To make you see just how safe it feels at home
I'll trade it all for rolling wheels,
And set my mind on a place so far away,
That's why I will always roam


Never mind the state I'm in,
I'm popping pills to get by
Overrating, calculating every sing word you say
I'll be alright as time goes by,
'Cause it heals all wounds they say
Never mind the afterglow, it still burns when I'm gone

Save it all for the afterglow, gone,
Yeah save it for the afterglow

So never mind the afterworld, it is only temporary and
I'll be gone before you're done questioning my actions
I'll be miles'll be here when I'm gone

You'll be gone when I'm back again
You'll be gone when I return
All is not lost, just cause I fall down,
All is not lost just 'cause I'm gone


Waking up with my head underwater
Gasping for air as my blood begins to boil
Found that I love being stuck in these surroundings,
I found that I love this liquid world of mine

When you sing,
All I need is the time to come up and find air,
When you sing, that the end is the part
Where you start all over again,
And this hole shall be filled
With the promise of things that will come

Falling out with the ones I once depended on,
Drifting away, I was found but now I'm lost
I painted myself in attention seeking colours,
But somehow they won't stick and I won't shine

Ten years I've been stuck, never seen the light of day,
Out of sight, out of mind, ten years of pure decay,
I've been stuck in this rotten hole where I lay

When you go out by yourself, when you sing


I am reluctant to pronounce your name,
Stuck here in these waters I still fight your wave
I have been buried by your selfish game,
I won't forget the way you pinned me down

With or without you I am still right here, under your wave
Without you I am nothing,
I'm all pouring rain I set my mind at ease

A pretty girl will always leave a grave,
So now tell me what's a boy supposed to do

When all is said and done, you cant go back again
And every time you try to leave, you end up here again


Soaked in fluids and drained in the stench of kerosene
I will leave a light on,
Drop a matchstick to tell you where I'm going
I'll burn this town down to light up your way,
Just to follow these bright lights
I will burn these bridges, leave a dead stare,
Oh honey you deserve these flames
I'll tear this town down and leave a road sign,
Just follow this dead trail

Broken, everything is broken,
We've buried the black box recorder,
They'll never get the evidence
Suffocating, oh hell we are the bittersweet taste,
The perfect lie
Nothing ever changes here.
Burn it down, and we'll watch it all go down in flames
Let's set the record straight, and end it all in flames

I'll burn this town down to light your way up


Drop a line dear, leave a light,
Let me know when you go to sleep
I've been drifting outside your bedroom window,
I'm cold and numb out here
I've been shaking, you stir up all my fears
And rattle these fragile bones
No one is safe here, the rats have left the ship
And we're all adrift at sea

Armed with your bare fists you started raising hell,
And they looked at me and wondered who could tell
That you turned out to be a monster,
A curse and a burden
But your distorted screams are making me feel ok

I need a savior,
Someone with an engine to get me out of here
You crossed the oceans, sank a ship or two,
None left alive I heard
Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned hell
Hah no fury like you do


I wish you hell, I'm always looking in,
Stuck on the outside, I'm always halfway there,
25 ways to lose made a sure way to win,
I'm on the outside, permanently damaged by them
I'm here to raise hell again, the mother of every hurricane
You are sucking on the thumb of life,
Make sure nothing ever changes
Yeah you promised hell, so disappointed
Well you promised hell, so disappointed

I'm on the outside looking in,
I'm a witness to my high school reunion
I might be troubled but I wish them hell,
I'm a witness to my high school reunion

All the girls I used to know are turning tricks, while
Their boyfriends are drinking getting wasted on gin
And their mothers are busy getting perfect skin

You broke this heart, you broke this poor boy's heart,
Left a promise that love will slowly tear us apart
The boys would cheer as girls were flying by,
It took a one night stand to bury all their dreams of a life


You seem to remember my name now,
You seem to remember my face
We have been fighting for years now,
We wasted our years and our blood

So long, euphoria, you've been a treasure in our lives
We let the vultures in, to pick the bones of this affair
A thousand years from now,
We'll lick our wounds and say goodbye
So long, euphoria, we set the table with sharp knives

We seem to be wasting away now,
Dust covers the traces we left
Still I feel safer around you,
When we feed on each others fear