Light Funeral tracks


1.Darkness Rises
I see the stars yelling
burning of the moon
ashes of the earth
cry of ravens

I see everything is down
scream of wind
flight of dried life dust
I see dusk of world

In the night when stars become
when darkness is falling
when jackals wailing
I see my soul flighting!
leaving the world of weeping
escap from scourge of the world
world of cursed groaning
world of flaming hearts

I see my soul flying
flying through the dark river of sky!
I see the world envy to me
im free and cosmic is in agony

the war between day and night
battle of blackness and white
battle of moon and sun
battle of me and life!
life is forever frozen
life is forever dead
there is no peace between
me and scorched world!

2.Last Breaths of the Stars Pt. II
Through the dark river of night
Night of fallen lights
Last breaths of stars
Yes, this is real night
Running through the forests
Forests of the angels
Angels come from the sea
Nothingness of feelings...

Searching for nothing
A dark path to nowhere
Looking to the life way
Follow through grim way
I push my hands in my face
To not see all pains that I've taste
But i'm still scream
There is no way to exit

3.Avaye Tanhayi
Har che ghalt zadam
foroo tar raftam
Harche raghsidam
negoonsar shodam
Harche faryad zadam
casi nayaftam
Harche nalidam
eltiam nayaftam!
Harke ra jooyidam
har cas ra harchiz ra
Baz ham bi pasokh
sargardan , tanha
Joghd be halam migeryad
vay bar mane tanha!
In sayeye tanhayist
ke bar man mikhandad!
Bar khodam migeryam
bar in tan e tanha!
Be bad bakhty mikhandam
talashi ke pasokh nist
Nedayi az door
Veda ba ghaltidan
veda ba tanhayi
In sayeye tanhayist
ke bar man mikhandad!
Marg ra aheste
dar goosham mikhanad X 2

4.Against the World, Against the Light
Oh heal my pains
and silt my chains
in my loneliness
I worship blackness
I'm so far away
from light and love affair
and I feel alone
down, down

I'm death embraced
and I wish for bless
for all tears that I've taste
for all night that I've cried
and I say goodbye
[becuase] I'm going to die
die, die, die...

Last Gleam
This is funeral of light
light has no meaning for black hearts

In the darkness doomsday
doomsday of pains
when shadows get colder
when my heart get colder
I summon the grimness
I summon the night
I summon the moon
I summon the death
stoneness of the earth
means there is no thriumph for the light stains
I call the darkned winter
when the nature cry for man