Liberation tracks



For i have seen beyond the stars
I have felt the strength of chaos
I have reached the point of sanity
And was married by the chaos star
I welcomed the darkness that filled my soul
I was blessed by the madness of the chaos star

This is my destiny
The choices i have made
No hope, no fear
This is manifest

If you could see through my eyes
You would see the things (of wich) i speak
The point of sanity
And the mark of the chaos star
I can show you the darkness that fills my soul
I can brand your empty soul with the mark of the chaos star

This is my destiny
The choices i have made
No hope, no fear
This is manifest

Do you dare to open your eyes?
And see what is out there?
Do you dare to close them again?
And see it reflected in your mind?

Do you know what to look for?
Or do you see what you want to see?
Is your mind open and free?
Or polluted by Christianity?

Do you speak your own mind?
Or the mind of the masses?
Do you practise what you preach?
Or are you full of shit!
Do you walk your own path?
Or do you follow a leader?
This is our manifest of war


Falling into a nocturnal vacuum, i call for satan, the
For his world i shall enter
My call is answered
By force am i taken to realms, darker than death,
To witness the evil glory i have travelled to see

Many are the appearing shapes of Satan
Unfolding in utter grotesque horror
The air is frozen
I can hear the hateful rumbling and pounding in the
I can see flickering spectres, silouettes blistering with-
electric coldness

I breathe spears
Unleashing a pulsating storm of steel
Sulphur floats in my veins
My eyes burn with fury
Carbonised into my heart

Far away, a wast bastard cross manifests in the air
How dare it shine so clear
Here in theese hellish realms?
Oh, did i not know of the impurity...

As the blasphemy becomes unbearable
I behold thousands of claws gripping the golden cross from behind
Soon demons crawl like furious ants all over the profante shape
Screaming in unearthly rage and insanity
The symbol of Nazarene us thirb asunder dripping with slime and rot

I shiver in cruel ecstacy and laugh the madmans laughter

Returning now with diabolical strength and a vicious grin in the face


I ride on burning wings
With a blazing demon
We paint the night sky red
With the blood of god's angels
We piss on the tormented souls
Of religious believers
We rape the virgin Mary
To create an anti-Christ

This is the war of angels
This is the war of demons
This is the war of heaven
This is the war of hell

Burning angels falling
(Their) corpses littering the ground
We crush the pearly gates
Burn all heaven down
We quench the sun
And burn the moon
Remove Jehova
And welcome emptiness

Walk through the valley of death
Smell the stench of decay
As the war is ending
They will curse this day

On this day death walks the earth
Reaping all mandkind

As the sky burns we march forward
Crushing, tormenting and raping the world
Hunt down all survivors, living in fear
We ride with death so no one is spared
What once were will never be again
(Because) the horseman of death brings the world to an end!




Dive into the primitive side
Seek the beast within
Forget all emotions and forget all rules
Let the animal come to life

I welcome you to a world beyond limits
Where nothing is as you know it today
A desert of death and destruction
Pray that only the suns make day

To reach this land you must travel far
Into space, beyond time
Leave civilisation behind and prepare for
Survival of the fittest / a world of three suns

Behold the desert through nocturnal eyes
The endless day / the night pitch black

Eclipsing the suns from the world
Leaving darkness and fear behind
Creatures rule this world
Hunt you down in the dark
Cling to the light and trust the strong to survive
This place is no place for humans
Only creatures get by

I welcome you to a world pitch black


Guided by the voice of silence,
I seek the chosen ones
To fullfill the wishes
Of the master beneath
Their souls are mine to keep
Sold for hopes and dreams
Signing with their own blood
I rule their destiny

I offer immortality

I offer power and influence on whatever their simple
And primitive minds is able to come up with of stupid Wishes and pathetic human materialistic requests

As satan's army increases,
Endless lines of lost souls,
Is waiting to march out of hell

As the mighty demon hordes spread their wings and rise to the sky
The seven gates of hell opens wide

Sell your soul to an evil cause


Like a ghost i wander
Withdrawn from reality
Becoming a misantrophe
Summonizing spirits to me
Fighting humanity
No need to watch my back
For they are fighting with me

We match into war slaughtering mankind
If you try to stop us we will give you hell
(From wich we came)
Join us if you dare
Join us if you can
Choose sides or escape to survive

Blood red is the sky
Blood red is the earth
Blood red are the rivers and mountains that we pass
Black smoke fills the air from the corpse pyres around
Burning mankind and have it buried underground

Their funeral pyres, lighting the earth
Smoke blots out the sun, creating eternal night
Gone is humanity, trampled to the ground
Suffocated by the ashes, utopia of thy design

Lend us your sword
And ours will be yours
Give us your strength
And recieve it thousandtold
The demon army
Marching over forth
Fullfilling the vision:
An untained world

Don't oppose us... resistance is futile
We annhilate all enemy forces
Nobody can stop us now
Defeat of mankind, a victory of misanthropy


Riding the wings of the unholy wind
To be carried to an eclipsed place of chaos
To be taken far away from holy ground
Away from the falling christ and his father

As nights and days passes, till we turned to dust

Series of simple gestures make me perish,
As i said farewell to light an god of desillusions
To follow thee into darkness wich i long for
The source of fire, always burning in my heart

I hereby give you me, to declare war!
I bare no regrets for these actions,
I fulfill them with pride, i worship all that is ours
Joining the mach of the even fall
To be at your disposal, the blade when you release damnation
I fulfill these actions with pride, i worship all that is ours

Open the gates, greet me welcome
Independence carried me away from lies and hipocricy
The god of sickness and his sickening angels
To reach a new aeon, wich i seek...

As nights and days passes untill i've turned to dust
My soul is thine to cleanse, to form
To shape like thy signs of yours


As time floats by i'm stuck on this point of no return
The world, a stage upon wich a neular play unfolds
Flickering by in shades of grey permeated by absurdity
Like a glossy polished reality slowly fading into oblivion

Unconcious but aware
Awake, yet dreaming
Alive, still limbonic
Awaiting the libreration

The fallen angel of doom appears i behold his fury in fear
Disguised he enters the play fullfilling the obscurity
I see the stage crumble, i see the curtains fall
The final act begins as death reveals it's disguise

Escaping mankind, escaping doom
Outrun (the) fear, outrun death
Heading for the promised land to gain immortality
Let the play of liberation begin anew

The circle is ended
A new play begins
No need to witness
Know the end
Let all fears go by
Drift into oblivion


Visions of that no mornings
Light ever will come
I'm to old now
The dark is so near,
Will i ever reach
The land beyond
This is where we go when we have to die!

I've been old since the birth of time
Time buried me in earth
Centuries ago, i tasted blood
Buried by time and dust
Many years has pasted since the funeral
Missing the blood of human throats
So many years, ages ago
I must await, feel my bodies stench

Wanderings out of space
Wandering out of time
A world out of light, death at the end
Only silence can be heard, silence of peoples tears
No one knows my grave
Buried by time and dust