Abigail Williams

Legend tracks



I gaze to the darkened
Skies this will be my last
Night trapped in this mortal
Shell and as the body decays
The flesh becomes one with
The earth from which it came.
And as I open my eyes,
Illuminated I wake....
At the gates of the abyss m
Y blood ran cold hearkening
To the death but before I take
To the ground unburden my soul,
Relinquish my heart....
The grave is no bar to my call...
These blossoms beloved
Wont last forever I'm afraid my last
Breath stands frozen and if I shant
See you again as shares of the evening
Drew on beyond our depths


This place holds within its
Walls a profane legacy its sickening
My soul a monument to darker ages
Behold two thousand years we burn the memory.
Twas such a beautiful site
The flames wrought
Tears from my eyes
To the beating of my dreadful heart peering
Into the dark to the dungeons of her hope.
Thine is this portion of
My flesh will you wreak
Your sorrow on me forevermore
On this sombre starless night you've
Wandered from the safety
Of thy nightly shores.
From the cold tombs heart
The spectre washes
Away we overturn the graves of gods who told lies.
I feel as if time has fallen deathly
Still my passions my sorrows mere
Memories of a life past but i've come
To far to just walk away
From my empire the ashes from
The fire still litter the earth
In my wake an infinite sadness
Towards finite endings
Blessings from below curses to the above


Burning glances nocturnal devotions
Awaken the dreaming dead bereft
Of vengeance and in the horizon
Wraith of a messianic failure
False visions moons waning
Pantheon of obsidian seraphim.
Wringing my hands drowns your blessing.
A monument to heavens a silhouette
Of the tired is death the only
Doorway or just an infinite
Ending questions and contradictions
Your sewn mouth secrets i've had all
I can stomach my apathy
Has blinded me casting
My failures to the wind
And still death waits
Above and below me on the wane
This intention lies broken shadows
Wringing my hands drowns your
Blessing and so it rained fire in light
Of my reason what have I done
To deserve this and so we wept
And so we wept and so we wept


"In each watchtower as the body of
Flesh lives so the body of light lives."


"Like blue mantles beneath the stars
This night will last forever."