Agnostic Front

Liberty and Justice for ... tracks



Anger as sharp as the broken glass
Burning cars and tear gas
Every race riot-is the last one
A dying culture's final gasp

Every decade-yet no one learns
And it's always their own homes they burn
Crushed by a quorum - driven - state machine
A nation's will, cannot be turned

Memories lost in a nation's sleep
In the dreams of contented sheep
Can we ever hope to find solutions
When our country has sold the Constitution

All too wrong to be right
The answer's there, we just lack the sight
Race wars fed by prejudice and fright
The love of a nation for its people
burned through the night

Monochrome blood sport - we never tire
So many things feed the fires
To repeat history - a world conspires
So many years have fed the desires


So many people will come and go
Past their time before they know
Swear they were there from the start
Never had it in their hearts

Things you do - come back to you
Things you've said - echo on inside your head

Figureheads come cheap these days
No one listens to what they say
In their faces i see the fear
A crucial moment drawing near

You pay the price - take bad advice
What they said - echoes on in your head


Day after day
See a world grow cold and grey
Did you see it today
Youth that rage while their idols age
Need some new start
See ideals for what they really are

What does it take?
Eyes for the blind
What does it take?
Strength of the mind

That's what it has to be
To cast everything aside for me
It takes sacrifice
To find the heart and set it free
You better find the drive
While you're young and still alive
No one hands you the truth
No one can say what's right for you

Don't wait for the call
Strength above all

Don't just wait in vain
For everything to change
Don't wait for the call
Strength above all


The birth of man was the birth of Hell

The wrathful flames dance around my head
Falling figures, burning dead
A well once filled with flowing water
Now an endless tunnel of hate and squalor

Covered, once, with locks of hair
All burned off, to leave me bare

A hand that once reached out to feel
Now gropes about for something real
I try to hold onto what i've found
But the heat of the touch melts all to the ground

Pulling back, inside my head
I watch for hours, the listless dead

From my hear flows the tears
Giving no life to that which is seared
I wait for the day when only ashes appear
Nothing gained - and no more fear

And once again i will be pure


Changes that were hardly noticed
Until time itself became a chain
Once hot blood began to cool
My ever slowing heart - beat in vain

From the nightmare i wake in another dream
And stare at an unbroken sky
Try to distill a cure for the plague
That's put to rest everything - i once felt inside

To never again be bound by united blood
A sense of purpose lost forever more
Is this the way i'll die? no!
I'll find the sense of honor - that i held once before

The blood - the honor - the truth
Thought it would never end
The blood - the honor - the truth
Can be part of our lives again


Awash on the tides of city rain
I flow through the streets and into the drains
Numbed by the gaze of uncaring faces
Try to offer my truth - but they drift away
Until the streets and myself have no name
No longer human - no longer the same
Lost all hope - lose all dreams - no more pain

Awake - i choke on human steam
And the stench of animal fear
Tonight i'm going to light a match
And let the sewer burn - until my soul is clear

Each night a thousand hearts are wasted
On those who don't care if they live or die
Each day i wade through vacant stares and wonder
Are they looking for the same things as i

I see the people turn away
And still hear every word they say
Hope someday i'll have the nerve
To put a bullet through my brain
And not a needle in my vein


You - you raised your fist
You were some real anarchist
Made a lot of promises to your friends
You'd never let it end

Now - you just sit and stare like old men
Now - you talk about how it was then

Now it's a few years later
Your scene isn't looking so good
Everything you had, the lives you led
Dead or misunderstood
So - you'll rise from the dead
You'll show everyone
But you're running, running scared
From ghosts of the past
You can't run too fast

No - you'll never get back what you had
No - well...that's just too bad

Gone - where did it go, it happened yesterday
No - where did it go, it happened yesterday


Yahweh promised a conquered land,
Domination over life - man against man
Mother earth came to conflict with patriarchal powers
And eyes lit up with hierarchy fed desires
The spirit within - quickly became lost
In search of glory and power the rules of war were taught

The dogs, run wild, parting souls from lives
Bombs fragment, the earth, leaving wounds in her side

The roots of perversion - so deeply planted
Man has become evil - peace and freedom tainted
Leaders ask their people to dig their graves deeper
No spirit of their own - they took heed of their keepers

Man finds himself trapped in aggression
He knows no other life but that of oppression


So you hate your mom, you hate your dad
You hate "the state" because it's bad
But look at you, how do you rate?
You're just as bad as those you hate

You're telling me - you keep telling lies
But deep down inside - you're not true to your mind

All fucked up, king of the show
Flail at your friends, you don't know
Fight before and afterward
But it don't do you any good

So live your life in ignorance
Close your mind, your defiant stance
Isolate and isolate
Until you're gone and it's too late
To wake up and live
You're just a victim of your fate


They ask why do we dress this way
Live for now - don't understand today
See the kids - but don't hear what they say
Close your eyes and look the other way
Say the end justifies the means
Gonna lock us up and throw away the keys

Crucified - crucified for your sins
Crucified - crucified for your sins

They don't know our feelings - only desperate cries
They see reflections through distorted eyes
We don't care because it breaks their views
Got to learn to fight to live
Before they grind us under heel

We're the targets so easy to find
And we're the ones that won't stay in line
I find myself nailed to a cross
For something that i didn't do
It's your fault you've ruined our lives
And we're the ones you crucify
You're the ones who commit the crimes
But it's always us who do the time


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